Crochet Study of Planet Earth Afghan – Week 4

28 thoughts on “Crochet Study of Planet Earth Afghan – Week 4

  • I have to say, I was really suspicious that the yarn that I had wouldn't work out very well. It was all I had! But I feel so much better looking at these videos because they're the same thing as what I have here at the house! And it looks pretty darn good!

  • I'm enjoying this so much. I'm using Stylecraft Special DK and a 5mm hook. It's turning out beautifully. ❤️ Thank you!

  • So, I’m just now seeing this pattern and I’m in love. If I was going to use a weight 3 yarn, how would I increase the size of the afghan? Thank you in advance! ❤️

  • This week has given me the most trouble so far. I just can't seem to get my corners to line up properly. After frogging 3 times I think (hope) I figured it out. I was trying to put the corner in a back loop still. Hopefully I've got it now because I love this CAL and can't wait to keep going

  • Thank you Mikey!!!!! I'm not a big fan of a lot of single crochet, but I'm still going strong. Single crochet puts me to sleep, because it's kinda boring. Don't get me wrong, it's a GORGEOUS Afghan!!!!! You did a wonderful job. I'm just not a single crochet person. Thanks for your time AND your talent.

  • HELP!!! so the count is 57 the next row of dcbp is 61??? How do I get the 61 from 57 where is the increasing???

  • Hi everyone I know that it sounds like no one is looking at the pattern. It tells you how many beans sts you should have and it tells you how many reg sts you should have at the end of row 23 which should be 41 sts. Row 24 it’s 43 sts 25 is 45 sts etc. and that is between The chain one sp to chain one sp. I look at the chart but like both cuz the chart gets confusing to me. But I try I really do. Hope this helps you all. I had to rip out a couple rows and start over after the bean sts cuz they came out fine. But it’s working out fine now it just me the yarn /needle and music. Oh and I have to eat now and then. Three was hard but it all okay now. Working 4 now I am a slow crocheter and knitter. Lol
    ❤️❤️ every one 😎 .

  • I am having trouble when ending a round and starting a new round. I can’t seem to get the correct number of stitches. The rest is fine.

  • Uh, will there be a prize for most messed up Earth? My corners are off even with stitch markers and my st counts are all over the map, or the Earth. I’m gonna keep at it, though, because I still have 9.5 color-coordinated balls of yarn to use and I’m having a blast in spite of the mess ups!

  • Really enjoying this, my very first, crochet project. Have reverse crocheted a few times (I’m a quilter 😊 we reverse stitch a lot) love the single crochet into the back loop, managing all corners ok except the corner where you start and end a row. That is confusing me, is there an easier way to do it? Have unpulled that section several times now but will definitely continue on 🙂

  • im really enjoying this cal I was wondering if at the end you could explain how to turn it into a square as I would like it to be the centre piece for a blanket. thank you xx

  • After frogging the single crochet more than once and still not sure about if i do it right this time i finally figured out what bugs me. That chain in the middle of the edges, how to count it? Is it the last stitch of that side? Or the first of the next one? Or dont count it at all?

    I think this is why so many of us have problem with the single crochet rows. Help, please?

  • Okay, for all the others struggling with the single crochet rounds: Dont worry! Just try to keep the stitch count somewhat near what the pattern says and use the double crochet rounds to even it out (more or less). In week 5 Mikey will show you a way to cheat if you have 1 too much or 1 less.

    So it will even out, one way or the other. Dont loose hope!

    But still, this is a tutorial and peoples problems should be adressed here. I am a bit disappointed in this.

  • Only had 57 stitches on one side lol,much cheating going on to rectify🤣hard to see corners even with stitch markers😳❤️✌️

  • I wish you would show (slowly and clearly) how you count the stitches to get the counts that you get. I can not get the proper counts in rows 32 & 33!

  • I took the Afghan down to the river front park with a chair and a drink and just sat there doing all those boring single crochets while visiting with my nephew before he goes away back to University. It was a lot of fun because I didn't really have to think and now whenever I look at this Afghan I will think of my afternoon with him.
    Great tutorials Mike, keep up the great work.

  • I'm LOVING this design but will admit to having to frog rows 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, and 29 not once but 4 times because stitch count was not adding up! Going to try one more time – seriously thinking of giving up…or trying a different stitch instead of single crochet…

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