Crochet Corner to Corner (C2C) Graphghans for Beginners

99 thoughts on “Crochet Corner to Corner (C2C) Graphghans for Beginners

  • Followed directions but doesn’t but doesn’t meet measurements 40by 32 teddy bear pattern – what ami doing wrong – thank you for any help you can give

  • Another thing to be aware of is there is a right side and wrong side when you are working the design. I put a marker on the right side so I can orient the design. and make sure I know where I am if I put it down for a while and come back. A technique I learned from another video is doing a chain 2 instead of the chain 3 when working the block. This means you would also do 1 chain 5 at the turning chain instead of 6. This gives a neater appearance with fewer holes expecially if you crochet loosely.

  • I enjoy watching, and this video is great, only I don't think I have the patience to do this…..changing yarns, I mean. LOL

  • I am doing a c2c blanket but im stuck i watched all videos possible in youtube and no body ever explains how to mantain the size to make a rectangle blanket how i know wich side to increase and wich side to decrease to mantain size if im following a graphan not just doing a plain c2c 🙁 i need help i am stuck there

  • Hi got a question how can I do this in a computer it that I do it in paper when it something small but I want to do grandkids picture in graphics but how can I do it in the computer.

  • I get the corner to corner I have tried several times .. can you use the same graph format but just go back and fourth like right to left and turn like normal normal non c2c ?

  • I know this is an old video, but I really need to voice my appreciation for it. I've taken on a rather large project and am new to C2C, and this video has taught me everything I need to know to complete it. While I'm not exactly excited for the amount of bobbins I'm going to need, I'm happy I know how to do the colour changes and I'm excited to get this project underway. Thank you.

  • Sometimes I'm insulted by people's stereotypes about millennials, and then I realized I set the speed to 1.25 because he was talking too slow and kept my finger on the fast forward button, jumping forward when it looked like he was going to be taking a long time on a concept.

  • Not trying to be disrespectful but too much talking. You'll do better and be more helpful if u show the work. This is the reason for tutorial show what you mean it'll be more helpful trust me.
    You use most of the tutorial yapping goodness MORE CROCHETING LESS TALKING

  • Thank you so much Mikey… very clear and easy to follow, especially the color changing. I'm excited to try my first Graphghan!

  • I am a new crochet blogger and I haven’t braved the video tutorials yet. I would love to link to your video to help explain the corner to corner method for my followers. Thank you! @coffeeandcrochetgoals

  • Have you ever did a pattern with a large star in the middle. This would be for a pillow use the C2C method.

  • On any c2c graph how would I know how many rows to increase. And when do I decrease. I would like to know because not all patterns come with written instructions. So if I only have a graph I would like to learn how to do this. Also I would like to learn how to write a it out thank you

  • Hi Mikey, I have a tall order I am trying to make a unique c2c blanket, from a picture that I have found online, however, the gridline is already in the picture I am just wondering how I can blow it up to see the squares better. Do you think it is even possible to make that one? Here is a link to the picture.

  • Thank you very much for the tutorial. I know how to crochet the C2C, however I never did a project that require to change colors.
    I learned from you how to change color in graphgan SC. I struggle a little with the graph in C2C so I need to have my graph put in words.
    Usually, I can visualize the pattern but the c2c is quite challenging since I never know which way I am going. The ups and downs system is confusing as I have the same pb with right and left. Anyway, your tutorial is clear, short with good colors for a better understanding. Dark colors are more difficult to see. It is the best video to learn how to co a C2C from A to Z. Bless your heart.

  • this is so cute and I have seen many of these on my crochet groups – HOWEVER – I cannot help but think this is a "BOY" bear……they should have done a background color between the legs – I'm not a pervert, but for some reason I just can't help seeing the "boy bear"

  • I am left handed and my projects keep coming out backwards, not sure if I need to follow a different video or if I'm doing something wrong. Any ideas?

