Crochet Treble 3 Together – Tr3tog

So let’s begin. If you ever had to start it immediately in putting the first three together I’m gonna show you what to do. Normally in treble you would chain four to begin a row but if you’re gonna have to put the first three together you’re only gonna chain three for the first one. It’ll make sense in just a moment. So you’re gonna immediately treble into the next one, but you’re not gonna finish this stitch. So wrapping twice, so yarning over twice, coming into the stitch, pull through, pull through two and two and hold it. Then we come into the next one. So wrap twice and coming in, two and two. So the very first time that you’re gonna do it these three are gonna become one. There’s only three loops on the hook. Normally, there’s four but that’s just because you started. So let’s put the next three together. So yarning over twice, going in, pull through two and two until you get to the top of that one post. Then wrapping twice, next one and keep on doing that to collect them. So you’re looking for a total of four loops to be on your hook. So the three are from the stitches that you’re trying to put together and the fourth one is the beginning one. So yarning over pulling it through all of them. So let’s try one more time. In and just collect them. So you never wanna finish any of these stitches until you’re good and ready and this would be how you would complete a treble three together and that’s what it would look like. 🧶

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