Crochet V-st – 2 dc. Ch 2. 2 dc.

In this video I’m going to show you how to do a double crochet V-stitch using two stitches on one side of the center and two chains and then two on the other side. So if you ever have this, this is what it would be. So you can have as many stitches on either side of the center point. So we’re just gonna apply two double crochets first into the stitch that it would tell you to and then you would apply two chains and then two double crochets on the other side into the exact same chain or a same stitch to provide that. So you can see it’s kind of opening up like that. So you can apply this as many times as you need to in your pattern and just uh, it looks really awesome when you do it and then you can play with in those gapping spaces. Whenever I’m designing I use stuff like this in order to get myself back in balance and it’s just a really neat way of doing it. So this is two double crochets with the V-stitch with the chain two in the middle. So that’s how you do that today. 🧶

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