Crochet Lush Life Blanket

In today’s tutorial let’s do the Lush
Life Blanket. This is featuring Bernat blanket, one of the most popular yarns
that you’ll see in the stores today. Welcome back to The Crochet Crowd as
well as I’m your host Mikey. Today we’re going to work on the
Lush Life Blanket just like you see here. This is a really easy pattern today.
I’m going to show you the secrets on how to be able to change the size, of course,
if you change the size and you have to change the yarn quantities to match as
well. You’re going to need a Size n or 10 millimeter crochet hook today. If you
want to do the blanket as you see here you’re going to need three balls of two
colors. So you’re going to need three balls of this one here this in Silver
Steel. This is one of the most popular colors
that are out there and then you’re also going to need vintage white so you
need three balls of each in order to complete the size. This will give you the
approximate size of 52 inches by 60 inches. So let me tell you the secrets on
how to be able to change the size of this Afghan. If you’d like to change
the size of this Afghan it’s all in the matter of the first row. OK so it’s it’s about making the change
the right size and then do it in the first row. So what you’re going to notice here in
this particular pattern I’ve drawn a really rough diagram in order to figure
this out for myself. We’re going to have what is called front post
trebles come down two rows below and wrap around and this is
what’s creating the bump that comes out! What you’re going to
notice is that we’re going to do then another single crochet row and the next
time we do it is going to be in between the other two bumps that you see. What we have to keep in mind is
that the starting has to compensate in order to keep these bumps
looking consistent and then the other bumps then looking like they’re coming
down. Next time that we do the bumps
after this, they’ll be back to where these ones are here down. So
there’s a repeat pattern that is really quick and easy and it’s just a matter of
doing it. What is the secret in order to change
the size you must keep these in groups of two so when you go to crochet you can
go one two one two one two… Once you’re satisfied with the
length of the chain, just add three at the end and this will give you an odd
count of these posts that are in the first row in order to make this happen.
If you end up with an even number like 10 or 12 or whatever… an even number is not going to happen. These particular trebles here will not work
because they were they will not sit properly in the pattern. So without further ado let’s grab your
yarn. I’m going to be using Bernat Blanket. Today I’m going to use a solid color in
order to show you this technique. Let’s begin and i’m going to create a
slip knot and ‘m using my Size N or 10 millimeter crochet hook today. So to do the size you can either just
follow the directions of chaining 67 if you exactly want to meet what you want
to see on the pattern or you can just do what i’m going to do. I’m
going to chain sets 2 – so remember the starting one never counts as a one. We have one and two and then one and two… and when you get to the size length that
you want… one and two… you can just stop. So one and two and one
and two and one and two… I said in the in the intro there
so we need to add an extra three at the very end of this in order to keep the
balance. So once you’re satisfied with the length
and you’ve done your one-two one-two one-two just add 3 so 1 2 and 3 and now
you’re good to go for row number one. So rule number one we’re going to count
back to the fourth chain from hook so. Just look underneath so one two three go
to the four turn it around. Get the back hump only of the chain
just wrap the hook and you’re going to double crochet into that stitch only
once you get to the back hump anyway it’s going to turn the
chain over so the rest of them. They will be exposed right in front of you. You’re going to double crochet yourself
across the chain into the back hump only. That is actually a technical word so
some people think it’s a fake word but it is also called what is the back loop
as well could be called that. I like calling it the hump because it’s
like the hump of a reptile if you’re thinking about it from that perspective. So you’re just going to double crochet
yourself all the way across look how big This already is compared to my hand so
you can see an Afghan of this size is going to go relatively quickly because
it just whips up really fast. So continue to double crochet yourself
all the way across your chain. So I’m all the way at the end of the
chain what I want you to do before you do anything further… especially if you’ve all the size of your pattern i want you to
count these Bumps and remember to count this first chain one as opposed as well
and you should get an odd number so 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 and 13 so 13 is
an odd number if you have an even number you need to stop right now and just a
correct do a correction before you continue because this pattern will not
work if you have an even number of these posts. Let’s move up to row number two turning
our work let’s go for row number two. We’re
just going to chain up one to begin and we’re going to put one single crochet in
each one of the double crochet is going all the way across. The single crochet row is every other
row in this pic pattern. ok so row number three and five are
slightly different from each other but row number two which is this one is
repeated between each one of them in order to give a distance in order to
have that really cool look that you see. In the pattern so just single crochet
yourself all the way across. I’ll meet you at the
end of this row which is just a few moments. Remember to get that very last chain
so I got two stitches left do not forget this final chain. A lot of people stopped early so they
end up with the triangle Afghan. Just goes in the top of the chain so don’t go
into a space go right into the top of the chain like so you if you go into the
space right at the end. What’s going to happen it’s going to leave a massive
hole so make sure you go right into the chain itself. Let’s turn to work and let’s review row
number three and this is going to be repeated every time we’re coming back to
this particular row. So let’s begin number three. So the third
row is going to repeat itself over and over and over. What we’re going to do is that we
are going to repeat row number two, three, four and five. So this is number two her. We’re
going to do number three now so we’re going to chain up
three which counts as a double crochet. Now we’re going to start immediately and
coming back down to the other double crochet. Skip right over this single
crochet row and you’re going to do a front post treble crochet. You wrap the hook
twice and then coming into the side of the post over wrap the hook pull through then wrap and
