Crochet Tips & Tricks – How to make straight edges – Double crochet pattern

In this video, we are going to see how to make straight edges while doing double crochet pattern In this piece, double crochet pattern is made using the yellow thread. The edges are curved and not in straight line Let us see how to make them as straight edges In this work, it is a double crochet pattern and you can see that the edges are straight We just need to make a small change to the normal double crochet pattern. To start a double crochet line from chain row, we make three chain stitches and start to do double crochet stitch from the first stitch But instead to have straight edges, start from the second stitch The first 3 chain stitches will act as the first stitch in the new line and that is the reason why the edges go wider To correct it, start from the second stitch instead of the first stitch I am skipping the first stitch and crocheting from the second stitch Now you can see that the curvature is not more prominent and so resulting in straight edges But you have to crochet till the last stitch. No need to skip any stitches at the end The difference with respect to normal double crochet pattern is that we have to skip one stitch while starting a new row

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