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Welcome back to The Crochet Crowd as well as my friends over I’m your host Mikey. Today is a beginner pattern. It is the Pebble Stitch Throw by Yarnspirations. And this is using Bernat Blanket Yarn. The version that you see here is called The Bright, so there’s different kinds of Bernat Blanket. It’s all based on color, and then you can choose the color that you wish and it’s using five balls and they’re the big balls to make a generous sized afghan of 46 inches by 60 inches. So for this yarn you need a 9 mm, size ‘M’ crochet hook today, and it’s just a really easy pattern to be able to follow. I’m gonna be using Caron One Pound and a size 5 mm, ‘H’ crochet hook in order to show you these stitches but basically you can use this pattern for anything as long as the hook matches the yarn gage. So let’s have begin and let’s start off with showing you how to work this pattern. So just as a reminder. I am substituting with Caron One Pound yarn with a ‘H’, 5 mm crochet hook today. So if you’re doing exactly as the pattern you’ll need Bernat Blanket yarn with a 9 mm, size ‘M’ crochet hook. So let’s begin with this slipknot. So to do a slipknot you’re going to point your finger like this and you’re gonna take the strand and you’re gonna wrap it around your finger twice. Okay, so let’s do that again, so take this, see there’s no knots on it, so take it around your finger twice. Then you’re gonna pinch okay, so you’re pinching everything so you got both strands coming out at the bottom of your hand. So this is the back of your hand this is the forward. So you’re gonna take the back one and just move it up over the forward but not off the finger and then take the new back one and go up and over like so. Let me demonstrate that again. So just grabbing it wrapping it around your finger twice. Pinch it back your hand forward, move the back one over the forward but not off the finger and then grab that new back one and up and over that is a slipknot. So take your hook and insert it into the knot and just pull on the string that’s leading to the yarn ball. Don’t pull it too tight, but just keep it nice and steady just like this. So we’re now going to chain today, and you’re gonna change either 75 if you would like to be able to do the pattern as is but if you’d like to change the size of the pattern you chain in multiples of two plus one. So you just go 1and 2 and 1and 2 and 1 and 2 and 1 and 2. Please don’t email me to ask me how many changes you need to make four different sizes all you just need to do is take this chain and just measure it down onto something that you have and then as long as it’s multiples of two when you do that then it’s good. When you’re satisfied so you go 1 and 2 and 1 and 2, when you’re satisfied just add one to it at the end and then stop and then we’re going to begin row number one. So row number one we’re gonna to work across this chain, and we’re gonna establish the pattern right away. So we’re gonna go second chain from the hook. So this is the first chain, this is second so go to the second chain and turn it up like this and I want you just to go into the second chain and insert in pull the yarn through and that’s a single crochet and I’ll demonstrate that again, so then pull through the final two. I’ll demonstrate that again don’t worry about it. So you’re gonna come into the next chain and this one will be a double crochet. So wrap that hook first and going into the chain and push through, pull through the one and you have three loops left on your hook pull through two and pull through two. So the next one is a single crochet again so in the next chain available to you just insert in so notice I didn’t wrap it first pull that yarn through and then pull through the final two stitches or two loops, sorry. Okay, so the next one is gonna be a double crochet so wrap it first going into the next one push through, pull, okay, and then pull through two and two. So let me demonstrate this using technical language that you would see in a pattern. So you’re gonna single crochet into the next chain. So insert in yarn over and pull through and then yarn over and pull through two loops. So that’s more technical language, so the next one is double crochet. So you’re just alternating between the two. So yarning over pulling through, yarn over pull through two and yarn over pull through two. So the next one is a single. So do you get the repeat pattern? So it’s single, double, single, double as you go all the way cross your chain. So as long as you kept it in multiples of two and then added one at the end you’ll always stay in balance with this so every other stitch is a single crochet and the stitches in between that are a double. So this is a single and this is a double and this is the final stitch and how do I know that. Well I know that through experience anyway because I’m out of stitches but I know it because I started off with a single crochet on this side so therefore this side must end in a double crochet in this particular pattern. So let’s turn our work in let’s do row number two and then the repeat pattern is just simply just doing row number two over and over and over. So remember that what we did, let’s turn it back for a second. We have a double crochet, single, double, single, double. So in order to make the pebble look when you turn it the first stitch here is a double so this time when you go across it’s gonna be a single. So chain up one