Crochet Tutorial: Working in the Front Loop

Working in the Front Loop If you look at the top of the crochet stitches you will see little “v”s on their sides. Each one of these “v”s
is made of two loops: the front loop (closest to you), and
the back loop (farthest from you). To work in the front loop only, first chain one
(because we are working with single crochets), and turn. Insert your hook into the next stitch, but instead of going under both top loops make the hook come out
between them. Yarn over and pull up a loop, yarn over and pull through
two loops completing the stitch. Insert your hook under the
front loop of the next stitch making the hook come out between
the top loops and complete the stitch. Working in the front loops creates a horizontal bar under the stitches in the back of your
work. Working in the front loops also allows for
the fabric to bend sharply to the front, very useful when making certain amigurumi shapes. A flat piece worked in the front loops only, on all rows, exhibits the horizontal bar on every
other row formed by the exposed back loops. The horizontal bars appear on both sides of the piece. It’s a simple way to add texture to your work. When you alternate between working in the
back and front loops on each row you create a piece that has horizontal bars on all rows
on the front and is smooth on the back. Thank you for watching and if you want to
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