Crochet Granny in Rows – Blanket

In today’s tutorial, we’re going to work
on the Easy Peasy Crochet Baby Blanket. This is a really unique style. This is
like granny squares, but it’s done in the horizontal, so it’s not a round in
circles, really quite easy to do and this is great for a charity project as well
as a gift for somebody that you love. Let’s begin to do that right after this. Welcome back to The Crochet Crowd, as
well as I’m your host Mikey, and today we’re going to work on this Easy Peasy Crochet Baby Blanket. This is
just like a granny square but it is not a square. It does appear to be a square, but you
work at it going horizontal up, and up, up like this, so not round in circles. Really
quite easy to do, it’s a Caron one-pound yarn. It’s asking for two balls, also a size J 6 millimeter crochet hook today in order to solve this. Now I will tell you
that when I was 15 years old, my second blanket that I ever did was like this. The only difference that I did is I doubled-up on the strands, so I used two
strands at one time. It doubled up the thickness, making it
warmer. So if that’s an option that’s for you, or even a lapghan for somebody
that may be in a wheelchair for charity reasons, it’s a great way to use up your yarn, and
I used a lot of spare yarn at the same time in order to really make it a really
cool afghan at the same time. So let’s go on, on this pattern, and let me show you a little bit more about this, and then we’ll get started with the stitchwork,
right after this. On page number two, you’re going to see
what is called a diagram key. This is also for beginners – this
particular pattern, so you’re going to notice that you have the diagram and you
can see it’s going back and forth, ok? So you see black and then blue, black and
then blue, then it’s going up, and then this border is done after everything is done,
and you go all the way around. So these t-shaped-looking ideas are
called double crochets that you see here. You can see that the double crochets
work in 2 spaces in between 3 double crochets from the group below. The period is a slip stitch and the oval is a chain. Now I also figured this out; if you want
to make this even bigger from what you see, the chain counter in multiples of
3 plus 1. What does that mean if you’re a beginner?
It means that you can either take your calculator and x3 by a certain number
to give you that, and then add 1 chain. But what I like to do is that I chain 1-2-3,
1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3 until I get to the size that I want, and then I just have to
add 1 chain at the end before I begin to do all the fancy stitch work that you
see here. So that’s what’s called as a multiple of
3 plus 1. So let me show you how to get started and I will show you how to
do the border as well. The border, especially on the sides here
is really kind of subjective to you on where you put it in but, I will
show you tips on how to do that as well. So this is a
combination of using 4 different rows to get started, and then once you see the
repeat pattern it’s really quite easy at the same time, it’s like the granny
square. So let’s begin to do this next. So using a size J crochet hook today and
some Caron One Pound yarn, we’re going to create a slipknot.
Remember that there are slower tutorials available for specific stitches if you
need them here, if you’re a beginner. So as I promised you, it’s in sets of
multiples of what we had is in 3 plus 1, but if you’re looking at the
instructions and want to do the baby blanket just like you see, you have to
just chain 115. If you like to customize it, you can do what I’m about to do. So you just chain in multiples of 3. So 1-2-3, and then you
look at it, is it big enough, yes or no? if not, 1-2-3 and then 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3, and 1-2-3. Please don’t email me and ask me how
many chains it does to take like to make a bigger size blanket. What I would just do is to put this chain
down on something that you already have and then you can get the sizing from
that. So this chain would equal that size. Don’t stretch your chain, just let it relax
and just lie it down on something that you already want. So let’s begin to do, once we
get that, we have to add 1 chain at the end. So its multiples of 3 plus 1, and again if you’re doing the pattern, you would have chained 115. Let’s begin to do
the next one. To begin, what we have to do is we have to count back to the 5th chain from the hook. So we look back underneath there and
say this is 1-2-3-4-5. Turn the chain over and get the back
hump only and double crochet into that one, and I want you to double crochet into that
one 3 times. So, 1 – the same chain again, 2 and 3. So that’s one group of 3 double
