Crochet head wrap pattern

Welcome to Littlejohn’s Yarn today I
want to teach you how to make this crochet head wrap and at the very end of
the tutorial I’ll teach you how to wrap it in all these styles okay if you like
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welcome to Littlejohn’s Yarn today we’ll be using a n crochet hook 9 millimeter
and some Caron Simply Soft yarn this this is in worsted weight we’ll begin by
making a slip knot and we’ll begin by making a chain of a hundred and seventy
I’ll meet you at the completion of your chain of 170 we’ve completed our chain
of 170 and now we’re going to place a double crochet in the fifth chain from
the hook so one two three four five double crochet and a fifth chain from
hook chain one we’re going to skip one space
and double crochet into the next chain one skip one space and double
crochet double crochet into the next chain one and skip a space and
double crochet into the next we’re going to repeat this sequence all
the way across we’re going to double crochet chain one skip a
stitch double crochet in the next all the way to the very end I’ll meet you at the
completion of this row we’ve made it to the last stitch
I’ve already chained one and we’re going to place a double crochet skip a space into
the last chain and now we’re going to chain four one two three and four and turn
your work the chain four counts as your double crochet and chain one so we are
going to skip the space here and double crochet on top of the previous double
crochet and chain one double crochet into the
next the top of the next double crochet and chain one and we’re going to repeat
double crochet into the top of the next step of crochet chain one we’re going to
repeat this all the way across by placing a double crochet chain one
double crochet into the top of the previous double crochet all the way
across we’re going to repeat this for a total of 15 rows including this row so
remember when you get to the end you’re going to chain four then skip this space
and DC into the very top of the next double crochet all the way across for a
total of 15 rows including this one I’ll meet you at the completion of your 15
rows we’ve completed our 15 additional rows and now we’re going to place the
last double crochet in together into the check top of the very chain 3 stitch so
here’s your chain 4 and we’re going to put a double crochet into the top of the
chain 3 double crochet and that’s it and fasten
off your work make sure you weave in all your ends and I’ll show you how to wear
your wrap okay I would quickly show you how the
couple ways you can wrap your scarf evenly put it on your head pick both
ends and cross them in the back start and put one in just give it a good twist and wrap it around your head and a
little extra loop on this side take and tuck and on the other side we’re going
to repeat the same thing twist you’re in wrap it around your head and tuck the
ends first now okay this next I’ll once again make sure
your ends are even on both sides we’re going to bring the knot to the front of
your head I usually took the center part in this
car into the scarf and make another knot and twist and tuck in your ends into the knot and
repeat with the other side twist and wrap and take your in and just tuck and there is your second one for the next one make sure your ends are
evenly placed in the back again knot your work I take this piece and usually tuck
it into the bottom take the other side and wrap again and the very last wrap I’m going to take
your ends just like before we’re to make a knot this one I believe I will it’s hard to
do this without mirror wrap and tuck into the beginning of the wrap this piece I will flip over now you take the back spin it a little
and tuck it under the back of my head I think I got this right and that’s it
okay guys I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and don’t forget to give me a
thumbs up and subscribe to my channel I’ll come out with three new videos
every week I’ll see you guys also on a very next tutorial bye

58 thoughts on “Crochet head wrap pattern

  • Wow now i can make as many as i want for the summer spring and winter months this is a very unique ideal thank you💕

  • I think this is an awesome style. 🙂 Do you have the finished measurements of the wrap so I can substitute different yarn?

  • Okay first I said nice head wrap pattern, then I started watching the video and it became wow video, got to the end and discovered that you are the most talented and gifted individual with a crochet hook. Thank you for sharing your gift. I'm now a subscriber.

  • I just finished my third wrap. Ladies, you don't have to wait until spring/summer to wear this. Just wear a beanie to keep your head warm under your scarf, and you can enjoy it early spring to late fall. I'm wearing one now and it 32 degrees outside. Yikes!

  • I want to make this for a girl on my school bus, she has to use a wheel chair due to her disability and I'd love you brighten her day with a hand made hair scarf. I'm just curious how many yards of yarn should I use? Thank you for the beautiful video. I like that you show how to do this without over explaining. ❤

  • I have a question. I found a multicolored worsted weight yarn that I like…but I wanted to add a strand of off-white yarn (also worsted weight) to it. Do you think that would be too bulky OR too difficult to tie/wrap into different styles?

  • Awesome tutorial. Will be making several for the summer on lightweight yarn. Luv your channel. God Bless.

  • I have a skein of that exact same multicolor yarn and I love that first wrap in particular – the one with the crown going around. I'm going to make one. Thankyou.

  • Hi I'm usein size 6 crochet hook the chain of 170 it's measuring 60 inch but the head wrap is shorter then yours any suggestions to help

  • Thank you so much for this tutorial, this is EXACTLY what I was looking for! Quick question, what are the dimensions of the finished product?

  • You do a great job of teaching I would like to know if the Yarn used to wrap your head was it Cotton or acrylic and if cotton is better for this kind of style Lastly did you make the sweater you had on

  • This is what i was searching for…greatly appreciate your pattern… very simple yet versatile… will look great in my saree!
    gracias… pongkodi rajikannu

  • I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU SO MUCH for the simple pattern. Is there a wrap style that might be easier for me on days I just don't want to mess with my hair?

  • OMG!!! Thank you soooo much for creating this crochet head-wrap. I want to grow my hair out long to donate to locks of love, and been wanting to create and wrap my hair up. This is awesome, and thank you again. G-d bless you!

  • This is a nice and easy idea. I love it. I’ll just have to adjust the number of rows and length of starting chain because I have locs.

  • I wonder if you can help me. I really like this pattern but I was just about to throw the entire thing across the room. I get to the end of the row on one side and they don't line up with the row underneath. It looks staggered or like stairs going up. I'm getting frustrated but then I'm a perfectionist too. I'm going to go to another pattern and come back to this one when I CALM DOWN. Can you help?

  • I’ve been crocheting for 52 years and this is currently one of my favorite patterns. My head is larger than yours so I’d have to make mine longer and wider. Can you give me the measurement of your head in inches and the length and width of your wrap so I can figure out the math for mine? I’m thinking the wrap needs to be approximately 4 to 5 times the circumstance of the head measurement. Anyone else have suggestions or ideas? Thank you.

  • I love this tutorial, I just made my first one for a friend… I would to like to ask if if it would be ok to use your picture of you wearing the wrap to show my friends when I sell the wraps and give them as gifts and Ill credit and link your video in case others want to make it or need to know how to wrap it

  • I am crocheting this right now for my daughter in law and I love how it is coming along! 😍. I am going to make one 50% for my granddaughter so they can have matching head wraps. Thank you SO much for this tutorial. 💜

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