Crochet Quickie: Changing Colour (right-handed version)

This is June from PlanetJune, and today I’d
like to show you how to make a colour change for amigurumi. The important thing to remember when changing
colour is that you actually change the yarn during the stitch
before the colour change. If you don’t do this, you’ll end up with a
dot of the old colour visible within the new colour, like this. Let’s say this is the last stitch of pink. I insert my hook into the stitch, yarn over
and draw up a loop as usual. But instead of completing the last loop with
the pink yarn, I’m going to take my new yarn, yarn over,
and complete this single crochet stitch with the new colour
of yarn. Now I’m ready to start the first blue stitch
with the blue yarn. I’m going to change back to pink again. Let’s
say this is the last blue stitch. So I have two loops of blue on the hook. Now I go back to the pink, yarn over, and
complete the colour change with the pink yarn. And now I’m ready to begin again, with the
pink yarn.

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