DIY Fofucha Cute and Easy Head – Yarn Hair- Fun Foam Craft

hi everyone my name is Lissette and
welcome back to my channel. I can’t wait to show you today’s project because
we’re going to be creating this beautiful head for your fofucha doll and we’re
going to be using yarn for her hair. So for supplies you’re going to need the following
2mm foam sheet (peach), scissors toothpicks , Supertite school glue, iron
fabric, Fofuchas dolls wooden template 2″ inch polystyrene ball, yarn
eye sticker, chalk pastels, acrylic paint a permanent marker black fine point and
a tea light holder. So let’s get started now here is my 2″ polystyrene foam
ball my tea light holder in case you’re wondering why I’m using a tea light
holder is to support the ball. Here is the wooden template and the piece of
foam sheet. I’m going to iron the foam sheet and I’m going to use the cotton
setting make sure your iron is nice and warm and you’re gonna protect the foam
sheet with a piece of fabric. Once it’s nice and curled up and warm you will run
it over the ball. You will be using the wooden template, if you don’t have to
wooden template you will just stretch the foam sheet over with your hands. And
I do want to make a point this polystyrene foam ball was bought at
Jo-ann fabrics for my United States viewers it is sized at 1.9 inches and yes
it works perfectly with the wooden template. Now you’re going to glue around
the ball and cut off the excess of your foam sheet. The next step will be to just loop
around some yarn. You could go around four or three or four times and then
you’re going to tie it in the center with another piece of yarn. Now you would cut the loops. Now the yarn I’m using is a little thick
so I did a total of ten little bunches of hair if your yarn is thinner you
might need a little bit more. Now to glue just put hot glue onto the foam ball and
you would place one by one straight and down. Now you have two gaps on the side of the
head so you will fill those in with the rest of the hair, if you like what you
see so far give it a like! So start fluffing her hair and you will
have to decide which part you’re going to leave ask the top side of her head so
turn it around. Look at it carefully and just make a quick decision. I decided to
leave that part as the top so I’m going to insert a toothpick in the center
bottom. Now let that inner hairstylist and you
come out and start to trim her hair. The next step is to add a beautiful bow
on to her head so cut a strip of fabric of your choice and just wrap it around. Once you’re done tying the bow you could
go ahead and tweak and tug and pull the hair around and the bow adjust it to the
way you want it to look and also let your doll’s personality come out. I am done with her hair so now I’m going
to cut out the eye sticker, if you need eye stickers I do have some available in
my Etsy shop also if you don’t you can freehand the eyes for this step. But before you place the eyes I
recommend you put the nose first. You can use a toothpick at your center guide put
a little dab of hot glue and place the nose in the center. The nose I created it
with the hole puncher and I just cut it out the foam sheet. Now I’m going to
place the eye sticker onto the doll but I will use a little bit of reinforcement
I’m going to use Supertite school glue and put it onto the face next I’ll be using
the mouth template in order to draw the mouth, but if you don’t have this
template don’t worry you can locate this one at a local craft store this is also as
useful and helpful. Now I’m going to show you a quick tip in
case you did a little too much or your permanent marker was a little too thick
you could use acetone to remove as much as you want. Here I decided to remove a
little bit towards the top because I’m going add some cheeks to her and add
some blush and this will lead me to the next step.
Now you will just scrap off some chalk pastel and rub some blush into her
cheeks. I prefer using a cotton ball over a paintbrush just because I like the
softer effect on it but whatever makes you feel comfortable. I’m using a cotton
ball and here I’m gonna use a q-tip to rub around her eyes, her nose I wanted to
highlight a little bit more of her features and give her a softer look. So
you could rub around the eyes and also the mouth. Now I’m just gonna draw a squiggly line
and that will be her eyebrows. This step will be to add cute little freckles so
with a toothpick and white acrylic paint just paint a few over her cheeks and now
for the final step I wanted to adjust her hair a little bit more so I added
some glue on the top of her head and just pushed her hair down. Just so it
could stay in place and add more personality to the doll of course. And she is done I hope you enjoyed this
as much as I did, if you want to learn how to make shoes for her I already
have a shoe tutorial so get your shoes ready get your head ready and also the
arms because my next video will be the body. So stay tuned thank you so much for
spending your time with me and don’t forget to visit my Etsy shop, follow me on
Facebook and Instagram. Please give it a like and comment below. Tell me what you
think! It’s viewers like you that keep me going until next time and God bless.

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