Crochet Highline Super Scarf

In today’s tutorial, let’s do the
Highline crochet scarf together, another Super Scarf by Welcome back to The Crochet Crowd as
well as I’m your host Mikey. Today we’re going to work on
this beautiful Highline crochet scarf and this is for men or women. It’s a nice design, where it can be unisex in that manner. There’s some interesting things
going on in this particular one in today. I’m going to show you how to decrease
the size if you don’t want to scarf that is massively long. This is a 100″ in the length, and if you don’t want to make it that big, this pattern is
no big deal because you can simplify it. I’ve done a small little sample, and this
is what you’re looking at here, and it actually looks like it has a knitted
braid going along the side here, and it is actually double-sided just like this.
So it doesn’t matter how it’s turned; it’s going to look great either way. So
let’s just quickly review this pattern and then I’m going to show you how to do
this stitch. So to quickly review this pattern, you can do this, and it is 202
chains to start and then we begin the instructions from this point and there
is a color breakdown if you wish to match exactly what the models are
wearing . There’s no multiples in this one, so therefore you just have to just
chain as long as you wanted to so continue to chain, put it around your
neck determine if it’s going to work for you but if you want to match exactly
what they have, the instructions are here. Here’s how you do the the fringe we also have a video on how to do fringe. Also, where we have
to stick your hook is also provided in this diagram here and I’ll show you that
as well, So let’s begin. For this one it says that you need a total of eight balls of yarn of Softee Chunky. Now this is what it looks
like here and you’re thinking wow that’s a lot of yarn. Oh, it’s a hundred inches, it’s a
Super Scarf. so if you don’t want to it that big then obviously, you can
reduce the amount of balls that you’re using. I don’t know what it is going to be if
you do reduce, so if you give me an email and say, “I want a 60-inch scarf, how many
balls is that going to be?” I really don’t know the answer to that.
What I would do is just wing it, and see where you go from there. So, 10 millimeter, size N crochet hook
today, and let’s begin. So let’s begin, and we’re going to do a
slip knot, and it’s 202 if you wish to match exactly what the models are
wearing, but if you just want to just be.. ..have some fun and you just want to
chain and put it around your neck and then determine if it’s long enough you
can do that too. So you just change as long as you want.
So I’m not even going to count, because it doesn’t
matter, and that’s the nice thing about this pattern. It’s very versatile, because
basically every stitch is going to be acting the same way. So this is all I’m
going to do for this just to show you the example on how to get started,and
then let’s move on, and let’s start row number one. So, the first row is simple. We’re just going to go to the third
chain from hook. So, just look under the hook, there’s one, two, and three. Turn it
over and get the back loop only, and I want you to do a half-double crochet. So
wrap that hook, going into the stitch, pull through, and then pull through all
three. That’s a half-double crochet, and this
first one counts as a half-double crochet in this particular example. So
continuing to move down the back stitch of the chain, just half-double crochet
yourself all the way down your chain, and I’ll see at the end. So, go right into the
very last stitch of that, and that is our number one, Nice and easy. So, now the game plan is going to change
and we’re going to do some fancy footwork, or stitch work, I should say,
let’s begin number two. So let’s go for row number
two. Row number two is identical for all remaining rows for the remainder of this
project. So what you need to watch for the most is the horizontal bar. And so
the horizontal bar that you’re working into is actually directly below
the stitch so, technically, we see the stitches on top just like there but the
horizontal bar is the one that is leaning right here you see that once you
grab the first one it’s easier to see. So let’s just play, and let me just show you
where to go. So we’re going to chain two, and I want you to go to the first
horizontal bar. If you need to pull it out like this, just to see, it’s right
here. It’s the second one down. So there’s the stitch, it’s right here,
and you’re going to half-double crochet in the horizontal bar only so just
coming up from the bottom direction, and pull through, and then pull through all
three. Once you do the first one, it becomes easier to see the rest. See, there’s the next one right here. Okay?
See how it’s going horizontal? So just look at the stitchwork in order to see
exactly where to go. So just wrap the hook, and going into the next one for
a half-double crochet. Now, this is a not a unique stitch, in the sense that you
can do anything you want with this particular stitch. It’s a lot of fun and
it going to create an effect on the other
side of the project which you cannot see. So you’re just going to do this all the
way across, and you’re now going to do this for all remaining rows for the
scarf. I’m going in the horizontal bar only, and
I’m going to get you all the way to the end, just like this, and I’m really
keeping our count on everything, and I got one more left, and it’s the final
turning chain. Okay, so let’s turn the work. Ta-da! (chuckle) There it is. So, when you go to start any other rows
now, from this point forward, you’re just doing the same thing. So, chaining up two,
and look to the horizontal bar. Just pull it out if you don’t see it. it’s the second one down, coming up from
the bottom, and you’re doing a half- double crochet. So really, the
pattern…most of the writing is about changing the colors to make the scheme
that the models are wearing, but the fact is that the stitchwork is all identical
to each other in every row, so it’s the colors that kind of make it a lot of fun,
and that you can have a lot of fun with this stitch, as you can see, it’s really
no bother for me to be able to find the stitches once you train your eyes to
look for it, and then once you get beyond that, it gets a lot easier. So just make
sure you don’t forget that turning chain right at the end. If you forget
that one, you’re going to be in trouble, because you’ll start getting smaller and
smaller. So turn around. There’s another one that’s right there. So let’s do
another one, so, chain two, look for the horizontal bar, Do you see it? We’ve done
this kind of stitching before in other tutorials for hats. It creates that
braiding look on brims. It’s actually a really neat concept to do, and
no big deal to make it happen, as well. So this is how you would do this stitch. This
is the Highline Scarf by This is a Super Scarf,
but again, you can just change the dimensions ,if you wish, in order to make it smaller, and there is
no multiples as I’ve already proven, so because the stitch is basically just one
off. So you turn it around, and now you’ve got two braids going on. So, until next
time, I’m Mikey, on behalf of Yarnspirations, as well as The Crochet, have a super day. We’ll see you again real soon. B’bye. (sprightly classical music)

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