Cruciani Fai-Da-Te – Cruciani Crochet (ENG SUBS)

Hi. I hope you can see clearly,
because it’s raining. I’ll show you how to make
this bracelet. I take the inspiration from the
famous Cruciani. The original are made using
macramé, but I had tried crochet. There is so easy to make. What do you need? Cotton,
hook (1,60 mm). Let’s start!! Take the yarn and make the
opening point. Make 6 ch. Make a ring and close
using a slip stitch. If you want you can make
a little string. Now make 8 ch. Now go to the 4th ch and
make a slip stich. Now make 2 ch
and 4 double crochet. The first one… The second… Now close using a slip stitch
in the ring.This is the first petal. Now make 2 ch
4 double crochet. Close using a slip stitch. Make 2 ch
4 double crochet. Close using a slip stitch. Make 2 ch
4 double crochet. Close using a slip stitch. This is the first
little flower. Now make 8 ch
and continue like before. In the 4th ch make
a slip stitch and form a ring. Then make 2 ch
4 double crochet. You can make
as you want. Put it on your wrist
and go! Now I continue. See you in the end. Here I am.
I made the little flowers. Now make 15 ch. In the end turn your work
and make all single corchet. When you retourn to the
start point make some single crochet
behind the flower. Then cut the yarn. You have finish! In the infobox you’ll find a link
to my blog.
Here you can find out
the ENGLISH written pattern. It’s FREE and you can download it. For any further question leave a
comment here. I hope this video is useful for you.
See you in the next video. Bye. If you want you can purchase
or make an order. Look the infobox or send me a message.

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