Crochet Entrelac with Tips

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  • i cant wait to see how to do this u make it so much easier for me to get the hang of the pattern right away i cant read patterns but when i see it being done i m more confident that i am doing it right¬†

  • How do you make the edge smooth? I see how to create the boxes that jag the sides, however I don't know how to finish the sides with "half" boxes. Please share ūüôā

  • Me as well. Been wanting to try etrelac for awhile but could never do it by pattern alone. I need to see it being done to learn it.

  • I bought the beginner's book to teach myself Entrelac and the long needles but haven't yet tackled teaching myself. ¬†I'm pretty good at reading patterns but it's nothing like seeing it done which to me, makes it much easier.

  • you should check out Bethintx1, she has an entrelac crochet along showing how to do it without cutting the yarn….fewer ends to sew in

  • Mikey..I want start a corner entrelac crochet afghan how do I do this? And can I make my squares bigger?

  • Thanks for the awesome tips! ¬†This is going to be my next project, learning entrelac stitches!¬†

  • Great! Thank You for the tips. I understand how to do the Tunisian stitch but I get confused on where to go next whenever I tried the entralac in the pattern. I love that you don't just teach, but you take the time to explain and give tips.¬†

  • Wow, that is great, I was scarred of it too, will ¬†have to try it while watching Mickey do it again. ¬†Thank you for your teaching it is so nice to know you work with the beginners as well as the ones that have more experience. ¬†Angel hugs and Happy Hooking

  • what is the name of the yarn tat is show in in beginning of this video I love the way it looks please advise thanks

  • Thank you So Much Mikey! I've been wanting to attempt this but was very intimidated by reading the patterns…like you said in beginning of video…looking forward to viewing the next video on this! And will hopefully start on a project soon after watching it…or maybe dig through my scrap yarn stash and follow along….do you think "Russian joining" scrap yarns will work easier than in this pattern?

  • all my life I have been doing this stitch on the longer needle for afghans and embroidering on it…someone posted this stitch as tunisian and used in an entrelac blanket. When they describe the stitch I said it was afghan they said no…guess I know it before they changed the name (been a very long time crocheter)

  • Mikey, I'm waiting for you to show us how to make the entrelac with the bigger pattern. I have ordered the hooks and the yarn and now just waiting for you to show ¬†me. I'd love to have this to give my Mother for mothers day. I ordered the same color you show in this video. Thank you for all you do.

  • you use a j hook in this video. can it possibly be done with an h or a g hook. I want to also thank you because I saw you using the tulip hooks and ever since ive bought them my arthritis hasn't bothered me ūüôā

  • Can you tell me approximately how many skeins of yarn I would need using this stitch to make an afghan for a full sized mattress? I want to make one as a gift for my son, but I have no clue how many to get. Thank you so much!

  • I love the Entrelac! I couldn't wait to get started so I made a special trip to the store for the materials I needed. Could anyone tell me if a size J hook is necessary. I got a comfort grip hook, but they only had a size I and I find it a little difficult going into certain spaces. Thanks!!

  • Thank you so much for your great tutorial, ¬†I have tried to do entrelac but had trouble until I watched your tutorial absolutely great, I can now understand how to do it.
    Many thanks Gwen, Tasmania

  • hi mikey ¬†i have made a entrelac blanket ¬†the squares ¬†are 3 x 3 10 stitches up ¬†10 across entrelacing in the 11 th stitch i need help finishing it off not sure how or where to start to decrease my stitches so it ¬†becomes squared ¬†off ¬†i really need your help. ¬†your videos have been helpful in the past but i cant find anything ¬†on entrelac on
    a bigger square help please its a baby  shower gift thanks

  • Really love you're videos I have just finished the entralac pattern done a baby's blanket yore a teacher love the videos thank you for you're videos

  • i have a problem I'm making big entrelac 40 chain and 30 straight sorry i don't know what is that called i am using 5.5 mm hook, super saver red heart yarn. I'm on ¬†the 2nd square now but they are curling. Please help me. i don't know if i am doing right or wrong.

  • Still trying to find the video for bigger squares. ¬†Please help us find it. ¬†I really like this stitch and your style of teaching. Also trying to figure out how to do it with one color. ¬†It is just not working for me.

  • i did searched for entrelac that looks like a quilt it came up with a bunch of links,it had ¬†a pic of the quilt so i clicked on it ,it loaded the image,underneath it says the crochet crowd i clicked on tht n it took me right to it

  • THANK YOU so much for this video, you make it so easy to follow and slow enough to learn from. You are an excellent teacher. Keep up the super tutorials . I am learning so much from you .

  • Hi Mike, I need some help, Im wanting to make Tunisian Crochet Entrelaca afghan with square 4×4 I dont know how many chains I will need for it to be 40 inches wide, can you help me pls.

  • Hey Mikey i seem to have trouble getting into the stiches i slip stiched last roun, like it's too tight to get my needdle through, perhaps you know the cause of this ? i would really like to do a pillow for my mom using this stich, so i would be grateful if you could help.

  • Good morning Mikey. I have created 4 of these afghans. I made 1 of them twin bed size, 2 of them crib size and 1 a square baby size. I made the 3 bigger ones into triangles by making the square the width that I wanted and then I made a V by only doing the 2 ends until I got to the length that I wanted. I then continued by only doing the corners. I wish I could post a pic to show you.

  • It there a way to do this without changing colors and having to cut the yarn off each time?
    I really want to do this, but I don't want to have a lot of ends to weave in.

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