DGY Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn Review

Hi I’m Alan and I’m a man who knits and
I love to knit and play with Darn Good Yarn Now one of the things that I like
about the company is it takes the things that normally be thrown away and
allows a group of people to make them sustainable and bring them into a viable
product and this is one of those viable products sari silk yarn
it’s made from saris been recycled, reused and this one is called ultra
violet which it is it’s really a beautiful purple and what’s cool about
it is, as I unwind it or try anyway it’s a couple of things that are cool
about it first of all the fact that it’s reused something that would have been in
a landfill and never decomposed so here it is it’s pretty durable
if you knit with this or crochet and I’m not a big crochet I’m a knitter
if you knit with this you’re gonna find it’s even more durable now when you work
with this stuff you’re gonna create it’s not going to be like regular wool or
silk and it’s gonna be a little bit bigger so if you’ve had a bigger needle
and you could go anywhere from a US I don’t know maybe a 15 on up depending on
what you wanted to create so and here we have a lot of different two other colors
and there are a lot of different colors that you can choose from these are kind
of neat A because of the colors and B because what they can turn into

1 thought on “DGY Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn Review

  • Let us see more of this great guy. We love the Sari yarn but, love the people too. The video is much too short. Thanks for posting it, anyway.

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