Crochet Preemie Hat: 5 – 6 lbs

In today’s tutorial, we are going to do
the Teeny Weeny crochet caps. This pattern is available in four different
sizes. We have in the very back, we have up to 3 months size. We then have a newborn size, just like
this. We also have a 5 to 6 pound preemie size, and we also have the
preemie preemie of 3 to 4 pounds. As you can see when you lay them all out, you can see that they are different
sizes, and they are also different heights. The pattern that we’re doing today, will
be listed on the title of this video. In today’s tutorial we’re going to do
the 5 to 6 pound Teeny Weeny crochet hat, and this is a preemie
version and this is a 4.5mm size crochet hook or US size
7. You can get a total of 10 of these hats
out of one Karen Simply Soft yarn ball. So as promised, this pattern comes in
4 different sizes and all of the sizes are available in this very easy to
follow pattern instructions. So we have preemie sizes of 3 to
4 pounds. We have another preemie size of 5 to 6 pounds. We have a
newborn of 7 to 9 pounds and then up to 3 months of 10 to 12
pounds. Now the title of this video is indicating what size that we’re going to
be working on today. So it says right here in the instructions on how many
hats. So it says…you see how there’s different
colors ? Those are what’s indicating in the instructions as
we go on through..throughout this particular idea. So we’re going to start off in the
instructions for example, and if we’re doing the preemie size of 3 to 4
pounds, it will say you do all of this and then it says 3 to 4 pounds only. So this
is only going to apply when you’re working on this one, and then you’ll see
in other instructions of what you need to do – so if sizes 5 to 6, 7 to 9, 10 to 12
all of this here instead. So you just have to watch these
particular colors. Now for this particular kind of project, it says that
for 1 hat, 1 ball will make 15 hats, and then the
next size of 5 to 6 months, oh sorry 5 to 6 pounds of the preemie it’s 10 hats. The next size of newborn it’ll be 9
hats, and then up to 3 months you get 6 hats out of one Karen Simply Soft
yarn ball. So without further ado let’s start
working on this project together, and let’s begin now. So let’s begin with our Karen Simply
Soft yarn. Let’s create a slip knot, and this is for beginners as well. So the
first 3 rounds on any one of the 4 sizes are identical to each other
and let’s begin to do that now so here’s our slip knot on the hook, remember that
it never counts as 1. So we need to start at the top of the
hat, and work our way down to the forehead of the child. So let’s begin. We’re going to chain 3, so
remember the 1 on the hook never counts as 1. So 1…2…and 3…and what it’s
asking us to do is do 8 half double crochets in the 3rd chain from the
hook – which is basically the first one first one that we started with. So let’s just wrap the hook going into
the 1st chain…pull through… you have 3 loops on your hook, pull
through all 3. That’s 1 of 8. So let’s continue to do that. So wrap in,
pull through, pull through all 3 so that was number 2….OK ? and……that was 3. Now the straggler here, see how i’m just
laying it down on top ? So that it covers over the ring ? It’s just a way of securing that without
ever having to worry about it. So that was 5…6…7…and 8. So what you need to do, it says here, join
with a slip stitch to the 1st half double crochet. Well we had to do 8, so just looking
back – if you’re confused – count backwards – so you’ve got 1
underneath, so 1…2…3…4…5… 6…7…and 8……..right there. So if you’re ever confused at what you’re
looking at, just count backward at this point, and join it with a slip stitch,
and that’s the center ring Let’s move along, to round number 2. So we want to start off with chaining of 2.
And what we have to just do, is we go err….just chain 2….1 and 2…And into
the same stitch right underneath you want to half double crochet 2 times. So 1…and 2. You will notice in the
instructions that the chaining of 2, in any starting of the rounds, does not count as
a stitch – so just don’t count that as a stitch, so it’s not included as a half
double crochet. So we’re going to put 2 half double crochets into each stitch
going all the way around. Now if you’re thinking about this, how
many stitches are you going to go all the way around ? It’s a total of 8. OK. So we’re just
adding 2 half double crochets into each one going all the way around.
