Crochet Round Scrubby

It’s all about this round double-layered scrubby, just like so.
There’s actually two round circles put together and on the outside we come
together and bring them so that this is extra thick. Just like you see here, we’re going to be
using the Bernat Handicrafter today, and this is perfect, ideal for doing
dishes, or anything in the kitchen related, where you need to scrub. And you
can see that cotton is very different from what we’re used to, from the normal
acrylic yarn that we have been working with, with different Afghans. The cotton
is a lot more dense and will last you a lot longer and I would never recommend in a
million years using the regular acrylic yarn, just like so, in order to scrub your
dishes because the yarn just will not last as good as the cotton yarn. So let’s
get started on working in this tutorial together. This yarn here is called
Aquarius, and you will turn it over, and you will notice that it’s asking for a
five-millimeter crochet hook or size H. But i’m not going to use that today.
I’m going to use a four and a half millimeter or a size G, not because I
don’t have a five millimeter, I just find that when this stuff is a lot
more dense, together with a smaller hook, I find it will last longer. So that’s a
personal preference that you can decide for yourself. So today’s tutorial, we will be working
with a four and a half millimeter crochet hook. Let’s get started working on this together. And just going
to create a slipknot and we are going to do this really quite fabulously. What I
need you to do is, I need you to chain up three. This does not count as one. so let’s begin, so 1, 2, and 3, and this is
going to count as one double crochet as we go all the way around. I do apologize for the white on the
yellow background. It is what it is. So we’re just going to double crochet.
we’re going to come to the very starting one, the very first chain there, and we
are going to double crochet as we go around. OK. So just double crochet. So wrap in and
what we want to just do, is keep going into the very starting chain. Just like
so, that was two and we want a total of eleven double crochets in a row. Remember what I just said in the very
beginning, that first chaining counts as one, therefore you end up with the count of 12, by the time you get
all the way around. So I’m just trapping in the straggler in the top, just like so.
I’m just leaving it on top of the hook as I go, and every time I crochet around it, it’s
just trapping it into position, so that when I come back, I can just simply, just
trim it, very easily. So let me speed up to regular time and we want a total of
twelve, going all the way around, which includes the first chain. Just like so.
I’m going to count now. So just going to pull it apart, so 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and
then, 9, 10, 11 and 12. So now we want to join this in the very
start, just like so. So this let this straggler
follow. We can trim that, and just right where we started up here, we just want to join it. And so, we’re
just going to come to the top of the chaining that we started off with and
simply just slip stitch it over. So just pull through and through and that
is the very center of your scrubby. We’re simply now going to just start up, and
we’re going to chain 3, so 1, 2, and 3. And coming down exactly where you join in. Just like underneath, and we’re going to
double crochet, and so what I need you to do, OK. We’re just going to go into the
very next one over here, and we’re going to put two double crochets into every
stitch that you can see, going all the way around. OK, So just two into every one, very easy,
and you don’t need to see me do all of these here, but again just two, so
you’re going into every stitch, two double crochets into each, and so this is
going to help this circle expand bigger. So continue all the way around. We’ll
meet back up in a second. We will continue along, coming back all
the way around. People always get confused and where the last stitch is. We
only have one stitch left, but it always looks like there’s 2. I’m going to put my
hook here, this area, a lot of people tend to go into, but it’s actually
the extension of this first one here. So this is our very last stitch before we
finalize off. So the last stitch is just like before. Two double crochets, both are into
the same stitch. Then when you get that done, we’re
simply just going to slip stitch to the top of this first one that we started
off with. you’re chaining, and we’re going to pull through and through, So that will conclude that round, and you
see how it brought everything back into alignment. So that’s one thing that we
are doing right, I guess. Let’s continue along, this is your final
round of this particular scrubby on this side. We’re going to be doing another one
of these in just a second. So let’s chain up three again, coming
down right exactly where you joined. Just like we’ve done before, in the last round.
We just want to add another one in. And here is your rhythm. It’s your steps,
the next stitch is just one double crochet. In the next one we will have two, OK, so that’s your rhythm, 1 & 2. So the next one, so that was two. This one
is one. The next one is two. OK, so just continue, 1 and 2, all the way
around, we’ll meet back up in a second. We’re going to fasten off and call this
side of the scrubby actually complete, because we are done that quickly. We’re now coming all the way back around
and if you’ve done it right, your last stitch, ok, this is the same
