Crochet Flora Afghan – Chrysanthemum Square

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  • Hi Mikey, from South Africa. Can't wait to get going with my first square. Thanks for your great tutorial, you explain how to do the square in such a great way.

  • Thank you for designing this beautiful afghan! Are the colors you used in this video availible in the Caron One Pound?

  • Thank you for being the easiest crocheter to follow!!! You are awesome! Not too fast not too slow!!! You are always my go-to!!! I will try this pattern!

  • Thank you Mikey for showing how easy to do this square. I love how you explain how to do each round of this square.l will be making this square for sure. Thank you again Mikey!!!!!!!! Terri from Alabama

  • What an amazing stitch! I tried to gues how you did it just from the picture and I wasn’t even close. 😂

  • What a fantastic square. Can't wait to start it, also going to use this square as a centre piece for a baby blanket I intend to crochet, then continue with double crochet until big enough. Once again great tutorial, thanks to the person who wanted this converted into a pattern, . Have a great day take care, x

  • Mikey…. A huge thank you for all the work you have put into this fabulous pattern. May I suggest possibly adding a colouring sheet to the ebook for those who wish to change their colours?

  • So fantastic! I've been waiting for this day and I'm so excited to begin. This will be my second CAL and I know it'll be just as much fun as my first with Mikey. So much work and time has been put into this! Wow! I couldn't believe it as I read through the ebook, love the charts, oh I love ALL of it! Whoopee!!

  • Hi Mikey!!! I am so loving this pattern!! Thank you for all of your awesome patterns!! This one is so pretty!! I can't wait to see the other patterns when they become available!! Thanks again!!

  • Oh so pretty! Mrembo sana! Sorry for the Swahili. Tres bien fait! Oh I love it. I must make. Mikey you are a crochet genius! Love love love!! I am going to save all the videos to make all the squares

  • I just finished my very first square and it's simply BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Thank you so very much for this wonderful tutorial and this very exciting Crochet Along Mikey!!!!! I love it so far!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  • Beautiful! I can’t wait to get started! I picked colors similar to my living room, burgundy, sage green, espresso brown and an off white. But I also want to make a more colorful one as well for my bedroom!

  • Lovely! I recommend you to all the people I know who want to learn crochet.. after I have shown the basics. Sometimes painfully!

  • I didn't really think I could do this but after watching the video I am going to try it as soon as I finish the spring cal and my sheldon squared.

  • I’ve never done a pattern of yours but my mother has tons of wonderful things to say. I figured I would give it a go I’m absolutely in love so far can’t wait to see the next part ❤️

  • I love the Flora Afghan , it’s beautiful. Thank you for all the new techniques & stitches you’ve taught me and all the ones I’ll be learning in this SAL.

  • Is it just me…that is the front form color glass of the Cathédrale of Notre-Dame…who burn 3 days ago. That is fantastik, I want to honor it 😉 Thank you, beautiful!

  • Hey Mikey, priyanka here from India….wanna say that u making amazing tutorials and its so easy to follow…this one looks excotic but yet u simplified it and I was able to follow it…(im a beginner…)
    Keep up the good work..keep sharing…God bless..😘

  • Well, I'll be damned!  for some reason, I started round 8 and did dcbp's in all the appropriate spots except I just continued around without crocheting down towards the centre and back up again!  I did the up and down on the following round AND dcbp as well.  In effect, I've created another row but have continued on to the end of the square.  So now my dilemma – I can leave the 'extra' round in and make the same 'mistake' on the next 2 squares or I can frog the first square back to Rnd 8 and take this as a lesson about paying attention.  I have a feeling I'll be going with option 2 🙂

  • in the ebook instructions it says at the end of row 3 there are 48 stitches. I think that i s 48 double crochets. This does not take into account for the change one space. The stitch count would be 60 stitches. This is my second one of this block. The first one I watched your video. I assume this is true of each of the following rows, not counting the crochet on stitch.

  • Absolutely gorgeous pattern, such an amazing design but also so simple to follow !! Love it!! Can't wait for the next one.

  • I love this pattern and was wondering if you have patterns for the other flowered patterns that appear with the one you are demonstrating?

  • Hi Mikey,
    Hope all is well.
    Thanks for the e-book and tutorial of first Flora.
    I completely my first lesson. One of my side was off, but it all worked out beautiful.
    Next square I will keep a track of my count.

  • Thanks Mickey. For doing all your great videos. You made than lots easier to do the pattern. Keep up the great job

  • Mikey PLEASE READ THIS!!!!! Please can you do a video on how to make LACE SHORTS. I found one other video on you tube on how to do it but she doesn’t teach it well it’s all out of order and confusing. Your the only person I know that teaches where I can understand. Ive been wanting to make lace shorts for my daughter as bathing suit cover and some for myself. Please please please!!!! 😁

  • I love this square! Just completed my first one (I was late getting started), and I think I'm going to make a whole afghan of these, as well as the 3 for the flora afghan. Thanks Mikey!

  • Omg I follow allot of people how to crochet all woman but you awsome easy to follow the best thank u 😁

  • I have never been inspired to make an afghan of someone else's design … until now! This is amazing and it looks beautiful. However, I'm going to use a UK DK weight 4 and a 6 mm hook as I don't want it so big. To time myself, I shall begin it next Friday evening (21st June) and see how it goes. Pics will follow if it is of good enough quality. Thanks Mikey – you really are my go-to mentor. By the way I've been crocheting for 67 years and I'm still learning.

  • I'm confused. In round 3, you put 5 stitches in each of the 12 slots… 5 x 12 = 60. I have 60 stitches. But the printed instructions say that I should have 48 stitches after round 3… what have I done wrong? I have 12 of the 2dc,ch1,2dc… that's 5 stitches… help!!! (sorry I'm late – I broke my wrist and now I'm working on catching up.) At min. 4:43 you say there will be 12 of these (these being 5 stitches each…NO???). 12×5=60. I'm so confused!!!

  • So perfect timing for me to make things like chrysanthemum. We use that flower representing death mostly. And I've been seeing black and white yarns and lace yarns everywhere while other vivid colors are missing for some reason.

  • I came across this video and thought..why not? It was fun and appreciate the "intermediate" commentary. I did learn fr this video about a standing SC, DC and TC though. Thanks Mikey! I'll work my way through these flowers slowly. Love your videos and keep up the Great work 😁

  • Just a happy little shout out from the Colorado Rocky Mountains! I have just completed my first Chrysanthemum flower! The pattern is just a pleasure to work. The flow of the stitches, the ease of top stitching, I just love it! The textures just pull your eyes in and I can't wait to do the other two. I started crocheting when I was 14 years old. I learned how to make Granny Square Pillows from a "how-to" brochure. Back then, a book or a mentor was the only way to learn, no internet. That basic pattern has been my only repetoire of stitches for 41 years! Whew! That's a lot of years! I started watching you about 3 years ago and I have learned so many things from your patterns and videos. I feel so fortunate to have stumbled across YouTube and "The Crochet Crowd". Your instruction has taken me from a lifetime of being a "Beginner" to the next level of Creativity. Not only has my repetoire grown in leaps and bounds, but I am reading diagrams now! Me! Cool right?! Thank you for these studies in texture, color and design! Never stop being who you are and how you influence people in such positive ways. Crochet is my life, my Valium (lol) and my motivation to never stop creating. Sunshine always to you, Daniel and The Crochet Crowd!

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