DIY Paint Pot Christmas Ornament: Ornament Exchange

(fun holiday music) – Hi everyone, happy holidays! Today’s holiday DIY is a very special DIY. Because it is the ornament exchange put on by Kin Community. Basically, all of the
channels that are doing it, they randomly assigned us to each other. And then we have to make an ornament for the Youtuber that we were assigned to. And then we send it to that person to open on camera, and so I
have my ornament right here. It is from Lauren Fairweather. I’m so excited to see
what she made for me. But I’m not going to open it
until the end of the video, so make sure you stay tuned
to find out what’s in here. So for my DIY, I was
originally assigned Debi from Debi’s Design Diary. However, she had a personal matter that meant she had to
drop out of the collab, so I made a second version of my ornament for Jennifer from Sea Lemon. I’m going to show you how to make both versions of the
ornament in this video. So when I was brainstorming what kind of ornament to make for Debi, I knew it had to be related to her new line of chalk
paint that she just released. So I decided to make an ornament that is a miniature
can of her chalk paint. So I’m starting with a
little, clear jar like this, which is usually used to
organize craft supplies or hold leftover paint. I’m going to make this a jar of red paint. So I’m going to paint the
inside of the jar red. This doesn’t have to be very neat, since it’s supposed to look
like a used jar of paint. And I’m going to stop just
before the top of the jar. I let that dry, and gave it a second coat to make it really opaque, and then let that dry fully as well. While I was waiting for it to dry, I printed out the labels, which I got from the photos
Debi posted of the paint cans. But I replaced the color
with Merry Christmas. Once those were cut out, I
put them aside for a while. So now that the red paint is dry, it’s time to fill up the jar. I could have just filled it up with paint, but that would have taken, approximately a million years to dry, so instead I used hot glue. I just started filling
up the jar with glue, and I probably went through
about eight glue sticks before I got to the top. Once I had the bottom layer in, I also cut the bottom
off of a cheap paintbrush and stuck that into the glue, and continued filling
the jar up around it. I also cut a piece of clear string and stuck the ends into
the glue, so when it dried you’d be able to hang it from the string. Once the glue reached
the top of the paint line it was time to let it dry. Next, I grabbed the top to the paint pot, and I want to make it look like the metal tops of Debi’s paint. So I used some silver
tape to cover the top, and cut off the excess, then I just glued on the
label and set it aside to dry. And while the hot glue was drying, I also glued the label onto the jar. So once the hot glue was fully dry, I just used more paint to
paint the top of the glue. Again, I wasn’t too worried
about being too neat with this since it’s supposed to look
like an open jar of paint. And while that paint dried, I used E-6000 to attach the top of the jar to the side. And then the last step was
to just tie a white ribbon around the top, and tie a small bow. And that’s how I made the ornament of the mini jar of Debi’s chalk paint. I think it’s so cute. I’m so happy with how it came out. But a few days later, I
also had to make a verson for Sea Lemon, which I didn’t
want to be quite so specific to Debi’s paint line. For this one I painted the
jar green, instead of red. Just like the first one, I
cut down a cheap paintbrush, placed it in the jar and
filled it up with hot glue. And I put in the clear string as a hanger for when the glue dries. While that dried, I drew
out the front label, which I wrote in white
colored pencil on black paper. I cut it down to size and
then glued it to the jar, and used a rubber band to keep
it in place while it dried. Then once the hot glue was dry, I painted the top of it green as well. So now for the side of the ornament I used these tiny scissors that
came in a cheap sewing kit. I spray painted them silver to make them look a bit less cheap, and then used E-600 to glue
them to the side of the jar. And then finally I tied the
white ribbon around the top and the ornament was done. So this is a great DIY to make for your artsy, crafty friends, whether they have their
own paint line or not. So you could also glue on
a small pencil, a crayon, a small ball of yarn,
whatever artistic mediums they tend to work in the most. I would love to see if
you guys decide to make your own version of this. Make sure to send me a picture. So I hope you guys liked this DIY. But now it’s the moment
we’re all waiting for. Find out what Lauren made for me. It’s completely flat, it’s really light. I’m so curious what this is. Is it made of paper, is it made of felt? What’s in here? Oh, it’s so cute! Oh my gosh, it’s an ampersand. Look at how cute that is! And she also sent a nice little card, and it says, “Karen, I was so excited “when I was assigned your channel “in the Kin ornament exchange. “I knew right away that I
needed to make you an ampersand. “Happy early holidays,
from Lauren Fairweather.” This card is so cute. I’m gonna put it out
on my table right now. And then I’m also going to go ahead and hang this ornament up on my tree. So if you want to learn how to make this super cute ampersand ornament, Lauren will show you guys in her video which I’m gonna link at
the end of this video. So make sure you click through to that, and also to all of the other
videos on the end screen to get super inspired with
a ton of DIY ornaments that you can make for
yourself, for your family, for your friends, for everyone. Okay, my battery light has
been blinking for like, half of this video, and I’m really scared it’s gonna cut off. So if it cuts me off like now, that’s why. But thank you guys so much for watching. Don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe, click through the next couple of videos, and I will see you all next time. Bye everyone! (fun holiday music)

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