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  • Hi Mikey this is so lovely, I cant get that yarn where I am, in England U.K. please can you tell me how many grams are in each cake, as pattern states 5 required, many thanks for tutorial an fabulous Shawl. .

  • Caron Cakes cotton is the best yarn to work with for cotton yarn! Awesome Tutorial and Beautiful project. Thanks for sharing. 💖🖒👏

  • So pretty but that bobble looks like a PITA with having to take out the hook , wonder if I can use a puff stitch instead.

  • Nova no seu canal! Estou adorando! Obrigada por compartilhar com carinho seus trabalhos! 😘 🇧🇷

  • Like the pattern but not crazy about the bobble method.
    I prefer to double crochet 4x leaving the stitches on the hook and pulling through all stitches. Makes better bobbles.

  • Beautiful shawl! Thank you for sharing it. I am size 1X. Will this shawl fit me? I am confused about that. Please reply asap.

  • This shawl does not have to be made using this particular yarn. It would be lovely using Sweet Rolls, Caron Cakes or any yarn of your choice. Looks like a fun tutorial & I must try it real soon.

  • I'm so excited ref this tutorial & thank you so much Mikey. Started this shawl yesterday using Caron Cakes in the color Faerie Cake. I've been crocheting only the past 3 yrs & self taught from using various tutorials on utube. I actually haven't sat down to concentrate on patterns yet but hopefully one day. This shawl is turning out so beautiful & once done it definitely will be warm & cuddly for the cold winter months in western Canada. I will post the final results to our crochet group that Mikey has on FB. Thanks again & happy hooking all.

  • So glad to see this cotton yarn again, and with new colors !!!! The big cakes too …thought they were discontinued !!! So happy !!! It's really hard to find enough of one color though for a project !!! ( Beach Glass especially ) Lol !!! , Michael's online always sold out, stores too !!! Hey Michael's way better to over estimate the amounts needed for the masses….I hate getting gouged on Ebay !!!! Lovely patterns!!! Thanks !!!!

  • P.S. Dk weight of this cotton yarn would be oh so lovely !!! Love the drape…how about an ombre type too of dk weight cotton…. !!!

  • Just finished this shawl using Red Heart Super Saver Ombre in color Violeta & it turned out lovely. I'm still working on the other shawl like this but in Caron Cakes in color Faerie.  Also started another one yesterday using Sweet Rolls & now today started another one again using Red Heart Super Saver Ombre in color Scuba…………they are all turning out lovely. Will post photos once again in our crochet group that Mikey has on FB. I already posted the Violeta color shawl the other day. Thanks again Mikey & happy hooking all.

  • So very disappointed with the company for discontinuing this yarn already. It is beautiful and works up well. I’ve used it on this project and made sundresses for granddaughters out of it. Had 2 Garden Paths and wanted to buy more to make this in that color for me and can’t. 😢

  • I'm having so much trouble with this it's ridiculous. I've had to take it apart multiple time now and i was well past 20 rows in and i can't seem to figure out where the mistake is. 😣 I'm so frustrated

  • It’s a popcorn stitch indeed. Bobble stitch also known as puff stitch is a cluster of 5 dc tog. Than you have a perfect bobble.

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