pull through, then pull through 2 and 2. This gives it the big lump look so you’re
going to skip that same stitch that’s in behind which is right here and you’re
going to double crochet into the next one just like that. We’re going to do it again so front post treble. We’re going to skip the next double
crochet down here and go to the next one over so wrap the hook twice and you’re
going every other one if you can just remember to do that. So on the top here you’re going to
skip over the one that you would have went into and just double crochet into
the next. Just remember that the front post
double crochet is blocking a certain view so if you look at it from behind
you can see that you skip this stitch and skip the stitch. Let’s do it again…
so front post treble. Just wrap the hook twice skip the next stitch. Go to the second one over and remember
that is counting as that one in the back so just skip that one and go to the next
one over for a double crochet. You’re going to go all the way
across using the same technique. it’s just every other one is a front post
treble. You will get the hang of it
really quick and you can see that this is going to grow really quickly. The
trick to having it as being an odd number right in the beginning is that
you need these to be sitting in the proper location. You will notice that in row number
three. The second one was the front post
trouble so this means that the second one before the end will also be a front
post trouble and that’s where that odd number comes into play and the very
final stitch is just a double crochet in the last thing over the last single
crochet there. You can see that these are
sticking out and now continue to be in balance. This is what the back looks like like
that so let’s begin row number four. As promised row number two is every
other row so if you look at even number. Four it says as per row number two. So just turn your work and chain up
one and it’s just going to be one single crochet into each one of the stitches
going all the way across. This Row is really every other row is
a no brainer for these single crochets. You can just whip along nicely and then
we’re going to move out then to row number five. We’re going to change the location of
where the front post trebles are for row number five. Before we start repeating the pattern
all over again for coming back to row number three. You’re just going single crochet
all the way across. Do not forget that final chain. Start there go right into a chain
itself not into a space in turn chain. Let’s do a number five in row
number five that front post trebles do not appear until after these front post
trebles here so it’s going to appear here. It’s not going to be before it’s
going to be after and when we go to finish this one it’ll be right here is
going to be the last one and then you have two double crochets so let’s do
number five. Chain up 3 which
counts as a double crochet and you’re going to double crochet into the next
one. If you look down it’s right above that other front post treble right here
to see it how its kind of lining up so the next one is a front post trouble
around the next double crochet. Just come up and it just going
down to Rose so one and two and there it is and you’re going to go in the front post trebles and it’s just exactly what I taught you so the next one see if you
follow up is the treble but this time it’s a double crochet so this is putting
those trebles in between. Do the next treble. Next one is a double. Do you see that so it started one
more in than the other one here and you’re going to continue all the way
across like that. The last two stitches on this
particular row will just be double crochets regularly in order to keep the
balance. I’m going to review step number three
again for you in order for you to see the consistency of this particular
pattern. So I got three more stitches left. I just got one more front post
trouble here and I have two stitches left in the final two in this particular
row are going to always be one double crochet each. Do you see the the consistency of
the pattern so the front post trouble started the third one in and finishes the third
one before the end? Turn your work and do a row
number two once again. Turning our work we’re doing row
number two all over again every other row is just chain 1 single crochet into
that stitch into every stitch all the way across so this is repeating of rule
number two. I want to show you repeating road
number three one more time just so that you understand the repeat pattern you
can see how fast that this particular Afghan will grow. I have a small sample my hand
but you can see how much I’ve done already. In just a short time I’ve been on
camera with you don’t forget the final one is into a chain. So let’s move up and review number
three. Turning our work so this time do you
see where these are down here with my thumb is that’s where it’s going to be
up here? So it’s just going to follow up and
then it’s just going to be in between the other trebles that you see. Begin again row number three just
chain up three to start and the next one is a front post treble. So just looking
down two rows one and two and just wrap the hook twice and do a front
post treble. The next one then if you follow it up
is just a double crochet so this is now putting those troubles in between the
other ones just straight down. It’s not a hard pattern at all. The next one is a double
crochet and if you’ve ever confuse just look down to see what’s going on in the
pattern. You can see now that you had these
here and then the next row which was here. Number five and shift it over and then
row number three comes back just like they’re kind of reminds me of a conveyor
belt kind of idea of how chains are are put together in a conveyor belt. Ok so you’re just going to continue
along again I’m not really thinking too much about this to be honest with you.
I’m just looking for the consistency of the pattern and just maintaining what’s
already there so there’s not a brain killer and thus i can see why it’s easy
because it really is easy. So the next row is going to be the same
as row two which is one single crochet into each and then you’re back
to remember five again and again you’re just going to do exactly what you did
over here you’re just going to start one and so the final stitch is just a double
crochet so if you can understand this pattern so you can see it just like here.
I’m going to put down the hook so I can hold it open for you. So the first one here we have the
troubles all right and almost to the sides is just one left over and in row
number five. We just we shifted over to the
third one in on both sides and then we’re back to number three coming back
every time. So this is how you do the Lush Life
Blankets. It’s really quite easy. Good luck with this pattern and until next time is
my name is Mikey behalf of The Crochet Crowd. From have a great day! So you again real soon!

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