Crochet Mandala for Beginners

31 thoughts on “Crochet Mandala for Beginners

  • Good day to you, Mikey🌞. I have been wanting to do Mandala, but, didn’t know how. Much appreciated as always. Love & hugs❤️🦋

  • I am flummoxed. This adds to my Deja Vu moments for the week. I was just reading about this on another page and voila – there you are with your pattern! Thanks Mikey!

  • Hey Mikey, have you ever tried the single crochet, chain one instead of chain 3 at beginning of the row? I found it online and it works better for me.

  • Namaste Mikey🕉Thanks so much for the seamless mandala💛❤💛⚘⚘⚘ Could you make a bag where the mandala can be used as a flap…maybe some colourful tassels as well to go with it? Pls pls pls..😍

  • For round number 5, could you have started with a stitch right before an increase in round 4 and do your ch3 and dc to start with an increase?
    Love this tutorial!!

  • I don't understand what you do with the extra chain stitch you created with the invisible join? Your first round had 12 dc's. Then you finished with the invisible join.. and the process creates another chain stitch. There's just no post under it. Doesn't that mean you now have 13 stitches? I know that HAS to technically be inaccurate. But it looks like a regular stitch… when did you skip that extra chain in the next round? I need to see someone crochet the entire 2nd round and explain how they compensate for the fake stitch created in round 1 with the invisible join and show us how to do this. Invisible joins have caused me to end up with 1 too many points on numerous round patterns. I have projects that should have 12 points end up with 13. Eight point projects end up with 9 points for me. I can't figure out how to work the rounds with that invisible join adding a visible stitch. Help? I'd hoped it would finally be explained in this video.

  • mikey, have you tried free form crochet, and if you have, will you do some video's. i love the look and have looked and looked for videos on free form and can't find any long enough to learn how to do it.

  • The Crochet Crowd, Thank you so very much for this tutorial. My Grandma we found out has Cancer for the fourth time. Shes had breast cancer 3 times, & the other day she called, now she has liver cancer. She was so happy that I brought my Crochet blanket project with me, & gave her one of the crochet needles to fix her 1950s rose Mandala. Made me so happy she was happy she could fix the hole were a spot had unravelled. Now I can make her one from me from this tutorial. Again thank you. 💕

  • I get the same effect if I don't count my chain three as a stitch and join to the top of the next dc. That chain three fills the gap. Just an idea.

  • Awesome..what a huge difference without that “line” of demarcation. I can’t stand seeing that line also. Thanks for another skill to add to our crochet.

  • Thank you for this series of tutorials.  I have been wanting to try them, but after doing the circle's in the square afghan pattern, I noticed the seam line from the building row.  This is so helpful.  Thanks so much.  Can't wait to test them out.

  • Wow! Thanks for this tutorial! I have been so annoyed by the seam line for so long when crocheting circles:) Great video.

  • Thank you so much for all your tutorials Mike's! I'm still a bit of a novice, but have made plenty of simple afghans, scarves and hats for charity. I now want to make a huge rainbow mandala that I can use as wall decor above my bed (maybe frame it in a huge hoop?). Would you please make a tutorial for that – or refer me to one you have already made? Again, thank you!

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