Assalamualaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarakatuh back again on my channel this time I will continue tutorial part 2, which is the string part the tools that need to be prepared are thread, I use yarn that is the same color as this bag from one of the colors, I use a light brown color I also use the same type of yarn that is Polypropilene thread size D36 Hakpen number 5 meter and scissors let’s just start, Bismillahirahmanirrahim then we take one of these edges let’s begin take these two edges of the eye just straight stabbed into the second SC hole I will make the rope enough with just two eyes because the size of the bag is small so the rope is also small so that it is balanced we start with chain 1 or chain 1 like this then SC enters the same hole one more so for the first stitch one hole fill 2 like this chain and SC but only for the beginning next 1 hole contents 1 SC like this so SC 2, one two chain one is not calculated by SC due to foundation after like this then rotated or reversed like this SC again 1 hole filled in 1 like this then play again the same way is SC 1 hole contents 1 like this or SC back and forth just continue mother and friends up to a size of 100 cm so it doesn’t count the number of SC lines just continue like this the results are mothers and friends strap with SC 2 now we try to measure are fit 50 cm because the position is folded so the total length is 100 cm after fitting 100 cm then just cut the ends leaving about 10 cm later to connect to the end then we connect to the right end of this bag can use jaarum hooks like this or needles how to connect freely, yes, mother and friends who are important, strong and neat, I connect it this way we take puncture in one of these SC holes at the very end take 1 part later 2 with the one next to it like this 2 times the turns in 1 hole so that the results are strong and not easily separated then slide it to the next hole combined like this with SC strap repeated once more to make it stronger like this the results of mothers and friends, quite easy to do Finally we tuck it to the back or inside tuck in then later cut and burned a little and then pressed after being connected and ascertained the string position is not wrapped around then to make it more neat I will make this edge if it’s free, Mother, you can make an edge or no edge but to make it more tidy, I’ll use a circular SC edge I’ll start from this side like this way starting from the end here using the same thread, which is used to make rope like this first chain 1 or chain 1 then enter the front hole SC 1 hole contents 1 like this into the front hole again for this part of the rope can be filled or can also be skipped if I just pass by, so go into the hole here to the first string hole SC 1 hole filled in 1 like this, just continue the mother and friends get to the end here again like this after getting to the beginning earlier This one is not yet filled all filled then just cut it leaving about 6 cm well in this section how to connect must be neat yaa mother because if you don’t tidy up later, you will see a connection do it like this so that the connection is shaped like a SC or so there is no visible connection taken from the inside the remaining yarn is then pulled to the inside like this then taken again from the inside from here take more pulled to the inside like this the results are mothers and friends, so it does not appear that there is a connection here This is just next to the edge we start on the other side starting from here for the edge of this rope it could be actually could have been just the rope that was given the edge so start from here then later stop at the end here again the way is the same as the one before make a chain first or chain then enter the front hole SC one hole fill one like this just proceed the same way as the one earlier arrived at the part where we started then the same way, just cut it like this the result Mother and friends have finished how to make a sash without using a ring I hope this tutorial is easy to understand That is all and thank you Wassalamualaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarakatuh


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