Crochet heart applique tutorial

This is what we are making today. These
hearts would be great for Valentine’s Day or in different colors you could use
them for Christmas or any time you just want little appliques or decorations in
the heart shape. In white or silver they are also great for a wedding decoration.
I’m making this here video out in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria It’s a lovely place
in January, no snow like in Finland. I’m also making the tutorial outside today.
But if you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet you could do that now so you
won’t miss my future videos. But let’s get started with these here hearts! The way we make the heart, we start here, first make this here middle bit and then both
sides, first here and then there and then around the borders, there are two rounds
of crochet. First make a slipknot and make it fairly tight, then chain two, chain
two, and now we are making foundation crochet which means that we are making
the middle so that we are making the chain and a row of single crochets at
the same time. Insert the hook into the first of the stitches you made and make
a stitch, yarn-over and pull through the first one, just the first one, then yarn-
over and pull through both. So that’s the first stitch. Then insert
the hook into both of these stitches we made, yarn-over and pull through, yarn-over and through the first one and yarn over and through both. And this is
what we repeat until we have eight stitches here. So through here, yarn-over,
yarn-over and through one and yarn-over and through both. So repeat this until you
have eight stitches here. Now I have eight, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. Then chain one and again go across this here just as we were when we were
making this here chain and through both of these and a slip stitch. And then chain two and a double crochet into that same
stitch. We will now be making a few stitches into that same one. Chain two and now a treble into that same stitch
which means that you take two yarn-overs. There and again chain two and now a double treble which means
three yarn-overs, three yarn-overs and still into that same stitch and always through two, just like in a
double crochet. So we have started
making one half of the heart. Again chain two and that now we’re going to start going
towards the where we started and now a treble with two yarn-overs and skip one
and the treble goes into the next stitch, like that.
And now chain just one and again we skip one and then a double crochet into
the one after the one we skip, in here. Chain one and now half double crochet
skipping one and then half double crochet which means that you pull
through all of them at the same time and chain two and then two single crochets into the
very start of our chain, so one and two. So this is half of the heart done and
now we will start doing the same on the other side just in a reverse order, so
chain two and now it’s important to put the stitches at the same place where the
other one is so it will look symmetrical. Half double crochet, chain one and skip
one and a double crochet, chain one skip one and a treble with to yarn-overs,
not that one but this here one. The rest of the stitches go to the end over
here. Then chain two and a double treble with three yarn-overs
into this here last stitch, chain two and the treble – two yarn-overs into
the same one. Again chain two and a double crochet
with one yarn over into the same stitch and chain two and that will finish it,
make a slip stitch into this here start. So this has made the heart shape and
then we start going round it. First, make a slip stitch to go across to the other
side over the central chain, then chain one and now we are going round making
just single crochets. First one into the first gap and then also a single crochet into the
top of each of the double crochets or trebles or so, here, then two single
crochets into the chain space and one to the top of the stitch, again two, as many stitches into the
chain spaces as there are chains. This one still has two and then the rest
have just one, one into this here chain space, into the stitch and two
here as well as into the ones at the tip and
then you do the same on the other side. Right round this Two at the end and then to finish this
round, a slip stitch into this here space where we had all the other
stitches too, there. So now we have the shape of the heart, we’ll shape it
a bit then after it’s done, then one more round. First chain one and what we are
going to do now to get this here bordering like this round it is to do
reverse single crochets. So we are going to do a round of single crochets but
reversing it. So go in backwards in there and make stitch, a single crochet, then the same into the next one and you sort
of twist it round so it makes this almost a picot each time, and again here,
make the stitch always just a single crochet backwards
and you will make one into every stitch, just one into every stitch and go right
round like this here, so I’ll make one more, there and then continue right around.
There, I’ve gone round and now I’ll just cut
this here yarn and then finish it off and weave the yarn in. Then you may want to shape it a bit and wet it so that it will become the way it should be.
After you learn to do it by heart it goes really quick and you
can make a whole lot of them. So you can see my studio is nothing very
professional!! I have tied a selfie stick into a bench but it’s a lovely scenery
around here.

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