Crochet || Crochet Backpack – Tas Ransel Kapsul – T Shirt Yarn [Subtitles Available]

let’s start 🙂 i use t-yarn and hook 7.0 mm first, Slip Knot then make chain (multiple of 2) don’t be too tight me: chain 22 work at Back Bump start from second Back Bump from hook sc21 next, ch3, turn skip 1, sc1, ch2, skip 1, sc1, ch2, skip 1, sc1,
…, sc1 next, ch3, turn make sc1 at chain space sc1, ch2 repeat: sc1, ch2 until the end of row next, ch3, turn repeat: sc1, ch2 repeat the instructions until you get the desired
size me: 20 rows the top, we make curved T1: ch2, turn repeat: sc1, ch2 last: ch1, sc1 T2: ch1, turn repeat: sc1, ch2 last: sc1 already curved T3: ch3, turn repeat: sc1, ch2 we make decrease only at the beginning and the
end of row last: skip 1 of chain space sc1 next, repeat pattern of T1, T2, and T3 result next, repeat pattern of T1 and T2 ch1, cut the yarn make sc around make as neat as you can until this corner next, ch1, turn work at front loop sc1 in each stitch make one row next, ch1, turn make sc1 in each stitch, both loop make some row of sc ch1, cut the yarn i make 3 rows of sc make 2 panels like this but more thin (me: only 2 rows of sc) you can make it exactly the same if you want Bottom: first, Slip Knot then make chain, same with your start chain
(me: ch22) work at Back Bump, start from second sc1 in each stitch next, ch1, turn sc1 in each stitch continue making sc, back and forth me: 6 rows ch1, cut the yarn panels for inner, i use fabric and foam sheet cut the foam sheet following the shape of the
panel 2 pieces Cut the fabric following the foam sheet with an
enlarged size 4 pieces 2 pieces pocket the pocket size adjusts to the panel size fabric – foam sheet – fabric sewing result pocket use iron to form a line like this sewing result zipper sewing sewing result attach zipper puller join the panel i already sewing the bottom, now the zipper part sewing the zipper section is quite complicated do the best you can do if it is difficult to use a sewing machine, use
hand sewing result sewing this part and this part join inner and panels using needle and thread sewing result this stuff from my old bag you can use other accessories strap chain 2 pieces, @80 cm done please Like and Subscribe, thank you 🙂

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