Crochet Granny Heart Square (Turn a Crochet Heart Shape into a Square)

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Today I’m going to be showing you how to turn your Granny Hearts into a square. If
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so a couple of things before we start; first of all you need to have your
granny heart made and ready to go. If you haven’t already made one a little “i” will
have popped up over here showing you exactly how to do that on a separate
video which I have also linked to in the description box below.
You’re going to need to square off your hearts the same color yarn that you did
your heart in originally and a contrast color for the granny square section on
the back. So this heart is sort of floating above the square, it’s not
crocheted into the square so it gives a really pretty 3d effect. I’d also like to
give a really quick shout out to Amy who posted on my Facebook page when I put up
the initial trial photo of how I had squared these off. She came up with an
amazing suggestion which I’m quite frankly amazed I hadn’t even thought of myself
about how to disguise these little join sections by using the same color as the
heart so thank you hive mind, thank you Amy! I gave it a go and it 100% looks
better than the photo that I posted before so we’re gonna go with her
suggestion on that. Grab your heart, grab your hook and let’s begin squaring these
off! So for ease of showing you this first round because it can be a little
bit difficult to see what we’re doing when working with a solid color, I
picked a variegated yarn for this heart which is this yarn here and hopefully it
will have enough color change contrast that you can clearly see what I’m doing
at the back for this very first round. So we’re going to go ahead and join the
same color that you used for the main heart and if you look at your heart
we’re going to be joining to this space here. So flip it around and
join your yarn into this side space here with however you like to join your yarn.
Now I personally like to start with a slip knot on my hook, you don’t have to
but that’s just how I personally start off. So you want to bring that loop to
the front and then you’re ready to start the first round using the same color as
your heart! So we’re going to chain one, which does not count as a stitch and
we’re going to pop a single crochet into that exact same space where you just
joined your yarn (don’t worry if that little knot is showing when you weave in
your ends that will disappear) now chain three and pop a single crochet into that
exact same space again. Now my hook is slightly too large for the yarn so I’ve
got a slightly baggy heart going on, yours will be neater, this is purely to
show you so you can clearly see what I’m doing – so we’re going to go ahead and
chain six Now for this heart section, you want to
count your first six trebles of this shell (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) so this is my sixth
stitch – keep your fingers on it, flip it over and follow down to where the
base of that stitch is. Now don’t worry, you don’t have to be too precise, if you
can’t find it don’t panic – just aim for the sort of middle here. So what we’re
going to be doing is right at the bottom of these stitches, you’ll see
there are a couple of loops. So we want to work a single crochet into one of
these loops at the bottom of that stitch so I’m just going to use my fingernail
to sort of push it through and into that loop, I’m going to pop a single crochet –
now if you flip your heart forward again you’ll see that by using the back loop
of the bottom of that stitch you can’t see where you’ve joined it at the back –
so I’ve just attached to one section, if I pull it – just one section there – as I
say don’t worry if you can’t find the sixth stitch, just aim for the middle. Now
chain three and pick up a loop of the next stitch so a loop, don’t worry about
being too precise, just a loop at the back here. Again I’m using my fingernail
to kind of split the stitch and I’m going to pop another single crochet in
there. Check that you can’t see it from the front – so you’ve got a single crochet
in one loop, chain three and then a single crochet in the next loop. Chain
six. Now we’re going to repeat that on the
back of this second heart section so, if you can (and as I said don’t worry just
aim for the middle) count 6 stitches along – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 – this is my sixth
stitch here follow it down to find the base of it and we’re going to pick up a
loop. You can pick up 2 if you want to but I found it’s quite tight in here
which is why I’m having to use my fingernail to sort of get in there – pop in a
single crochet (just double check you can’t see it at the front, if you can
find a different loop) there we go it can’t see it
chain 3 and pick up a loop of the stitch next to the one that you just got here so this is the one I’ve attached to, I’m
going to pick up this loop here and we’re going to pop a single crochet in
there. So hopefully you can see what I’m doing, I’m just grabbing one of those
loops so you can’t see it, pop in a single crochet – this is the trickiest
fiddliest bit of squaring it off – so you secured it like so – now, I’m being quite
dramatic and pulling mine around, you don’t need to be quite so rough with
your work – you can see it lies absolutely flat. Chain 6 and then into this side section, if I
turn my heart around again, to this side section – so not the chain-3 bottom of
your heart but this side section here – so skip this section and leap straight into
this one here, single crochet, chain three and a single crochet. So you should have
