Crochet Flora Afghan: Flower Clock Square

39 thoughts on “Crochet Flora Afghan: Flower Clock Square

  • Get the free pattern shown here at

  • what a great cheating technique! thank you… appreciate your teachings so much <3

  • I love your little tips for correcting. Keep it up! I was wondering as I was watching this that I noticed there are no diagrams for this one or the previous ones. Would it be possible to include diagrams with the written patterns especially for the harder ones? Mikey you are a great teacher. Love watching your tutorials. They are so easy for me to follow.

  • This has been such a LONG wait!!!! Hello Mikey!!!! I hope all is well with you today. Totally LOVE this Flora Afghan so far. It makes the monthly wait seem like it takes forever. Here we go with square number two!!!!! Let's rock these crochet needles. I'm SO ready for this. Have an awesome day everyone!!!!

  • I loved it last time when you had the little list of what each side was the numbers of each stitch so it was super fast. I think I'm going to do that for this one too. My memory is crap if I can just look at a piece of paper with the numbers written out it's easy

  • Hahahaha. Omg, you're awesome. That "hell no" really made me burst out laughing. I ended with 4 stitches on that round, however I would have done the exact same thing you did! Love you and your tutorials/videos. Never ever stop!

  • Thank you for all the little tips; they will also come in handy in other projects…πŸ₯° Have a great day! πŸ’™

  • I must be doing something wrong I go to get the pattern and it keeps taking me to the first one can you help please

  • Now that this 2nd square has been added to the PDF book, along with the 1st square submissions, I do kindly ask you create a book that is strictly the pattern instructions and a few of your pictures so we know how the squares look like …. like how the PDF originally was before the submissions. I only ask because my computer is having a HARD time downloading and opening the PDF due to all the heavy graphics. I love what everyone has made. Don't get me wrong. But my computer just can't handle all the graphics. OR, at least, each month, put up that month's square's PDF separately. I would rather print out the final version of the PDF at the end and not put my computer through heck each month just for some written instructions. Many of us do not have great computers (mine is 8 years old) and great internet connections (Hughes satellite here in the mountains of NC).

  • I love all of your patterns. This crochet-a-long is so much fun. I look forward to each month to create another block. Thank you for all of the fun.

  • I really love this Afghan and the 3 D aspect of it. I do look forward to get all seven designs and make a beautiful Afghan. I can not read pattern, so I like to follow you as you crochet, and usually you are easy to follow, but this time was different. You do not explain clearly and do not tell us how many stitches we are supposed to have, so I had to redo the pattern 3 times and figure it out by myself. I hope on the next patterns you slow down a little and tell us how many stitches we are supposed to have every once in a while so we can follow a little easier!

  • This is my 2nd CAL and I absolutely love it!! It's so much fun and I am learning alot!! Thank you so much Mikey

  • Thank you for the tips and how to "fix" wrong stitch counts when nearing the end of a round. I ended up with 5 row 9 and if you hadn't given us that tip I know I would be frogging it out until it was perfect. I sure appreciate the time you put into your tutorials. Thank you so very much! Looking forward to the upcoming months designs on this CAL!!

  • Hearing Mikey talking about "faking it" makes me feel so much better about the "faking it" I had to do on the Chrysanthemum square! I don't know what I did, but on all 3 squares I apparently made the same mistake and had to fake it. I think they look just fine, and since my finished Afghan will be a gift, no one is the wiser! Can't wait to make these 2 squares this weekend and be ready for square #3!

  • I love the design and your choice of colors! Thank you so much for teaching us. You were born to teach and do it so well.

  • I'm too late to have noticed and learned things go wrong when I use different yarns in a different yarn thickness size though I have known how to crochet as in the basics. πŸ™

  • hello I want to make this afghan how many Caron 1 pounds do i need to get im going to do 3 colors thank you so much love your videos

  • You make attempting this beautiful Afghan so much less daunting than it seems when looking at it. So easy with your guidance. A million thanks !

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