The Diagonal Chevron Zigzag Knit Stitch Pattern. Hi, Guys! I’m Kristen and thank you for joining me here on Studio Knit where we are knitting up this really bold graphic design. It’s a 16-Row repeat
of just knit and purl stitch combinations and from that this
intricate pattern emerges it’s an easy level project so if you have completed
my absolute beginner knitting series you’re good to go on this one and I want
to point out that it’s reversible so that means both on the right and wrong
sides and I think this would be perfect to knit up a beautiful scarf so taking a
closer look you’ll see here how the chevron pattern is on a diagonal and it
zigzags throughout your piece it’s just so cool and for our materials we are
going to be using yarn you can use any size you’d like appropriately sized
knitting needles of course you want to have scissors and a tapestry needle on
hand if you’d like to know the exact materials I’m using this video I will
link to those in the description for you and if you like this pattern and what I
do on my channel please LIKE it up SUBSCRIBE it really helps me out. For the written pattern you can head on over to my website I have a link in the
description below the pattern is written out there for you totally for free I’ve
also included a knitting chart so if you’d like to start learning how to read
charts then these simple patterns are a great way to start doing that this
pattern is also included in my KNIT STITCH PATTERN BOOK available for purchase over on Etsy it’s a downloadable PDF that you can print out
you also can have it saved on any mobile device or desktop as well. So, let’s knit it up! We are beginning with our beloved Slip Knot and using the longtail cast on
method we’re going to be casting on in multiples of eight so here I’m casting
on eight stitches and then you can continue on with however many stitches you”d like for the width of your project I’m going to go ahead and cast on an
additional 8 stitches for this little swatch and I just want to give you an
overview there are 16 rows so I’m not going to go stitch by stitch but I’m
going to point a few things out so first here on Row 1 you’ll see there’s the
asterisks so we started with knit 1 and then we’re doing purl 1 and then we’re
going to bring our yarn back around to do knit 1 again and then we’re finishing up
this series of 8 stitches again we cast on 8 so the pattern is in multiples of 8
and we finish up with purling 5 stitches now you’ll see that these instructions
have the asterisks in the beginning and the end and that means that you are
repeating this series for every multiple of 8 that you have on your knitting
needle so you just continue on down beginning with knit 1 now you’re on row
2 I just want to point out that you are knitting the knits and purling the
purls so I do have it written out for you but if you’d like to take your eyes
off the pattern then every even row that’s all you have to do and let’s take
a look at how our piece knits up so here we have rows 1 & 2 not really seeing the
pattern yet then through 4 through 6 now 8 you definitely can see it 10 12 14 and
finishing up with our 16 rows right here and this is a repeat so when you’re done
with those 16 rows you start again on row 1 and keep knitting up to the length
view desire and my piece up sort of on a diagonal so you can always just sort of
tell that yarn to get into place blocking helps as well and it is just a
really beautiful pattern again it’s reversible so let’s take a look at how
that looks it’s so cute and sweet and it is also a little bit stretchy in both
directions so if you pull it to the sides it stretches if you pull it
top and bottom it stretches just a little bit but it really holds its shape
really nicely which is why I think this would just be a gorgeous scarf I hope
you are inspired to knit up this diagonal Chevron zigzag knit stitch
pattern thank you so much for watching please subscribe to my channel studio
knit and here’s a video that I think you would love to check out next please like
up this video and I will see you next time guys bye

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