Crochet Corner to Corner Scarf

In today’s pattern I’m going to be using
Red Heart with Love. And this is a really fabulous one is called Fruit Punch it’s by
With Love by Red Heart, and I’m going to be using a size six point zero
millimeter crochet hook size J today. You can substitute the yarns for
anything that you wish that you have in your yarn stash in order to make it
work for you. Since I’ll begin to work on this pattern together and we’re simply just going to chain up or sorry again as i do a slip
knot and we’re going to put that on and remember that with slipknot’s this
number counts as one, so let’s chain six, so 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.
And simply now going fourth from the hook so you just count back one, two, three, and
four. I just pinched down on this or just push
down so that prevents it from rotating around the hook prematurely. So let’s do a double crochet and we want
to total of three double crochets in a row. One into each one of the remaining
chains. Like that. Always getting started always takes a
little bit more time and simply this is what we have. I need you now to turn the project like
so, and I need you to chain up six. So this here, just so you know is the
very corner of your Afghan or your your scarf at this point so that just helps
you keep your orientation in order to make it work for you. So, that’s chained six, that was one, two,
three, four ,five, and six and going fourth from the hook. So every time we’re
growing this scarf in either side we’re always going to chain six to start.
So we’re just going to double crochet fourth from the hook and the two
remaining chains one double crochet each. So this is what we have. So remember, see
how it’s kind of flipped up on its side if you remember that this is the corner your just gotta remember you just kind of
flip it. Okay, so now what we have this chaining of three space right here is
where we’re going to go into so we’re just going to immediately kind of fold
it up like a book. Just fold it up, grab grab it and pull it
through so that’s a slip stitch and now we want to chain three, so one, two and three.. So every time we’re on top of a block we
always chain three and then three double crochets. You see how I just
automatically just kind of push down that first one of chaining three always
kind of wraps around the hook incorrectly, so it just helps to
stabilize it so you may have your own way of holding the hook in the yarn so
that that’s not an issue for you that’s more of an issue for me, so let’s
begin again to the next row. So let’s turn our work so this is what
we have remember this is the very corner and so we’re growing this so that means
that the triangle is going to get bigger and bigger so we’re actually working
like it’s a stairway. So let’s chain six. One, two, three, four, five and six. Whoops, I just gotta get that sixth one in there. Okay. And now forth from the hook we’re
going to come back. See how I kind of didn’t even count it is just because it
becomes automatic to you and when you’re working with this pattern just to
visualize where it is and that’s what makes this a very speedy project once
you can get the realization that you don’t need to count like that. So here we go. So we got the first one so
we want to fold it up like a book and go to this chain of three space right here
so we’re just going to fold it up and slip stitch, and then one, two and three. And now three double crochets into that same space. So there you go. And now we want to
secure it again. So secure it to the next chain three space here. And see… so if you didn’t want any wider, what you
would do is stop at this point so therefore you won’t go any wider in this
direction. It’s too early at this point but we’re
going to change three but that’s you know people have questions and when they
have to stop growing it and that’s essentially how you do it you just don’t
add this extra piece right at the top in order to make it wider. So there you go
so you can see the triangle is getting bigger. So we’re now going to turn our work back
and now we’re still growing it so chaining up six. Two, three, four, five, and
six. Fourth from the hook is normal. Okay we’re just going to double crochet
in . You will be noticing in this tutorial that I am wrapping the yarn slightly
different than what i’ve been doing in the last five and a half years on
YouTube. I kind of changed my method of wrapping in order to match the pattern
books a lot more carefully. So let’s go we just want to fold that up
like a book, slip stitch it to the chain three space
on this box right here. So if you think of it as all boxes if
it’s just easier to remember, so changing at three so we’re stepping
up and now we in this next space here three double crochets. Okay and now we go to the next space right here next box, bring it together, ok and now chain three again ’cause we’re still stepping up. So in my scarf there’s a total of seven
boxes across. So I’ll just show you that in a second, but if you want a wider
scarf then don’t stop at seven, do eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve doesn’t matter to
me it doesn’t ……. you know the creativity is up to you. So we’re going to come in the final box
here slip stitch it and chaining three and we want to finish this off. So let me
show you how to count the boxes. So essentially it doesn’t matter how you
look at it. I would classify this as the bottom of
your scarf so that’s hanging on your body the body this is the bottom. So basically,
this is a box, this is a box, that’s a box that’s a box. There’s a total of three so far and I want a total of seven of those going across. So I’m going to steer you one more time
going across this and then we’re going to show you how-I’m going to speed ahead and then I’m going to show you how to decrease once you get to the width that
