Die-Cut Filigree Dress Card for Mother’s Day or Birthday | Tonic Studios Step-by-Step Tutorial #3

Hello, it’s Dips here and I’m back again
with the next video in my Youtube card making tutorial series. I’m going to show you how to make this filigree
dress die cut card, which looks so impressive but is really quick and easy to make. This card features a Tonic Studios Verso die
set but you would be able to achieve a similar effect with any filigree die set where the
outer cutting edge is a separate die from the inner detail die. I’ll show you what I mean in a mo. I thought I’d demo this card as Mothering
Sunday is just around the corner and it would make a gorgeous Mother’s Day card layout. That said, I’m going to make this as a homemade
Birthday Card, so it really is a versatile card design idea! Let’s have a quick run-through of what I
used to make this card. First, I have a selection of pretty mulberry
paper flowers including cherry blossoms and rosebuds, let’s put these aside for now. Next, part of what makes this a really quick
card to make is that I’m using these lovely images from a papercraft CD, and this one
is Fabulous Fashion by Katy Sue Designs. I’ve also printed off a greeting to go inside
the card. However, you could quite easily use ready
made toppers for an even quicker card or you could stamp and colour your image and greeting
if you prefer, whatever tickles your fancy. The only other cardstock that I need is my
card base, an A4 sheet of brown textured card. I’m going to use two die sets and these
are by Tonic Studios. This is not a sponsored video, but I did use
to blog for Tonic Studios and I received these dies from them during that time. For the filigree card base, I’m using the
Indulgence Boudoir Square Base, and as you can see the outer cutting edge on this die
is separate from the detail die. You can use any similar die for this card
style but you do need one with the separate outer cutting edge. I’m also going to use 2 dies from Tonic’s
Scalloped Circle Layering Dies, that’s always a mouthful to say! As well as the paper flowers, I will also
use some flatback pearls to decorate the finished card. You’ll find a list of all the dies and materials
I’ve used for this card in the description box below. Please do subscribe to my channel for more
video craft tutorials and give me a thumbs up if you’re enjoying this one. So, to start, I’ve selected 2 of the scallop
circle dies, one slightly larger than the inner circle on the Boudoir base and the other
slightly smaller. You can see that I resized my topper to fit
perfectly into the space, which is one of the advantages to using a cd-rom. I tape down the die over the topper, but I
slightly offset it so that the image sits to the right of the circle. And I made sure that the sentiment was centred
to the top. I’m going to decoupage the other two images,
so I will cut them out by hand once I’ve finished the die cutting. Just a quick whizz through the Grand Calibur
to die cut and then another with the embossing sandwich. And here’s the two decoupage pieces which
I cut out using snips. All of these can now be set aside until a
little later. Now let me show you how I made the filigree
card base. I score my card in half, making sure that
this is big enough for my base die, then fold along the crease. I trim off the unwanted excess to square off
the base. Apologies that my lens cap is waving away
in the corner, I hope it’s not distracting for you. Place the folded card blank onto the cutting
mat and slot on the outer cutting edge, making sure that the folded edge sits below the die. Could you see, I double-checked where the
folded edge was and then I made sure that it was butted up against the inside of cutting
edge. Tape the die into place and pass it through
your machine using the standard cutting sandwich, and I like to do a double-pass when I cutting
through a double layer of card. I make sure that it has cut all the way through
before remove the waste. Now slide this back on to the cutting mat. I remove two of the bits of tape but leave
the other two in place just whilst I position the inner detail die, then I tape this down
and remove the outer cutting die. Using the standard cutting sandwich again,
I double-pass it through the machine. Now I can see that it has not yet cut through
the bottom layer, but without removing the die, I’m just to check carefully whether
it has cut the top layer, and I can see that it has. I remove all of the waste from this top layer
along with any pieces that are cleanly cut away from the bottom layer and remove the
die from the top layer. Then I carefully re-sit the die into the bottom
layer, slotting it into the already cut pieces to ensure that it is in exactly the same place
as previously. It’s hard to show this on the video but
you will be able to feel it slot into place when you do this yourself. Make sure that it’s taped down so that it
doesn’t move about, then place the base plate on top but slightly offset, ensuring
that the existing cut top layer is not beneath it – just like this and feed this sandwich
carefully through the die cutting machine. Everything should have now cut through but
you can always give it another pass if it hasn’t. And here’s the fully cut base, doesn’t
it look fabulous? I want to raise my topper off the base with
3D foam, but as I want to make sure that none of the pads show through from behind the filigree,
I’ve placed my pads onto the inner circle. I’ve also dobbed on a bit of wet glue so
that I have some slip to work with when I position the topper. Right, I just check that I’ve got the card
the right way up and then I pop on the topper. I make sure it’s centralised and then add
the decoupaged dress. And I embellish this with a flatback pearl. I use the same flatback pearls to embellish
the card base too. There, I think you can see it more clearly
now. Then I stick the sentiment greeting inside
the card and add the decoupaged handbag. Now for the mulberry paper flowers. I snip the stems off the back of the 3 cherry
blossoms. For these little frilly flowers, I twist the
wire stems around this embossing tool to make a twirly feature of them. Then I stick the central blossom into place
using some 3D gel glue on the back. But I check where the other flowers are going
to go before sticking them into place with the glue too. Now, I’m just going to let it all dry off. Let’s take a look at my finished card. Plus a quick peek inside too. If you’ve enjoyed this video, please do
give it a thumbs up. I love cake decorating and sugar craft as
well as card making and papercrafts, so please do subscribe to my channel for more video
craft tutorials. You also might like to watch more of my crafting
videos, like these. I’m absolutely thrilled when you take the
time to comment and ask questions. And can I ask you, is there any other of my
cards that you’d really like to see as a step-by-step how-to-make video? Thank you for spending your precious time
with me and bye for now!

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