Crochet Double Crochet Puff Stitch – dc puff st

In this video I’m going to show you how to do a puff stitch using double crochet. So I’m just going to just skip one and just start here. So I’m just gonna say that there’s three um, um, times that you have to work into that. The pattern will define how many times you need to wrap your hook in order to make this happen. So in order to do this is that you’re gonna wrap the hook and you’re gonna go into the stitch that you want and you’re gonna pull through and you’re going to pull through two and hold it. You’re going to then wrap again. I’m gonna say it’s three times that we need to do that and keep doing that until you get to the number that you want. Now with the puff stitch what you would have is that, um, it would be a cluster if I pull through everything. But a puff stitch would be just pulling through the first three and leaving the last one untouched and then finish that separately. So let’s do that. So we’re just gonna yarn overt pull through the three only and then yarn over pull through the final two and that would be a puff stitch. So I’m gonna chain one and do another puff stitch here using three um, times. So going in, pull through, pull through two and hold it and going in once you’re done you got it on three times. So it could be five times, could be six depending on your pattern and you’re gonna yarn over and then pull through all three and then yarn over pull through the final two and there is a new puff stitch and then you can just move on. So that would be how you do a double crochet puff stitch. 🧶

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