Crochet Everlasting Wreath

(music plays) Welcome back to and The Crochet Crowd, I’m your host Mikey. Today we’re gonna work
on the Everlasting Christmas Wreath. This is designed by
me everything that you see as far as accessories is basically creativity you can actually
decide . I’m gonna show you how to do all the green aspect this is so simple and so amazing and yet
it’s still quite a yarn pig. In order to do this this is
just a standard size coat hanger just like you see and
basically you have just bend into a complete circle you can get it as
close, you don’t need to be perfect! You do not need any wire cutters in
order to work with this project. Essentially you’re going to take a
coat hanger and make yourself a ring like this. To try it today on any work
in the smaller version just like you see because the concept is that easy that
you’re going to be able to follow along. So when it comes to the back and let me
turn this around and show you what’s going to happen with the hanging area coat hanger so when you’re done with
this you can’t hang this on a wall or on door hanger . So here we
have the coat hanger just like you see. It’s not a hard thing and if you look at it from my
perspective, you notice that it’s coming up and straight out from the back side. Now the center of the coat hanger is in the inside of this
wreath but if you put this straight up what’s gonna happen is that it’s gonna
fall off the wall all the time. So we need to do is just
bend the wire back about 90 degrees and then bend it upward 90 degrees
and so that it comes out of the wreath, just like so. You can hang it up very easily. So let’s begin and show you how to
do the stitch work next. To begin with you then take your coat
hanger and bend the bottom part into a ring and you’ll see the hook
coming out on top and the whole ninety-degree turning bending that the hanger to come backward and
then up. You can do that at the end of your project! Create a slip
knot and slip your yarn on to your hook and slip your hook into the underside
under the ring. It doesn’t matter where you start on the
ring because you can slide everything as you need to. Put the yarn
over top of the ring and pull it through. Just like you see. Now we’re going to begin to do single crochet. So chain one first
and now we’re gonna single crochet. Coming up and underneath the ring around and pull
through. You are gonna do that all the way around. So the secret to this is that in this
project is that with every round your stitch work is
gonna multiplied by three. Why I say that is that, if you’re doing this project here you do
not want to over compress these stitches and like
really slammed them in really tightly because you’re gonna regret later
because you have to complete a three stitches for everyone that you
do you. What we’re gonna be doing is that on
your ring this is a little bit too loose so we what we want to do is we
want to make sure that our ring is nice and relatively kinda compressed
together you don’t want ever see a ring because I’m using I’m on a pipe cleaner
at this moment. It’s a little bit you can see the yellow
going through but you want it kinda nicely tight
together so just go all the way around single crochet and make sure that your stitches stay on
the outside. People are questioning about so just a single crochet all the way
around and they want me back up in just a moment. I’ll show you how to start next. When you get all the way around I
purposely left this gap in space just for illustration purposes. In my case would have been
where the hangers going to be popping out on the top of your thing. So what no matter where you started on
the ring you probably would’ve pushed all these around. so that they would end up at the the back at the hangar and the other side comes back around. I immediately just doing now is that instead of slip stitch or anything, I
just come up and jump over so this is
where the wire will be coming up for the ring. Just skip over it and don’t
worry about it. Double crochet into the first
stitch – three times Just like you see. Very, very simple! So the next stich, double crochet three
times. Do this particular stitch around around I want you to
go into every stitch that you’re running into and put three double crochets. This is gonna cause it in just a a few moments major ruffling to start up because
there’s too many stitches going into such a a confined area. You’re going to notice that when
you’re done this round on your wire hanger. You will notice that it’s gonna start
looking or ruffl-y which is what you’re looking for. So continue just three double crochets
into each stitch all the way around let’s me back up. There’s not very many rounds to this
particular I’m project so this actually goes relatively quickly. As far as reading the instructions but
it takes a bit to time and ordered to complete the project from
start to finish. When you get all the way back ground
you gonna see that it looks pretty ruff-ly, just like you see! On the larger version are there hang
out and be a little more ruff-ly looking than what it is here. So we’re
gonna be coming back and you’re running back into the top the loop the hanger
again. We don’t worry about it and we just continue
to work on this project. What we’re gonna be doing now is that
every stitch again is gonna get three double crochets in. We just
immediately start so it’s just a continuous revolution.
There’s no slip stitching involved just continuously going around so every
stitch again is gonna have three double crochets in. This will be the last time that
we’re doing this particular concept of adding more stitches, just like you see, so again three double
crochets and each one going all the way around and meet me back up in just a moment. I’ll show you how did the next part and
this is the second last line, by the way, of your project. It’s hard to believe that it’s got fill out but just trust me on this one. This is a project that make sense near to the end when everything is finalized. Were we have it, were coming all the
way back round for tutorial reasons, I’m not gonna deceive you… I have not gone
all the way around. You can see here that I have done it
to a certain degree here. and tutorial reasons, I’ve already created my wreath, so I’m just doing it to show you how to do this yourself. Now that we’re come all the way back
around. We immediately going to just half double crochet into the very
first stitch. Just like you see! So we’re just going to
do that. So this is our final revolution! So we’re gonna chain 4. So 1, 2 3 &4. Then coming into the very
next stitch, you are gonna wanna pinch this down to
just hold it down. Going around pull through and then just pinching
everything pull through all three. So you end up with
this kind of sleepy leafy kinda of look. and So continue, 1, 2, 3 and 4. Go into next stitch, pinch down and then wrap in, pull through and then half double crochet. So, 1, 2, 3 and 4. Pinch… go into next stitch. and half double crochet to do that all
the way around and then you’re finally done on this and then you can see there
you have the leaf. Let me show you the other sample back. Okay, so here we have it. You can see that
there’s loops on the outside just what the half double crochet that I was just
showing you moments ago. What’s gonna happen is that wreath is going to totally bulk out. It won’t be totally to the point where
you cannot slide anything in between. So at this point you can glue gun your
projects into place. You can wire things and like the
boots are been wired and on the stock picks are wired and snow flakes and icicles are wired in. It has been glued in as well. So
till next time, I’m Mikey on behalf of as well as The Crochet crowd. Enjoy the holiday season ahead and remember you can make these wreaths any time the year you just have to decorate it accordingly. Until next time… See ya!

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