crochets. So in this particular pattern we don’t chain 1 in between these
groups, we simply just continue to move along. So we just have to skip over 2 empty
chains, so 1 and 2, go to the 3rd and in the 3rd one, put in 3 more
double crochets. You’re going to do that all the way across your chain regardless of the size. Ok so there’s
gonna be 3 double crochets here, Ok, so then skip over 2 so 1&2, go
to the 3rd and double crochet again, 3 times into that same space, or same
chain. Always starting on a project if you’re a beginner, always a little bit slower
but once you get started it goes pretty quick. Skip 2, go to the 3rd, again 3 more
double crochets. So you’re going to do this all the way across your particular
chain. It doesn’t matter which size, it’s all going to be the same. Ok, skip 2 go to the 3rd and you will
be left with 2 chains at the end of this when you’re all done, and so we’re
on the end. We’ll be ending the same way all of us. We’re only going to skip 1, and in the final chain we’re just going to put in 1 double crochet in there, and that
makes sense because watch when I hold it up. You’re going up here that you have
your chain that I’m holding here, see where my fingers moving, and this chain counts as a double
crochet, and this is a double crochet standing by itself on this side where my
thumb is moving, and you can see they’re all balanced. Let’s move along to row number 2.
So let’s turn our work and this is when it gets easy. So whenever you are starting on row
number 2, you’re always going to start off the same way. Now the thing about it is that these
groups of 3 can never appear on top of each other, so the next group of 3 will be in these spaces that are in between, just like that. So we have to then assume because we have a space here that we have to put a partial, so we can’t put a
full 3 in, because it will be unbalanced. So how we start row number 2 is that
we’re going to chain 3, which counts as a double crochet, and we come right into
the space and we add another double crochet in like this. So now we’re just going to look for the
spaces in between the groups of 3 and we’re just going to put in 3
double crochets into each, really quite simple, and so we’re just going to put
3 in. Ok, once you get that done come to the
next space and again another 3, and you do that all the way across your line. Come into the next space and just do your groups of 3. So how you started with this, is that you
had one chaining of 3 and 1 double crochet standing by itself at the end, so we have to consider that when we’re getting
all the way to the other side. So continue just to work across and
putting in 3 double crochets into each one of the spaces in between. Ok, so now here’s the last one, but you
can see I have over here, there’s a space right here so you have to finish this
one and only put 2 double crochets in, so you can’t put the full 3 in there
because then it will be unbalanced. Ok, so like we started here we did
chain 3 and then 1 double crochet by itself, and then we did our 3’s all
the way and at the very end you have your 2 double crochets at the end. Let’s turn our work and move up to row
number 3. So row number 3, again very easy
just chaining up 3. So this time the space is closer to the
edge, so we only chain up 3, which counts as
a double crochet, and so we just immediately jump to this space here and put in 3 double crochets right away. Ok, like that and then you just put in
3 double crochets into each one of the spaces that are in between the
groups of 3 in the row below. So the rows can only start two
different ways, just like I had showed you already in the
past and then in this row. And that’s it, that’s really quite easy, but what we
want what to pay attention to is that we need to pay attention to what row we finish on. So the row that we’re going to finish
on, I’m going to do one more row, row number 2, and that will make it
so that it will be even all the way around. So you have to be conscientious of that, and you will read that in the pattern as well. So I’m coming up into the final space like
so, and then I just double crochet into the top of the chain 3 chain. Ok, so just 1 double crochet by itself,
so it’s just like you had right here, see one is by itself this one’s got 2, this one is one; and
same thing with the other side. So you got one by itself, 2 and then one. Let’s turn our work and
just repeat one more row of row number 2 and let’s begin to do that. So we
start off chaining of 3, so 1-2-3 and we come right into the space and we add
another double crochet in. So if you’re ever confused, just remember
one row is going to have 2, the next one is just going to have one, so this must be 2. Just do 3 double crochets into each one of these spaces going all the way across. And you
