Crochet Dishcloth pattern Easy Tutorial

you you this is very simple attern in this video I will teach you how to
make this simple and easy across a dishcloth if you want to buy this disc
cloth then you visit my Etsy shop let us start how to make this scratch with this
cloth hello finish for this pattern you will
need this type of cotton thread see say cotton thread for crotch at work and
when 2.5 mm crotchet to let us charge first you make one slip knot and make 24 chains you make 24
foundation chains three three six seven eight you mean total 24 foundation
chance you take total 24 foundation chains and then make one more chains
founded a first single crochet and make one single crochet in the next stitch you make one single crochet in each
stitch around one single crochet in each stitch you
repeat the stitch in this zone you have completed mine single crochet stitch and
then this is the last stitch of the song and for next row you make two chain and
turn your work and this two chains counted a first half double crochet and
make one half double crochet in next stitch and you make 1 double crochet in
each stitch in this you repeated one hard busy in each stage
you know one next round
you make one chain and turn your world and then you make one single crochet in
the back stitch of the every chain in every stitch the sista this is the
stitch this is the front side loop and this is the back side loop and you
working on only the back side you make one single crochet in every back side
loop a backside stitch and you repeat the same stitch in this round one single
crochet I have completed my one single crochet
into the backside stitch then make one to chain company first from DC and turn
your world and make one huh busy in each stitch around this is very simple
pattern and it looks very beautiful you repeat the same stitch in this room
I have completed my party stage of the salon and then you repeat the single
crucial line and after that you repeat the hard DC line and you repeat the
alternate line in just two stitches and you make as you make the length or size
as per you required require a requirement here I making we have made one two three four five six seven eight
nine ten lines of the this stitch ten lines of single pressure 10 lines of the
this hard DC you repeat the same in pattern is very
very concise hello friends I have made this disk lot in a square shape and this
is the last round this is the corner of the square here
you make to chain count as a first pc the first table this is ready and you go
to the next stitch and make one LTC you make one have this in every stitch in
this round and you make in three her busy street in corner space or corner
stitch you repeat the same speech in this room this is the corner area here I am making
three how busy stitch in the same stitch same channel same stitch then go to the
next stitch of the other side make one habit in each stitch and then you make
the three hub resistors in the next corner I have completed my square and
this is the very soft and beautiful this plot and you can make it easily and you
fold it this is the square sips this crowd and
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