Crochet PotHolder and toys hanging basket by Hani’s wool works

Assalamualaikum and warm welcom to Hani’s
wool works viewers. Today we are
making a crochet pot for accessories and toys, you can decorate flowers in it, toys or keep
chocolates :). Actually i need them for hanging these small
Pots as you see here, i have got some new tiny plants, so, i need to put them in separate
pots and due to shortage of space i need hanging pots. I am using 2 colors of bulky twisted yarn.
Its is very thick and i am showing you 3 sizes of crochet hooks that you can use to work with this yarn. 5 mm , 5.5 mm and 6mm hooks, have a closer look of them please. I am using 6 mm hook today to have better appearance of the texture on yarn. let’s begin with slip knot. make 3 chains then.Join the first and last chain by slip ring is ready this way. now chain 2 more. it is counted as first double
crochet. we need to make 11 more double crochet from
the center of this ring. make sure the hook is passed from exact center to keep the ring properly aligned. you can see clearly that i have passed the
hook from center. i am making 11 more double crochets this way we will be having total 12 double crochets in this first round. i try to sew all the loose ends while doing crochet to save extra time for finishing.
now we are doing slip stich in the top chain of the first stitch, to join the first and last stitch. first round is complete now.
now chain 2 after this slip stitch. it is considered as first double crochet of
second round. make another double crochet from this slip stitch. make 2 double crochet in every chain of first round. completing the round by joining first and
last stitch using slip stitch technique. chain 2 for round 3.
these 2 chains are considered as first double crochet of
round. pattern for round 3 is to make 2 double crochet, then 1 double crochet in next chain and repeat
till the last chain. see again, its 2 double crochet in 1 chain,
then 1 double crochet in next chain. let’s finish the 3rd round and join first
and last stitch by slip stitch. if you are making for a small pot, then 3
rounds base is ok. if your pot is slightly big, then u can make 4th round too. chain 2 for the 4th round.
pattern to follow for 4th round is, 2 double crochet, 1 double crochet in next chain, 1
double crochet in next chain and keep repeating. slip stitch to join the fist and last stitch
of the round. the cap shape of the bottom of pot hanger is visible here to you. as i showed you in the begining of this video that i am going to use 2 colors yarn in this project, so , as the base of pot is done, now, i am joining the second color here. join the both yarn strands by tieing a simple knott. slip stitch is to count as first chain on
the hook. i am making 2 more chains as first double
crochet of this new round. i am going to give the desired height of the pot from this round, so i am making 1 double crochet in every next chain. color change is properly visible here and
i am completing this round. this cap shape of bottom is looking cool..
slip stitch to join first and last stitch of this round.
i am changing the yarn color again, so attaching the silver color yarn with the green yarn
to continue with next round. now chain 2 for next round and make 1 double crochet in every of next chain. at the end of this round i am applying continous work technique. i am making 1 double crochet from lower half of fisrt double crochet of the round. then 1 double crochet from upper half of the same double crochet. 1 double crochet from the top chain of this stitch. after this, i am going to make 1 double crochet
in every next chain upto height of 3 or 4 rows (as you desire).
there is no change in pattern for upto next3 to 4 rows. if you don’t have stitch markers, then its
a tip for you, just cut a small piece of yarn and tie it
around the stitch to remember. I have used the stitch marker that i have.
u can see i have made 3 more rows on the top. stitch marker is showing the point from where
we started continous chain. my round is about to finish so i am changing
the marker place on the very top row. there is a change in process now, for last
6 stitches of this row, i am going to make some single crochet and then only slip stiches
in the row. this is to equalize the height from all sides. you can see the
height of the project is equal from all sides. i can see that my project is about to attain
the desired height of pot. i am changing the yarn here for the borders now. i have a slip stitch on hook, then i have
made a chain after joining the yarn, and chain 1 total 3 chains counting as first Double crochet of new round. make 1 double crochet in every next chain
for entire round. repeating this simple pattern, i have got the desired height of pot and now its time to make a balance size hanging loop. let’s do a slip stitch to join the border
at same level.. after this, i am making 15 to 20 chains to
give a better and balanced length of hanging loop. u can check it as it depends on your choice
and your project. I think, 20 stitches are good enough for my project. you can see the relative measurements of the
pot and hanging part. after the chain, i am leaving 5 stitches in
the mid to give a better hanging space.
slip stitch in the border and join
the loop. making 2 chains here as first double crochet. continue making 1 double crochet in each of next chain and finally finish off the border, doing slip
stitch. you can see the ready project hanging here. and it has come out with a very nice look forthe pots i needed it. its very nicely fitted and the dimensions
of the hanger and loop are nicely perfect. comment and tell us how you find our project.
InshaAllah i will see you soon with another project.
Good bye

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