Right in the very beginning here, is where you need to really worry about
your stitch counts, to get them right. So at the end, what I want to do, is that
I want to count each group of 2 and there should be a total of 8, when
I’m done that. So i can either just count it out loud as I’m going here, or i can
just count it, what I’ve done. I think there’s 7 here because I
still have one left. So 1…2…3… 4…5…6…7… Here’s my last one here. So you probably
thought – OK well there, if your new crochet there, there is actually 2 this
one is extending into the first one so that’s why it doesn’t count. So we want to join this with the top of
the beginning half double crochet to finish that off , and that was round
number 2. So let’s move along to round number 3………..Round number 3. We’re going to start out by chaining 2,
remember that does not count as a stitch, and then the next one available to you,
so right directly underneath you’re going to have 2 half double crochets.
So 1…and 2 and then in the next one, that we have here, it says 1 half
double crochet in the next one. So it’s just going to be by itself. So the repeat
pattern on this entire round, is that one of them which is this next one is going
to have 2 half double crochets, and the next one is just going to have 1. OK, so we’re just increasing size. So the
next one is going to have 2… and then the next one is going to have 1.
So please do that same configuration, going all the way around for round number 3. So then coming up all the way around in
the end of round number 3, the last one should be one single crochet by
itself so. And how do I know that’s to be true ? We
started off with 2, and then 1, 2 and 1, 2 and 1. So the very last one, should just be a 1
OK, because the next one is a 2. So once you get that done, just join it
to the beginning half double crochet that we started with. I just went into a gap by accident. Make
sure it is to an actual stitch, not to a gap space because it’ll appear very obvious
if it’s separating. So that is round number 3. So now what we’re going to do, is that
we’re going to move on to the size that we’re doing, in this particular video in
order to do the rest of this. So for this size of 5 to 6 pounds,
we have 2 growth rounds and then it’s a standard going
all the way to the end of the….the hat. So let’s begin the first size that we
are going to, so we done rounds 1 through 3, now we’re ready for the next
round. So here we go ! This is the 4th round. So we’re going
to chain up 2, and we’re going to half double crochet into the one right
underneath, and you’re going to half double crochet twice. So 1..2. And now this time, what we have to do, is that the next 2
stitches will be each 1 half double crochet each. So the repeat pattern, on
this particular round, is that the next one will have 2 half double crochets,
and then the next 2 stitches will be 1 double crochet each. OK? So that’s all you have to do for this
round… the next one is 2 into the same one, and then the next two are one
half double crochet by itself. So please do that, going all the way around. So as
it come up all the way around, I’m….I’m left with the 3 stitches
I actually have just done…1… this one has 2 in it and then the final has 1
each. Now how do i know that’s correct ? Well I
know that’s correct, because I put 2 into the first one, and then 1 and 1. So when I go to finish this round, this
should be ending up in 1 and 1 as my final. OK ? So the pattern just keeps repeating
all the way to the end. So for example, if you think that you had
2 double crochets to go…ah.. .2 half double crochets to go into the final,
then something is wrong with your counts, earlier on in this revolution. Let’s just
join it to the top of the beginning half double crochet, and move up to the round
number 5. Which is only for the 5 and 6 pounds, which is this size. Let’s begin that next. So round number
5. We’re going to chain up 2, and this time
it’s 1 half double crochet into the same one underneath, and it says to put
in…in…into the next 6 as well. So there’s going to be 7 stitches in a row with
just 1 half double crochet. So I have 1 and 2 already….. and 3….and 4…5…6…and 7, and
then the next one has 2 in it. So the difference between this one, and the last
revolution, is that we started off with the 2 right in the beginning, and this
one is near….to the…. has the two at…you know partially way in. So let’s do this again ! So the next one
are 7 in a row. So 1…2…3…4…5…6…and 7 , and then the next one has 2. Now why do
you think that our designer would do that…intentionally, like it would just
automatically change like that ? And I tell you the reason for it, is that you
really cannot see the growth of a hat, when the designer moves where you put
those 2 in, in order to have the growth. So that’s kind of why they do it. So we
keep that same pattern. So 7 in a row, and then the next one has 2…7 in a row, next
one has 2, and that will take you to the other side of this and we’ll conclude
that off together. So as it come up all the way around, I just have one more
stitch 2 left, and in keeping with the counts, there’s 2 in this one as well. So
that makes sense, because we started off with just 1 in each, and then there is
2 over here. So then the final should end up with the
7 in order to keep it in balance. OK ? So if you’re keeping counts, it’ll
work out. So we’re just going to join it to the
