18 thoughts on “Crochet Pink Ribbon Shawl

  • I love all ur videos, I'm very good in crocheting, but very bad in reading patterns, now thanks to ur clear explanation I can read it. Thank u very much

  • Best crochet teacher I've ever come across! Everything looks so easy, inspiring and fun to make. I also like your voice and how you explain things and give away your insider secrets. MANY THANKS, Mikey! (As of now there is one person disliking this video, whoever you are, come on, what were you thinking?!).

  • Mickey how do I freeze frame? My children are grown and gone. My daughter is a music teacher and has a 2nd. job and my son moved from Maine to California. I am technology numb. So because I love to crochet and love to learn new crafts, they suggested that while. I have to walk on the treadmill that I watch YouTube videos. It definitely makes treadmill time much better. And I am having fun watching videos. I even bought a tablet so I can see the videos. lol I am even learning a little more about technnology. I've even been trying to read the crochet patterns by the signs as well as words. I have you to thank for that. I have always been kinda afraid of it. but you keep saying it's easy. So I keep trying it! Dang I'm babbeling. sorry.

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  • I have posted a few crochet videos and last night I posted a diy bracelet tutorial. If you are interested come on over and check it out πŸ˜ƒπŸ’•

  • You made a mistake in ending of Row 2 . See paper pattern vs. what you did. I followed the paper and it keeps in pattern look.

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