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In today’s video we’re gonna double crochet five together. So essentially we’re putting five stitches together using double crochet. If it’s the beginning of the round or a row you’re only gonna chain two. Usually you chain three when it comes to double crochet, but we’re gonna put the first five together. So this counts as the first stitch so your next one is right here. So you’re gonna yarn over and going in, pull through, pull through two and hold it. You’re gonna keep doing that until you get a total of five loops on your hook for the very first one. So it’s an easy way of looking at it, you can also count the stitches as well. But I always look to the loops to give me the indication when I have five. Now because this is the beginning of a round or row, you’re only gonna see five for the first time but after this you will always see six if you’re in the middle of a row or round. So let’s just do the next five. So yarning over and let’s pick them up and let’s collect them. I got exposed to this stitch when I was 14 and did the Catherine Wheel stitch. It’s a fabulous stitch and you just collect until you get these all and what I like to do is just use my finger and there’s three and there’s three just visually that’s what I’m looking for. So the first, these five are the stitch. This is the beginning loop that didn’t exist when we started a round a row so you’re looking for six and then yarning over pulling it through all loops. So that is double crochet five together. 🧶

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