top of the beginning half double crochet. So the remainder of this hat is just
very easy in order to do, and now we just have to
earn our way – this is the other size that’s smaller. So now we just have to
make all of the next rounds, all the same. And you’ll see that it will continuously
grow into, then form the shape. And in this size…what we need to do is that
we need to get this to be 4 inches, before we do the final single crochet. So
let’s begin to do this next. And what we’re going to do, in every round now
going forward, we’re no longer going to increase, we’re just going to maintain
what’s already there. So we’re going to chain 2 and 1 sing… errr… 1 half double crochet in each of the
stitches going all the way around. That’s it ! So it’s slightly bigger than
the other hat of the 3 to 4 pounds that you just saw. So this is going to be taller, and it’s
also going to be a little bit wider. OK. So each one of these hats – there’s
4 different sizes – are different and it’s based on rounds 4 and 5. So just continue to do that. I’ll show
you how to join it once again, and start your next round. – but it’s just 1 half
double crochet in each stitch going all the way around. So I’m coming up all the
way around, it’s just 1 half double crochet in each, and then I just join it
to the top of the beginning half double crochet. So to start each round is just 1 and 2, and then
1 half double crochet into each round. So you’re going to see it start to
really form a hat, really soon. So what you need to do, is that you need
to fold this hat in half, and when the distance from the top here, to the brim
here becomes 4 inches – you know that you’re ready then for the
brim. So we got a little bit of way to go, before we get there, if you’re looking at
it here. So that’s our goal ! Just keep going around and around, until
you get your 4 inches. And then come back here, I’ll show you how to do the
final round, in order to make this conclusion. So if you’re doing this one, and you’ve
done the preemie size of 3 to 4 pounds, you’ll notice that there’s only a
difference of 6 stitches in every revolution. So it’s really not that big
of a difference for stitch counts. It’s just going to be slightly bigger,
and slightly taller. So I’ll see you back here and we’ll do the brim together. So a
few minutes ago I left you here – and I just kind of whistling Dixie to myself,
and I was like“you went over size” ! So it’s only 4 inches between the top,
and to the brim, and now let’s finish off then do the final. So this round we’re going to chain 1,
and it’s 1 single crochet into each one of the half double crochets that go
all the way around. And what I want to do is, that I’ll take you to the end, I’ll
show you how to finish off with the darning needle. I have to give you a word of caution
here, really take care of those loose ends. Especially for donating it. This is a preemie size. Chances are the
parent will be distraught that their child is in an incubator or etc. So just
that…make sure you take care of your tail ends, so that they never fall out. That’s the last thing you want a parent
be thi….be thinking about when they’re receiving your gift. So let’s just meet back here in just a
moment. I’ll show you how to finish these off, so you have no tail ends hanging out.
So as you get all the way around, remember that is 1 single crochet in
each going all the way around. And we’re just going to join it to the
beginning single crochet with a slip stitch. OK. So now i want to take the scissors
and cut about a foot length of my strand that I was working with, and I want to
pull that strand through the loop. Now what I want to do is grab a darning
needle, OK, got a nice sharp one, and i want to
feed this strand through the needle. Now the yarn tail can never fall out if it’s
weaved….woven in 3 times. So just what I…watch what I’m going to
do. I’m going to go back in the same direction from which I just came right
underneath – so don’t put it on top just put it underneath – for about an inch
going across. Just gliding it through the fiber. OK. Just pull it kind of nice and
snug, so it sits down. Then go in the other direction, but go into different
path, because if you go through the same fibers then it’s going to fall out. OK. That just fell off my hook, but I
can still pull it, in….or fall off my needle. When i first started teaching
crochet, I always refer to my hook as a needle. So is all the comments on that ! So, and
then I want to go back in the other direction for a final time. OK. So it’s in there 3 different
way….times. So what’s going to happen, is that
regardless of what happens to this project, it can never stretch in 3 different
directions at one time. And all you’re just going to do, is then take it inside out.
The strand that you were working on in the beginning, you can just cut it right
down, because I had you hide it… underneath. And therefore you have a size
that’s 5 to 6 pounds, This is for preemie, and you can compare it to the
other sizes that we are working on. So this was the 4 to 6, so you see
it’s slightly different ? You see ? Slightly bigger. OK and all happening, so it’s slightly taller
and it’s slightly wider. So this is how you do this
particular hat. Good luck on that ! And we’ll see you again real soon, here in Until next timeWe’ll see ya ! Bye bye.

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