Cupid Valentine’s Day Ornament

Cut two small squares of felt to fit over two wooden circles Spread glue over a wooden circle Place square over wooden circle with glue and press. Now do the same thing with the other square and a wooden circle with glue on it. Put aside and let glue dry. Cut the extra felt off around the wooden circles. Apply glue and put a wooden circle on top Again apply glue and put a wooden circle on top of that one. Spread glue on top of wooden circle Place red ribbon (folded in half) on top of wooden circle Apply some extra glue over ribbon Put other wooden circle with the felt topside up over it. Press and let dry. Paint bare wood on sides and let dry. Add glue to sides Place lace over wet glue, press, and let dry. Cut off any excess lace. Apply glue to backside of the cupid. Place cupid in the center of the felt. And let glue dry. “Happy Valentines Day!” From The Queens Craftshop

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