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Welcome back to The Crochet Crowd as well my friends over Today I’m gonna demonstrate the first stitch which appears in the Llama-No-Drama. So this is an actually just dedication toward the stitch and it’s part of the Stitch-along but I will be covering it in detail next but I’m gonna slow down and show you how this is done. It’s actually really not a hard idea and what this is is one of the feet and you can see there is all the fur that’s been added to it and let’s so without further ado let’s examine it closely and let’s see what we’re gonna get ourselves into today. So ultimately this is our goal. So it’s actually a one-piece unit. So you can see that the stitches are part of it and you can see that there is two layers here that have no stitch. So its every third stitch has this. So how many in the leg? You see 1 layer, 2, 3 and 4 layers just like you see. So when it’s all starting to get all bunchy and stuff you don’t really realize that it’s actually organized in that way because it looks pretty random but it’s currently not. So the trick that I had for this is that you always have to just keep an eye on the count after you finish a fur round to make sure that your next round will stay within the same stitch count so that it stays equal to yourself. Now you’ll see on the interior there’s no difference of what stitches look like. Its just on how the first stitch is going to be operating. So let’s go back to the dia, uh instructions and let me show you some more. So in the instructions, you would have seen then on page number 1of 4. This is the repeat pattern for the first stitch. It’s around one, two, and three. So together these three rounds make up the first stitch. So in round number one we’re going to be doing the fur and round number two we work behind the fur to build it up on the back loop. So this is front leap back loop of the same round and then round number three we advance going in both loops so that we can get ourselves up and growing. So how I write this in a pattern for example and when I was doing the leg is that I have in the top of these instructions the legs is that I did the legs and then there was single crochet just for for 6 all the way through 13 and then what I do is I put a little dot underneath. So I’ve done three legs at this time. So every dot represents when I passed through it and do it. So then it says round number 14 through 25. So I looked in advance and I realized that 14, 17, 8 or 20 and 23 are the fur round. So that’s when we’re adding those chain 10 loops. So it’s like fur and then then we have the back loop and then regular. Fur, back loop and regular. So there’s a trick to actually keeping an eye on the count. That’s where I kinda slipped up the most on my first way through and then I realized it’s all about the stitch markers in order to keep yourself organized for that. So I have a little example that I’m gonna show you right now. So if this was round number one of the first stitch then all you’re just going to do once you get all the way around it’s a continues revolution. Always leave your stitch markers in place so that you know exactly where you’ve come all the way around. So the very first stitch round for the fur is that you just immediately start and chain ten. So 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ,9 and 10 and as soon as you got that you advance to the next stitch in the front loop only. So if you’re new to crochet, there’s always two loops and if you use the front loop the first one that’s the front loop and the other one is the back loop. You’re going to be using this back loop in the next round, but not this one. So just go in the front loop only and single crochet. Once you got that done you’re gonna chain ten again. So 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and then next front loop. And you’re gonna do that all the way round. So your last stitch to do this which is always kinda confusing but your last stitch is the front loop of where you have the stitch marker. Okay, so what I want you to do is do that all the way around. If you wanna do a test trial now or just advance the video and just see how more of its done. So I’m gonna go and do this all the way around. I’ll see you at the end of this round. So I’m coming up all the way around. The first mistake that I made when I did the first leg is that see where the stitch marker is I assume because the loop comes out that it’s actually the first stitch but it’s actually the last and that’ll be the last one that you go in for a front posts or sorry for a front loop single crochet. And before I move any further what I want to do that I wanna move that stitch marker up to where this one just attached. Okay, it’s the last one so that I can keep an eye on the, on the rounds. So this will be the last round or one in the round. So now what I need to do is that I just need to turn it over and you can see on the other side here is that there’s a ridge and so those are all the back loops and that’s where we’re gonna play next. So we’re just gonna continue then and just move these yarn or the chain ten loops out of the way and all you’re just going to do is that you wanna verify your counts. So in this case it was a leg. So it’s a um, a count of, of uh, [chuckles] I apologize its account of 30 stitches all the way around. So I wanna make sure that there’s 30. If there’s not 30 throw in 30. Okay, so if you’re missing one just throw in an extra one. You’ll never see it. And if you got one too many just then do two a two together single crochet. So starting in this one is out of the, the first one here. So your first one is actually just follow the first loop up like a rainbow. Just follow it over the rainbow and this here is the back loop and I would count 30. So just go in the back loop only single crochet. So this is gonna be 2, 3 … 28, 29 and remember that green one is the final one so that’s number 30. So this just finished off round number two. And so before I begin again just move that stitch marker up to the last one here and so the third round of these now you’ll notice in the instructions as well in the third uh, in the third round if the llama is changing shape its usually in the third round and we’ll be covering that while we get there. So starting in your very first one it’s in the regular stitches now and it’s gonna be 30 all the way back to this point. So I would count again. So and just to make sure it stays right so 2, 3 … 29 and 30 takes me to the last one and then I’m gonna move this stitch marker up. So if you’re continuing along with the first stitch then then you’re gonna build your next layer up. So do you remember what to do? Immediately just start and chain 10 and then in the very next one single crochet in the front loop and then chain 10, single crochet in the front loop. And so you can see this is what happens. It looks really random. On the interior looks no different and this is how you would do the first stitch. So hopefully you understand and we’ll see you on the Llama Stitch-along as we continue this journey together. Have a good one. We hope to see you again, though soon. 👋

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  • Who would have thought the only gift I would get this year would have been from The Crochet Crowd. Thanks, I love this video. Merry Christmas.

  • Yes but what color is he using in the video? It shows up at a little over the 3 minute mark on the video. It’s not the Aran. It’s another color. I love that copper/brownish color that he is using. 😍

  • Merry Christmas to all of you at Crochet Crowd!! Merry Christmas Mikey and Dan β™₯️β™₯️

  • I was a public school teacher for years after the military. You are a great instructor. Know a subject matter is one thing, but being able to teach is another. And you do an excellent job Mikey. Thank for all you do and looking forward to this amigurumi !!!

  • I've probably made about 12 of these llamas last year. They were really popular at our church charity auctions. Already buisy with one for January's auction.

  • So cool, Mikey. You made it look so easy. I would never have attempted this pattern on my own. My supplies wont arrive until after you start the stitch-a-long. I've never done one. I am assuming I will be able to view videos after the fact?

  • This looks amazing, I will definitely have to try and make this for my soon to be born GrandDaughter. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Thanks, Mikey. Very well explained, especially the stitch marker placement, because I would have, no doubt, messed that up, too.

  • This is awesome. I wasn't sure if I was reading the pattern correctly. Thank you for confirming the proper way to do this.
    My mom sent me this pattern a while ago, and it's been on my project list for almost a year… I don't like to start a new project until I've finished my current project… otherwise I'll never get any done… I had quite a few friends and family have babies this last year… so I've been cranking out baby blankets… I'm finally finished the mountain of baby blankets I had to get through and just started making this pattern for my nieces birthday… it would have been frustrating to have gotten the fur wrong.

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