and then just a single crochet into that one because it’s a double underneath so you’re changing what the stitch is. So it’s a single and then you start your repeat pattern. So the next one is a double and you’re thinking I have to remember that. Your mind will start doing it automatically. So the next one is single and the next one is double. This pattern type of this stitch is used a lot in clothing so it’s a good beginner pattern to be able to understand because you’ll see this happening in most patterns. So this is a double and single and double and that’s double crochet, I mean and single crochet is the next. And then coming across so the next one is a double the next one is a single and a last one ends up being double again, which is right because the last one here is a single underneath. So whenever you finish the row you’ll always end up with the double crochet at the very end. So this eliminates those lines that you typically within crochet work. So let’s turn to work and let’s repeat. So we keep repeating what we just learned. So the last one was a double crochet that you saw so this time when you chain up one it’ll be a single on top of it, so single is you’re starting so chain one, single and then the next one is a double and then single and double and honestly once you get used to this your mind pretty much does the work and you don’t have to really think about it too much. And once your eyes really train to what you’re seeing you you automatically will do it as well. So it’s just single, double, single, double. So what will be the last stitch if you remember? The last stitch will be a double crochet because there’s a single here and because it’s in line with the stitch as well, so that was a single so the last one must be a double. Let’s just review one more time so turning it this is double this time here so chain one and we always start out the row the same thing so it’s single and then double and single and double and do that all the way across. So when I get to the other side I’m going to show you how to do the border. The border is just one round. It just kind of brings everything together just as a nice frame for your particular blanket. Again a very easy pattern to do. We’ve done this pattern before um, a few times actually at different kinds of yarn. We actually have a Caron One Pound done in this kind of yarn. I believe it is a dog or a cat blanket as well. So the last one must be a double crochet because that’s what the pattern says but also that’s keeping it in line. So let’s end begin to do the border. So we’re gonna work a border around evenly so it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t have to be a square, it doesn’t have to be a rectangle a rectangle. You can decide what you want it to be. So when you’re ready you’re just gonna chain up one and you’re going to continue along so in the same one here you’re going to put it three single crochets. So 1 right in the corner 2 and 3 and you’re gonna work down the side of your project and just equally spaced out single crochets. Okay, I’m not counting. I’m just inserting the hook to where I believe the stitches should be and you’re just working evenly all the way down. Once you get all the way to the base in this last one you’re going to put in three single crochets and that allows you to turn the corner, and then you’re gonna work across the bottom edge. Again just single crochet. So when you’re on the bottom and top edge you can actually physically see the stitches. Where on the sides you’re working into a side of a row. So just equally spaced it you don’t have to do anything more to this blanket after you’ve done this around. So it doesn’t really matter if even if you’re off by anything as long as it’s still laying flat when you’re done. And then the last one you’re going to put in your three single crochets again and then work your way up the side. And what are you gonna do when you get to the top of the side? That’s right. You’re gonna do your three single crochets. So 1, 2 and 3 and then keep turning and you’re going to do your final border across. This is the top where you got one working before so you just wanna do one single crochet into each going across. So you can see you just circled the whole thing. Okay, and when you get back to the original where you started just slip stitch to the first one so just go into the first stitch and then just pull through it through and then that’s it. So what I want you to do is I wanna show you how to finish this off. So I’m just gonna trim my yarn and I’m gonna pull through that loop just like this. You’ll do this with your Bernat Blanket as well and insert this into your darning needle and just go back and forth underneath the stitches underneath, so across and then back in the other direction for 2 and back in the other direction for 3. Then that’s it, so you just weave in your yarn like that so back and forth three times. You will not have it to fall out of your work. You could just trim it right down you can get rid of that other one because I kind of buried it as I went around and therefore there would be my little miniature sample of a blanket if you wanted to do this. So this is the Pebble Throw by This is a beginner pattern really quite easy to follow with one border of doing single crochet. Until next time I’m Mikey on behalf of The Crochet Crowd as well as Yarnspirations. We’ll see you again real soon. Bye, bye 👋.

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