you want. So let’s turn our work and we’re still
growing it at this point so we’re going to just chain up six. One, two, three, four
five, and six. Fourth from the hook as always. Okay, okay I had too much caffeine today. I think I’m shaking on camera. (LAUGH). Oh, I love caffeine. Kay, here we go, we’re just one double crochet into each one of chains working our way back. And once you do that, fold it up like a
book and slip stitch it and chain three. One, two and three. And then three double crochets into the same space. So this creates a really beautiful
roughly, see once you get your three in just chain — slip stitch into the
next box one, two, and three, and three double
crochets into the next. This becomes a really a no-brainer and that’s why you see so many people on YouTube and Facebook all doing this kind of Afghans because it really is very simple and it’s a nice change from double crochet is what we’ve always – what we’ve been doing all along. We’re still double crocheting it’s just not in rows like we’re used to seeing. So this is starting there …. Okay, so one, two, and three so when I finish this one here. So I want you to either follow my pattern and go to the seven or get to the width that you want just continue to do what I just showed you, and in the next one I’m gonna show you how to decrease. So I’m not going to go the full seven, we’re just going to carry on and I’m going to show you how to be able to make nice so that we’re going to grow it
like a scarf. Okay, so in this row here we’re going to stop growing it so that it’s no longer going to be getting any wider. So at this point I’m going to start off my row as normal. So, one, two, three, four, five and six. So I’ve decided that this row here the
starting row is I’m going to continue to grow up the scarf in this direction
going upward. Okay so here’s the bottom and it’s going to keep going up like this and it’s no longer going to get wider, at this point. So fourth from the hook double crochet and then into the remaining one double crochet into the remaining two. And fold it up like a book. And what we want to do is that we don’t want to go all the way across like we
have been doing so just continue to do your boxes as normal. So chaining up three and then three double crochets into each, until we get close to the other side. Because if we continue to go beyond a certain point you’re going to grow it on the other side but we don’t want that anymore. So this is the same rule that you would have for any kind of Afghans, people always ask, “When do I stop?” Well you have to determine the width. So I determined that this width is fine for me, so I’m gonna keep it that way and I’m not going to grow any bigger and and then I have to start decreasing at that point. Really not sure how to explain it any more simpler than that. I think it’s part of my problem, so we’re
coming all the way so we’re not going to go all the way to
the rows two, three, and this is the final box here. So normally I would have done here and then carried on, But then I will continue to grow it
wider if i do that. So essentially this side becomes the
side that we are no longer growing on. So once you get your three in, you slip
stitch it to the chain three space. Okay and we stop. So basically, you have now this side
growing up and this side now is becoming the side edge of the other side. So essentially we just have to turn it
at this point so I’ve care- I’ve left off with a slip stitch. So I’m just going to
turn it and essentially I have to slip stitch back. So one, two, and three. So I’m just going to slip stitch into
the top of the beginning… double crochet here, so pull through and through, into the next one through and through, and into the final
third right there. Now I don’t want to slip stitch all the
way to this chain of three space here because what’s going to happen if you do that you’re going to have an edge that’s not very good. So let’s change up three. So, one, two and three. So this is how you would start off a regular row if you’re not growing so this side is always going to be the same. So we chain up three and we immediately- just do your three double crochets in. And then change it, I like fold it up there to the back . So you see that- now you have a nice bottom edge here, you have it going flat here and you have it growing up on this side. So one, two, and three and we simply just work your way across the top like we have been doing all along. I want to apologize in advance some
times I think I’m probably grabbing the stitches from my old method I’m trying my very hardest to make sure that I grabbed the stitches consistently. I’ve been doing a different way for the entire duration of YouTube and I’ve decided to switch as of last week. So I should be grabbing it like you see here, see now I’m paying attention so I’m coming up around the back and
coming forward. Okay so we want to still continue to grow it up on this side so if you wanted the full square at this point you would stop here and just you know, finished in the end but you don’t want to do this. This is a scarf so you always want to continue to add the final box here , on this side. And essentially it’s just making it longer so it. So basically ,this is what you have so
this side is going to grow, so you just keep going back and forth this side
you’re always going to stop in the box that’s right above so you no longer
going to go beyond and this one here you always add an extra box at the top in order to continue along. So I’m just going to do that one more
