Crocheting round using T-shirt yarn, video 2

Hello, I have a video about starting to
crochet round so that you attach t-shirt yarn using a crochet thread. Here’s a
link to that video in the corner and in the notes also. This here is where we
were at the end of that other video but a number of people have been asking me
how to have the right number of stitches so that your mat or whatever you are
making stays flat so that it doesn’t start curling. So that’s what we are
going to look into right now. As I continue working from here I will simply
always need to check that where I put this here single crochet that it doesn’t
stretch or tighten my work too much. I’m again doing two chain stitches in
between the single crochets that attach it. When it grows bigger you may want to
have more than two here but at the moment it says two so what you need to
do is two things to keep it flat, even, that when you set this t-shirt yarn
around it that you don’t either let it go too loose like that
or tighten it in any way but you sort of put it round it, ease it like that so that
it’s even everywhere and the second thing is that when you have your
stitches here and you are going to make the single crochet that you always do it
directly downwards towards the previous row so it doesn’t go like that there
backwards which would then make this floppy and that it doesn’t go sideways
too far there which would then cause it to go round. So I’m here now. You may want to put your stitches also into that there single crochet I’m not going to do
that so if it sort of goes directly on top of it I’ll put it either after it or
before it so here I’ll put it just here like that, there, and then chaining two and again
looking where I am so that this is not too tight and that this goes straight
down here. So it means that sometimes you will have several single crochets inside
one of these and again looking at I go straight towards the center, so here. So
again two chain stitches and I’m looking where it goes so right here and
continuing and again so now this would pull directly on top of that single
crochet so I need to decide which side it goes.
I’ll put it into this here same gap as the previous one was, so now in this
here gap there are two stitches and there will be more like that as you go
on and then again, like this here. So the important thing simply is that every
time before making your single crochet you’ll look where it’s supposed to go,
that it goes straight downwards towards the center. I made it a bit bigger now and
you see that sometimes there are two stitches that go into one gap and most
of the time only one like this – there’s one. I continue a bit more and again here it will go to the next one. Here I have to see that it doesn’t start
tightening it. If I was to put the stitch in there, it would, I’ll do that now but
this is wrong, it would start pulling it sideways like that there and that’s what
will then cause it not to grow nicely. So I’m taking that stitch out and putting
it into here the same gap before that there single crochet and at the same
time I continue to watch that this here that I don’t tighten it. So there again, here is just in between, I’ll choose
this one. Here it will stretch too much so I’ll put it in here and so on. So this
is simply the principle that you need to use and using that you can make any size
of a rug or a mat or whatever it is that you are making. Hope it will work nicely
for you!

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