rule. See how this one goes up into there? I know it’s kind of hard to see with
that white, but this is our very last stitch, here, and you will always end up
with the two double crochets into the same hole, if you’ve done your math right. So we’re
now going to finish up with this we’re just going to slip stitch to the top of
the beginning, again, and we are going to fasten off, because we are now done with one
side of the scrubby, so this is actually just this whole area that you see on the
inside, and this whole outside, we’re going to do in just a second, after we get through. So what I need you to
do, I need you to create exactly another one of these, before you carry on in this
tutorial, because in the next part, we’re going to put to the two sides together and
create the outside ridge and be done with this tutorial for today. So I’m just
finishing up the second one, here. You can see that the first one is done, and I
have my two, just like I have. And if you’ve done it right, your stitch
count should equal the same. I want you to slip stitch into the top of the
center. So the reason why I’m saying this, is on
the second one, you don’t need to chop your yarn off. You can actually continue
to use it. So I’m just going to pull this out a little bit and explain a little
further. You will notice that there’s kind of
like a bowl shape going on. You have the right side and the wrong side, and what I
like to do, is that I like to put the bowls so that they are opposite to each
other, facing out, and so when we go to push this together,
it’s going to make it really come together, because if you do it this way,
you’re going to see that it’s going to pop out. So that’s a personal choice, up
to you as well. So let’s put on your hook and let’s
start putting these together. This is what makes it a double layer. So
simply, what I’m going to do now, is that I’m going to stick my hook through the
top of the hole, here, and it doesn’t matter where, the stitch count is still the
same. So I’m just going to stick it through a stitch on the other side, just
like that, and I’m going to pull through and through. So that is our first join. So you can
see that they’re both now joined. So now let’s chain up 3, so 1, 2, and 3, and
coming into the same stitch that I just put everything through, just do it one more time. Every stitch
around, we’re going to put in two double crochets. So it’s going to the very next
stitch available, here in the front and in the back. We just go to the next
stitch that you can see, moving along and we’re just going to double crochet again.
We’re going to do that twice. OK, so every stitch is going to get two.
So again, next stitch available in the front, just turn it a little bit so you can see
it, go to the next one in behind in the back. So continue to double crochet, and you can actually start sandwiching them together, so it’s very easy to just to slide your hook through both,
once you get established. Just like so. So I’m going to go again one more time,
so through the front, through the second, like this, and two double crochets. So
continue to do that. We’ll meet back up in a second. We’re going to finalize this.
And this is how quick one of these cute little projects can be. You will notice
that when I started, I didn’t cut the center out. You can do that, if you wish, or you can
just leave that sandwiched in, and if it does pop out through here, you can just trim
it later. If you’re giving it as a gift, you might want to go in, and just trim it
beforehand, so that you don’t have somebody scrubbing dishes and all of a sudden that pops out. and
they think that they’ve wrecked it on you, so that’s just a personal choice, you know, depending on your application
and what’s going to happen with it afterward. We’re now coming to the very end, and if
you’ve done it right, you should be able to match your stitches for stitches, so
there shouldn’t be any extra. If you do have an extra for some reason, somehow
just hide it, and just kind of throw in some extra stitches, so that it just
looks nice and uniform, and nobody would know the difference. So that’s kind of my
cheating technique for today. What we have here, when we get to the
end, just like so. We just want to slip stitch it to the very top of the
beginning chain three, that we started off with. Pull through and through. We simply just want to trim off your
yarn, and I just want to keep a little bit of a generous tail going on, because
all I’m just going to do now, is that I’m just going to pull up. I’m just going to pull up just like this
and pull it through like that and it tightens it onto itself. And then simply,
I just want to weave it through, and I want to use a darning needle or even
just my crochet hook, just to kind of weave it through the outside just like
so, so that this becomes very much hidden. I would recommend a darning needle just
to kind of drag it through on the underside, so therefore, you’ll never see
the frayed ends, like so. Until next time, I’m Mickey, on behalf of the crochet and and wishing you a really fabulous day.

30 thoughts on “Crochet Round Scrubby

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  • Yeah, I'm with you. Cotton is not gonna do what I need my scrubbies to do. I found some netting at Wally-World which can become yarn if you cut it into strips. Depending on how wide you cut the strips, you can vary the intensity of scrub. Either knot strips together or cut the entire piece as a spiral around the edge until you get to the center.

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