  • Tem como traduzir para o português, gostaria muito de fazer essa técnica, porém não dá para entender, obrigada bjs😚😀😀😀

  • I have a project, but the instructions tell me to start the picture in the center! after watching this im totally confused?

  • How do you maintain in c2c graph? I have a pattern that there is like 3 rows with 70 squares on each of those 3 rows…..I'm a bit confused how to maintain.

  • I must admit I have yet to try the graphgan but have watched the beginning of the c2c video many times to create scarfs! Some day I will get up the courage to create a graphgan

  • I know this video is a couple if years old however, I checked out stitch fiddle to try making my own graph for my first C2C.
    Would I now pick crochet C2C chart from SF since I do not see embroidery form that is mentioned in this video (at about 14:00)?

  • Get more information and resources shown in this video at:

  • I really appreciate this video. I'm working on my first graphgan with mini C2C. I'm assuming that the color changes are the same for the mini as for the C2C.

  • This is my first C2C with graph. I have tore out 4 times and now feeling great. BUT silly question. When you start the decrease Row, does it start as soon as your turn your work and start the row? Or do you do it when you finish the row. I hope I'm not too confusing. thanks so much

  • Allô bonjour votre tuto les génial le point corner corner je sais le faire déjà sans regarder le tuto je l'ai fait tellement de fois j'ai réalisé une couverture bébé couleur pastel j'ai mis 15 palettes un mètre 20 sur un mètre 40 donc voilà

  • I am a hands on learner I have to see it hear it and be doing the task at the same time your videos helped me learn new things thank you

  • Watched this one time through and everything was so clearly explained I didn't have to resort to re-watching any part of it again.
    Probably one of the most straight forward, clear tutorials i've seen.

  • Thank you for shareing this tutorial video. I'm not a native english speaker but easy to follow. Your voice is really calm :). Now I want really try this. This must be next project for me.

  • Thank you, very helpful, your voice and demeanor takes me back to my childhood, you are channeling
    mr. Rodgers ❤

  • Thanks so much for this tutorial. I am doing my first C2C graphgan today, and I had no idea how to do it. You covered all the bases!

  • Mikey, love this and I will be making it soon! Question: the pattern is written for Bernat Blanket yarn. How do I adjust the patter to use regular 4 ply worsted weight yarn?

  • Is there any other way to change colors without having to have another ball of Yarn? I cannot afford to buy a lot of yarn
    Thank you for the comprehensive lesson

  • quick question am I doing something wrong as i follow the pattern and mark my first stitch as the front but when I get done the pattern is correct but what I thought was the front the whole time ended up being the back.

  • You have great tutorials. Im confusing myself. If you end with 8 blocks on my 8th row all the way to left and I make my next little block for the 9th row I'm turning and going left again? Am I understandable? I'm old. haha . Im not sure if Im going right or left I guess isn't that crazy. This is my first at reading my fox graph

  • Awesome video!! I just have one question? Where i can find the grid for the C2C or i can build my own?

  • Thank you – I have been wanting to learn how to do a C2C graph but just didn't know how to change colors and wasn 't sure how to read the charts – this tutorial is amazing – thanks so much.

  • I want to filet crochet my niece and husbands names and wedding date and frame it. I am unsure where to start. Can anyone help me?

  • Due to this video i am on # 4 of 25 baby blankets for a community baby shower…. I hope they love them. I am using the animal graphs from the Alaskan cruise

  • I love c2c and I've made a few different projects. But I wanted to make a certain project with a picture and I couldn't figure out a smooth way to change colors and keep count. This video is awesome and helped me by answering a lot of questions. Im sure I can do my project now. Thank you for your great tutorial. I cant wait to see more. 🙂

  • thanks for explaining this Mikey. I have crocheted c2c dishcloths. What is an easy c2c gaphghan for a beginner to try? Of course, I love the elephant and giraffe patterns and they look complicated. Or I could just dive in and frog when necessary! lol

  • I've been wanting to try a new way to crochet and found corner to corner. This was the best video that showed me everything I needed to know to start! Ready to start small and build my way up! Thank you!

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