Darn Good Yarn Product Close Up: Lace Weight Silk Yarn

I’m Alan and I’m a man who likes to knit
and sometimes I even knit in public so this is fingering weight it’s pretty
thin it almost looks like like thread like thread that you would use but it’s
when it’s when it’s all put together it makes some pretty nice socks I’ve also
made small hats and scarves and done some oh some lace work too this would
work really nice with a repeating lace stitch if I made a pair of socks out of
this these would be the kind that I make for my wife or my daughter for Christmas that
I give to them because they’re really kind of colorful and they’re fun
something you would wear from time to time one things about silk I think cuz I
have no a lot of work with it but I’m learning is that with wool, a pair
of wool socks they’re great for the winter but it’s not something you want
to wear for the summer whereas something like silk um still has even though it
doesn’t have a lot of the root stretch when it’s made like wool does it’s still
it’s a more comfortable to wear like if you were going out on a party or
something and you wanted to wear something special

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