Crochet heart shaped napkin rings

As you saw in the little starting video
we are going to make this today. It’s a napkin ring that you make pieces like
this here and then this works so that you pass this through here and it
creates a heart. Or you can use it to tie together your cutlery for your Christmas
table or any table. I’m Tuula from Finland. I have been crocheting for a long time and
I love to share that with others. So let’s start the tutorial. We start it here,
first do this hairband then that hole and then one side of the heart and then
separately starting again here and attaching this other side of the heart
to the rest of it and we finish off with a different color row at the end there. Then you need some cotton yarn, fairly
fine and a crochet hook that goes with that yarn. I have size 3 millimeter. Every
country has a different sizing for yarn so I’m not even trying to guess that and
then you can use various kinds of glitter yarns for the edging if you want to. So
start by making a slip knot and chaining 9, so to start with we chain 9. Nine and for this first part we just
crochet back and forth using single crochets and that’s a single crochet
using the American term, it’s double crochet in British crochet terms. Not the
first stitch but the next one, one single crochet into each one to the end and you will have 8 single
crochets on the row here’s the first row done, eight single crochets and when you
turn it’s important to make your first stitch at the very start so that you get
straight edges. So, to turn chain one turn and make a single crochet into the very
first stitch and then one into each stitch on the row and this is how you
continue until you get twenty rows. Always turn the same way and always one single crochet into every stitch. That’s the twenty rows and then we’ll make this
here hole. Chain one and turn and now just one single crochet into that first
stitch there and then we chain 6, so chain six and now we attach the loop to the other
end, so a single crochet into the last stitch on the previous row there. So
that’s how we get that there hole and again chain one and turn and a single
crochet into that first stitch and then we’ll make 6 single crochets into that
there chain space, so just hook into the chain space and single crochets. 6 That’s six there and then one into the
last stitch. There and now we’re starting the half-heart so from here. First chain
three, three, turn and then one double crochet, double crochet in the American
sense and treble in British sense. But double crochet first with one yarn over
into the first stitch on this row again and then we’ll have three trebles in
that same stitch. Two yarn overs and into the same state and each time yarn over
and throw two loops. That’s one and then two more, then we have two more trebles into the
next stitches and the next. Then a double crochet into the next
stitch, one yarn over and then two half double crochets which means that after
you start the stitch you pull straight through all three loops and another one
like that, then a single crochet and a slip stitch into the last stitch we have
there, so you just pull straight through. So that’s the shape we need and now we
can cut the thread. Here and then we’ll make the other end like in this here.
Make a slip knot and chain two, chain two and then take the piece we have been
working on and it’s important now that you start from that smaller end of the
heart, the bottom bit of the heart and we are leaving this here chain stitches
just hanging there and making double crochets into the stitches here where we
started. So take a yarn over and a double crochet into the third stitch here, one,
two, three, here and then 3 more double-crochet is always
to the next stitch. Another one and one more and then we need two foundation stitches. Insert the hook into the middle of that last double crochet and take a yarn over
and pull through and then a yarn over and just pull through that one stitch we
just made and then a yarn over and through both. So that created a single crochet
and a chain at the same time and then insert the hook through two loops of the
stitch we made and a yarn over through them and again a yarn over through the
first stitch here and a yarn over through both. So we created two more
stitches there and for the rest we’ll do exactly as we did at this end here. Chain
three and turn and a double crochet into the first stitch and then three trebles
into that same stitch, there’s one, two and three and then a treble into
each of the next two stitches, there’s one and another one then a double crochet to the next stitch then twice a half double crochet, first
one and a second one and now we have these chain stitches left, so a single crochet
first there and then a slip stitch into that last one and then we finish that
one so you can cut the yarn. Then we’ll just have the different color edgings to
do and it’s better to fasten off this yarn ends here before we start the last
row. Then take a different color yarn and I’m doing first this side that we did
last and insert the hook, doesn’t matter exactly, I’ll insert it in here and make
a stitch and then we’ll go round all the way here
using single crochets and depending on how much curve there is you need one or
two into each stitch, just make them close enough to each other so that the
stitches don’t start to pull, so for a good part of it you need two stitches
into each of the stitches we have there, so one or two just so that it doesn’t
get too tight. Right to the end, there and one more to
the very end, then one stitch and then cut the thread and finish it. And then
the same at the other end, just that you now have to start from a different end
of this so that both of the edgings are the right side is on the same
side so because I started there with this one I need to start on the same
side so it means that I start at the end here. The yarn to the end of this here
and then just start single crochets right through and again as we come to this more curvy
but you need two stitches per stitch. Right around here and then finish it off
in here, like that. So here we are! If you have used cotton you can steam iron it.
If it’s not cotton then check if it can be ironed before you do that. But here we
are now and then you can make as many as you will want to have at your table!

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