time. So to turn, we’re just gonna turn and this is still growing on the side so we chain six…..four, five and six. Fourth from the hook. There’s a double crochet and the two remaining stitches or chains are going to get a double crochet each and now we fold it up like a book. So you can see that we’re still growing on the side. So one two and three and we just continue to work across as we have been doing all along. So it’s just basically the edges Have changed if you’re growing it or whether you’re just wanting to stop growing it that’s the only part of this Afghan change, of this scarf that changes. So just work all the way across, I’ll meet you back up in a second where we’ll be on the other side and then we have to make a decision of whether the scarf is as long as you need it. So here we have it here this is the
final box that we have to do, one, two, and three. You will find yourself to
automatically not paying attention sometimes and thinking that you’ve gone one too far, that happens to all of us, so don’t worry about that if that happens to you. Just pull-out your stitches and just realign yourself because sometimes you think you’re on the other side and you’re not. So we got our final box in, we slip stitch like so, so their East can see it there. We turn our work automatically and just begin. Slip stitch to the first, slip stitch to the second, slip stitch to the third and then that’s when you begin to chain three again. So every time you’re starting on this
side, where you’re not growing any further, just simply chain three and double crochet into the gapping space One, two and three, like so… and just work your way across. So on the next part of this tutorial
when I get to the other side I’m going to decide that I’ve gone long enough. So basically, you’re just going to keep going back and forth to get the length
and now I’m going to show you how to finalize this off. Now when you’re
looking at this pattern, I will have posted the pattern and the more
information of this video you will see how many of these boxes that I want
across I’ll put a side note on this screen right now to show you how
many boxes I went all the way up on the other side. It’s important that you do follow that
if you’re using the tapestry yarn because I actually figured it out with
very little yarn left over at the end so if you go too far you might run out of
yarn before you’re done. So I’m working my way all the way across and hypothetically saying my scarf is long enough, so I’ve been growing it all along you know it’s going to be a few feet
it’s probably gonna be able to six, seven feet, and you’re going to get to the length that you want. So all the sudden you now have to stop growing on this side that is pointing up because if you keep growing it you’re going to run out of yarn and your scarf is going to be like forever. So let’s just finalize off. Okay. So essentially, we just want to chain
three and we want to go into this final box here. So if I was growing it, this is not my
final box it would still be one of both this cherry looking box up here. I just want to slip stitch here, okay as
normal. So if i wanted to keep growing it I
would continue to add another box but at this point I’ve determined that I’ve gone long enough so I’m going to just turn it automatically now and just like we’ve been doing on the other side. So now I just slip stitch to the like I
did before so slip stitch to the one, slip stitch to the two, and on the third
one slip stitch and that’s when you begin. So at this point now we are no longer growing the Afghan or the scarf and all of the
directions we’re now going to just finalized off this little piece of the
corner. So to do that is just like before it’s
just chain three because we’re no longer growing it and then three double crochets in. You will find that once you get to this point, this final finalization is really quick
to do and you just keep going across like you normally would and then one, two, and three. You just have to look for where the other edge is. Okay, so we’re working across so this next one is our final corner here because if I go any further it’s going to be out of shape… So one, two, and three. Excuse me I drop my yarn three and okay, and then slip stitch to the top so I don’t want to go any further because I’ve got my edge that I needed, turn. Okay, and it’s just like before we slip
stitch to the one, slip stitch to the two, and then slip stitch to the three. Chaining three – one, two, and three because we’re just going to keep going. Okay, we just slip stitch into the next one here and then one, two, and three. So you can see why …these are very popular they’re very easy really no brainers to think about so we’re just going to fold it up and stitch it so so we’re now done. So you just have the final corner left
you can see there’s a little hole in the final corner. So again, to start up we slip stitch to
the one, slip stitch to the two, slip stitch to the three and now chain three, so one, two and three. And then into this gapping space, for three double crochets. So you got that in and then slip stitch and voila you’re down so all you have to just do is fasten off your yarn and pull it through. So tighten it up and I was just put an
extra tie and there just to secure it and then just want to weave in your ends and you want to weave in your ends of both sides and that would be how you complete a corner to corner scarf just like so and you can use the same concept in doing Afghans or anything that you wish when it comes to the corner to corner
afghan. You can also make this a corner to corner shawl too is if you continue to grow up on a triangle keep growing the triangle as much as you want and the you can just stop at any point and why you would have a really amazing shawl just like so as well. Until next time, I’m Mikey on behalf of the for more free patterns and ideas please check out my website that is Have a great day! We’ll see ya!

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