can do this as big as you want to go, so you can go as wide as you need it to go
when you started your chain, and now you can go as tall as you need to go, as long
as you don’t run out of yarn in order to make this. Now this is the baby size according to
the pattern, so you’ll see that you’ll be stopping around the 40 inch mark when
you’re going to do this. Again, that’s subjective to you. So what we’re going to do is I’m going
to come all the way to the end here so what do we got to do? Ok, so we have a chain space there, so
we’re just going to put in 2 double crochets in the final. just like that. And that makes sense
because you got 2 here, 1 here, 2 here. Ok, so now let’s show you how to go all
the way around on this in order to do a border. So let’s turn our work and start doing a
border, so your blanket obviously would be bigger. So we want to start off with
a chain 3, which counts as a double crochet, and what we want to do is we want to match the stitches that are going across the top. So every double crochet
is going to get a double crochet going across. So the uppers and the bottoms really are
no problem at all for what you need to do for this particular afghan. It’s the
sides that are really going to throw you for a loop if you’re a new crocheter, but I
don’t want you to give up on yourself, because it’s really not hard, you just have to be consistent is all. I
don’t bother to count stitches, I just kind of eye it up as I go. As long as the afghan can sit flat and
it doesn’t appear to be buckling so it doesn’t pull out of shape, and as long as
there’s not too many so it doesn’t ruffle, then you know you’ve done a great
job. So you’re going to come up all the way to the other side, just one double crochet into each and so
you have 2 here, so you got one and the next one will be
in your corner. So in the corners you always have to put
in 5 double crochets, so it will turn around easily. so this is 2-3-4 & 5. Let’s try that 5th one again. So now
that we’re working on the side, I’m going to try that 5th one for the final time here.
And now you’ve just got to equally space out what you have. You can look at the
diagram and so you will see that sometimes you just have to eye it out. Never go into a space if you can avoid it, but you can if you want to, if it makes it
easier for you on this particular sample. If this was a solid afghan, i would
recommend not to, but because this has open work on it you can get away with it. So I’m going to put 2 double crochets
into this space here; I’m going to put a double crochet right into this area here,
and then here’s another space here so I’m just eyeing it out, to make it look flat. So here’s another
corner here. So in the corner, remember what it was is
5 double crochets. That’s right, I’m going all the way around. Ok, so 1-2-3-4-5 and now we come along the bottom, but you may
notice on the bottom is that you have these gapping spaces, so I go into the bottom
section here for a double crochet, and do you remember how many chains you
skipped when you did in between? If you said 2, you’re right. So you’re just going to put in 2 double crochets into that same space to make it look even, and then come up to
the next bottom one. Notice how I’m trapping in that
straggler on top so I’m making it that it’s part of it, so that you’ll never see
where you started on this afghan. Coming to the bottom and the next one is to chain two, so that I’m putting in two double crochets, and coming up all the
way across. So I’m going to turn my corner again
very shortly, this one here, and now I’m going to turn.
So this next final space I’m going to put my 5, so 1-2-3-4 and 5, and I’m going to come up the side like I did on the last one. Ok so I’m just going to eye it out, I’m not
counting my stitches, just kind of working it out as I go, and I’m going to
go into the space here for 2, and I’m coming into that. Ok, so here I have here, this is
where I started so I want to make sure that I’m looking for that. So where I started here is exactly what
I’m going to do, is I’m going to put in my 5 double crochets right in the
corner. So the chaining of 3 counts as one
of them, so don’t forget then or you’ll end up with just 4 double
crochets in the same section, and then you just join it to the top of the
beginning chain 3 that you started with. And that would be how you would go all the way around just like this, and it’s really quite easy to do and and it’s a really great project. So if
you’re looking for a great charity project, this is one of them. If you’re looking for something for a
gift or for somebody that you love, even for something for your home, this is a great one too. So until next
time I’m Mikey on behalf of The Crochet Crowd, as well as Have a great day!

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