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  • If you're using the same color do you have to bind and start the same? Or can you keep going without fastening off? Is there a tutorial on this?

  • Great explanation! Easy to understand and follow. Love your gutter illustration!!! Between visual (video and chart)and spoken (auditory) instructions everyone should be able to understand this no matter the learning style of your followers.

  • Thank you for making this tutorial. I like the bowling alley comparison it really helped me with making sure I had the right number of stitches every time. About the jagged edge I don't like it because it makes the whole project look like it wasn't finished but when you add the smooth border and fill in the gaps it makes it look finished.

  • Love this and really easy to pick up, many thanks!! I'm new to Tunisian crochet, so a real daft question, how would I go about a bigger square?

  • I was just sitting around thinking about the idea of a tunisian granny block when your toot came up on automatic play . It was a just in time explanation of something i no longer had to figure out on my own . Thanks skeins and balls .

  • Where is the rectangle pattern and the triangle pattern, rectangle for single bed and a Entrelac Triangle would be nice for a shawl.

  • So, when you chain 6 and start attaching a new square, there are instances when you are attaching to the side of the square that is 6 rows high. So you work your 5 rows, and are ready to slip stitch to start the next square, but you've got an extra 6th row.

    Apparently I'm the only one confused by this, and as the instructor, Mikey shouldn't have just skipped over this. I did see him slip into the 6th row, and then chain 6, but he didn't actually complete that following row in the tutorial, so we're left without knowing how to deal with that.

    Normally, after finishing a block and slip stitching across, you do the final slip stitch into the first stitch of the next block, chain 6, and work the first row into the same stitch. So, when working into the side of the square that's 6 stitches tall, do you: finish the fifth row and slip stitch across, making the final slip stitch into the 6th row, chain 6, but then work the first row of the next square into the first stitch of the next row? Thanks in advance to anyone who has answers.

  • Fantastic! You showed me what I needed, how to make the finishing triangles. Everyone shows how to entrelac, but no one else shows how to finish the edge. I was stumped on how to finish a pillow cover. Thanks, Mikey. Plus all the different designs you threw in for extra.

  • so if I wanted to make my squares 20, I would do 22 arcoss and 20 rows up? Am I right or would I do 20 across and 18 rows ?

  • oh wow, i recently made an entrelac crochet small pet blanket with burgundy, claret, raspberry, medium pink (i call bubblegum pink, lol), & soft or baby pink, so this made me think of it. this is very pretty. ☺ i really like the entrelac crochet!

  • I loved the way you explained this. I can do this. I’ve been to different videos and could not get this. Thanks for explaining this very simple. lol lee

  • You are not, "weird". You are a very "creative" teacher! Your videos are done in a professional, informative manner with an added personal touch. You make difficult crochet projects easy to follow and learn. Your teaching method makes you a GREAT teacher… (especially, to the self-taught, spastic, uncoordinated crocheter, like me). Thank you, for all the work you have put into these crochet projects… I appreciate everything you do to bring the love of crochet back into the home and to those who are interested in learning a new skill… Although your videos are free, in my opinion, learning a new skill makes them priceless!

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