Crochet Long Tail Foundation Base Chain & Perfect Crochet I-Cord

Hi y’all this is Melissa that MellowMe Creations and today I’m going to be demonstrating a new Crochet Start-up technique that I came up with. The name of it is…it has
two names because it has two distinct uses Crochet Long Tail Foundation Base Chain CLTFBC and Perfect Crochet I-Cord PCIC. And I have registered this
with the US Copyright Office. For the purpose of this video I will be
using the abbreviations to save time because it is a mouthful. So this is the actual technique. We have our sample yarn ball here and
what we’re going to do… It is a Crochet Loooong Tail Foundation Base Chain so we need to gestimate how much of a Long Yarn Tail Allowance will be needing. And we’re going to use the general rule of inch per stitch because you know you
could be using a thicker or thinner crochet hook so inch per stitch
depending on the pattern and then I like to go one better and just add at extra 6 inches of yarn so you have enough to weave in afterward. And then you know that’s a little long you weave
into your comfort zone and then snip. So we have our Long Yarn Tail Allowance. And then we go ahead and make our
Slipknot. So there’s our Slipknot. And now our yarn is divided into two parts. Here’s our Slipknot. We have our working yarn that comes from your yarn skein, ball or main reservoir of yarn. And that’s gonna be because I’m a
right-handed Crocheter away from me and to the left. And then
and then our Long Yarn Tail Allowance is going to be
towards me and off to the right. And it would be vice versa for left-handed Crocheters. If I was left-handed the Long Tail would be towards me and to the left and the working yarn away from me and to the right. But like I said I’m a right-handed crocheters so now working
yarn away from me & off to the left. Long Yarn Tail Allowance towards me and off to the right. This is the technique Here we’re gonna be doing something that goes against CROCHET LAW regarding Yarn Overs. Yarn Overs in Crochet traditionally are… yarn over from the back to front. That
is a traditional Crochet yarn over. For the CLTFBC and PCIC we’re going to be doing something
different. We’re going to grab our Long Yarn Tail Allowance and yarn over from the front to the back of the hook & leave it there. So you want one of these other fingers just to hold it there so that it doesn’t get too loose. So again, Grab our Long Yarn Tail Allowance yarn over from the front to the back. It
stays there. Now we grab our working yarn and do a traditional yarn over. Yarn over from the back towards the front. And there you have it. You have 3 loops on the hook and what you’re going to do now is grab this loop that’s on the furthest left side and pull it through the other two. And that is our first CLTFBC or PCIC Now we’re just going to be working them in repetition. Grab your Long Yarn Tail Allowance. Yarn over from the front towards the
back and hold there. Grab our Working Yarn and Yarn over from the back to the front and pull the loop on the left through
the other two. That’s two CLTFBC or PCIC. Okay I’ll stop right there and I’ve done 10 CLTFBC’s or depending on what you’re making? 10 PCIC’s. And you’ll see that you still have
your Long Tail and your Working Yarn coming from
that very last CLTFBC or PCIC you’ve complete. Now if you look here you can count the
stitches and here is your 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. 10 CLTFBC’s or PCIC’s that you’ve completed. Now it is a great meaty stretchy chain with 4 sides. That can be used independently as a
Perfect Crochet I-Cord. It’s a much easier chaining technique for an I-Cord. Or if you want to stop there and and
depending on your pattern if those are the required stitches needed if we’re working Single Crochet we skip
the first one and that serves as our first turning chain and we go into this second stitch of the CLTFBC. And you’ll see here that you’ll have if front loop and back loop to work into so that takes out the guesswork of knowing where do I insert this hook? Do I insert, in the traditional chaining sense, through? the back loop, back ridge, both? This
takes out the guesswork because you’ll be working just as you would for the rest of the
project through the front and back loops. And you’ll see those
little the V’s or Arrows that are telling you…
GO THAT WAY! And then we can just start Single Crocheting into that Row. Because we’re assuming that we’re doing a Single Crochet Pattern. It’s much easier work in. See there’s our front and back loop we’re working in two. And you get a much stretchier chain
that’s more consistent with the fabric that you’ll be creating from here on out. And it stands alone has a Perfect Crochet I-Cord. So there you have it. CLTFBC for a Crochet Long Tail Foundation Base Chain and PCIC for a Perfect Crocht I-Cord.

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  • Hi Melissa, I just tried your new foundation technique, and I love it. Thanks for sharing it❤️

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