these little corner sections either side of the bottom point of your heart and
chain six and then join with a slip stitch to that very first single crochet
of the round. Now if you wanted to continue with your main heart color, you
would simply slip stitch into this chain three space ready to begin at the next
round but I’m going to change color now because I quite like the contrast – so to
change color, I’m going to chain one, snip my yarn to leave a decent tail that I
can weave in later then I’m just going to pull that through and pull it tight. So you’ve got your heart and at the back
here you’ve got your single crochet with chain three spaces with chain six spaces
in between – alright; if you’re changing color like I am, you want to join your
new color into this chain three space where you just fastened off – again I’m
going to be joining with a slip knot, I’ve got a bright vibrant contrasting color
here which I’ll hopefully show you clearly what I am doing – alright so
you have your new yarn attached so go ahead and chain four (which counts as a
double crochet and chain two) I’ve got a lot of cat hair on this yarn 😸 so once you
have chained 4, working into the same chain three space, pop three double
crochet stitches. Chain one and then into this chain six,
working over that, three double crochet – so just sort of into the space
underneath it – so I’ve sort of folded the heart forward
so it’s out of the way, chain one and we’re now at the sort of curved heart
section – into this chain three space, work three double crochet, chain 2, three
double crochet all into that same chain three space chain 1, 3 double crochet over this chain
6 { please forgive all the cat hair in my
yarn, I have long past given up trying to remove it – with four cats, that hair gets
everywhere} chain one and in the next chain 3 space
[3 double crochet, chain 2, 3 double crochet] chain 1, 3 double crochet over the chain
6 space chain 1, 3 double crochet, chain 2, 3
double crochet all into this chain 3 space here chain 1, 3 double crochet over that chain
6 space (into the space /over the chain however however you want to describe it) chain 1 and then to end working back
into this original place where we joined the yarn – because we have a chain 4, the
first two chains of that chain for count as a double crochet so we need 2 to
finish off so pop two double crochet back into that original chain 3 space
where you started and then we’re going to slip stitch to the second chain of
your chain 4. I’m just going to go ahead and slip stitch to that, then slip stitch
into the chain 2 space. Alright so I have crushed my poor heart – so you want
to go ahead and pull that back out if you’ve been as rough as I have and on
the back of your work you can slide these clusters on the chain 6 space
around so it’s all nicely sort of sitting in the middle – so you can see
it’s firmly attached (argh my tails) then flip it back over – if your hook has fallen
off like mine has pop it back on – and we’re going to do one more round. So to
start the third round of the squaring off, we’re going to chain 4 which again
counts as a double crochet and a chain 2 and pop three double crochet into that
chain two space – all worked into the same space – chain 1 and pop 3 double crochet
into this chain one space here chain 1, 3 double crochet into this chain
one space here chain one then into the chain 2 space [3
double crochet, chain 2, 3 double crochet] now I’ve been popping the chain one on
the side because if I was to make a blanket I would use the Join As You Go
method but if you find that you’re getting too much excess having that chain 1 on
the sides you can leave that out if you find it’s it’s giving you too much
ruffle and it’s looking a bit baggy you don’t have to have that chain 1 on the
side – you do what works for your personal yarn and tension – so I’m going to
continue around: on the side clusters just like a traditional granny square
chain 1, 3 double crochet, chain 1, 3 double crochet, chain 1 – then in the
corners I’m going to place the 3 double crochet, chain 2, 3 double crochet.
So keep working all the way round and I will meet you back here in just a moment
to finish off … … so that is my last granny cluster along
the bottom edge here so to finish off I’m going to chain one and into this original
beginning of the round pop 2 double crochet to finish off and then slip
stitch to the second chain of that chain 4. Now I’m finishing mine here, so I’m
going to chain one, snip my yarn, pull it through – obviously I’ve got a lot of ends
at now need weaving in and I have crushed this poor little heart once again – so
flatten everything back out and that is how you square off your heart! Now as I
mentioned my hook is slightly too large for the yarn purely for demonstration
purposes – if you’re using the correct hook size with your yarn you will get
something a lot tighter and neater like this one here (rather than this slightly
baggy mess that I’ve got going on underneath) so I hope you enjoyed this
tutorial I really would love to see any granny hearts squares that you go on to
make, as I said it gives a really lovely textured but secure blanket and would
look really gorgeous thrown in with some standard granny squares, some plain
granny squares or a blanket with just these little hearts would be adorable
for a baby! So if you have any questions please feel free to shout in the comment
section below I have all the information for this on my blog (you can find the
link in the description box by clicking show more you can find all the
information that is hiding down there) so until next time, Happy Crocheting! Bye 🖐🧶

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