Peace be upon you, and Allah’s mercy and blessings back again on my channel how to make a mini motif bag sling star polypropilene yarn size D36 Hakpen number 5, scissors hook needle ruler let’s start, bismillahirahmanirrahim make a chain as many as 33 chains fill SC SC to the third chain from the end in the contents of the SC one hole fill one to the end after reaching the tip then reversed the SC puncture starts again into the first hole one hole fill one to the ends like this has reached the end, just continue yaa mother and friends I will make 6 lines of SC stitches to make the bottom of the bag just continue the same way as before after 6 lines SC stab back and forth then given an edge around it each corner is filled in 2 so that it is not curved after being given the edge of a circumference then cut out if measured length is 17 cm width of 3 cm if I make as many as 78 skewers SC with the start of chain 33 exceeding 1 for the foundation so the total number of initial chains is 34 filled 6 times SC stab back and forth and given a roving edge just continue starting from the side edge in the middle for foundation for SC around 2 rounds like this the result start the star with the first SLSC to the front of the SC hole then chain 3 then make DC enter the same hole like this DC don’t solve it yet Hook again, then locat 2 holes make DC enter the third hole don’t finish DC again enter the same hole don’t finish it like this too for the remaining 4 prefixes Later for the remaining 6 then chain 3 hook, make DC enter the bottom of the chain hole DC is still the same, don’t solve it hook again into the same hole don’t make DC complete DC again into the same hole don’t settle it either so there are 4 make DC again 1 hole This one hole contains 4 DC there is a DC space and chain 3 on the top hook again DC with 2 hole jumped into the 3rd hole DC don’t solve it make 1 more DC like this so there are six of them after there are 6 remaining then immediately taken at once then make chain 3 DC plugs into the first hole don’t stick the DC on make DC again enter this first hole because it’s only two so 1 hole contents 4 DC don’t finish it take more associate don’t finish it, like this DC jump 2 into the third hole after there are 6 more left to be finished like this so this is the result 1 hole filled in 4 jump 2 1 hole filled in 4 jump 2 this just contains 2 so it’s less 2 DC again like that the way as I explained earlier the results will be like this repeated all the way to the end when we will connect after reaching the end, the remaining 4 then make DC enter the first hole DC 2 times in 1 hole 5 left 1 DC again so the remaining 6 just finished at once so this was originally a 3-piece chain stitch and DC 1 plus the current DC 2 so the shape is the same as 4 hole contents like this then chain 3 make DC again into this hole 1 time buag how to connect it into this hole position 2 like this, stabbed by SLSC now make the second round make a new foundation again chain 3 DC plugs into the same hole DC is discarded once, so the remaining 2 then DC again enters the front hole DC 4 left to start then chain 3 get into the initial chain hole make DC again 1 time 2 left like this then DC again here 2 times discarded 1 time dumped one more time like this then DC enters the front hole once again after the remaining 6 taken at once like this the same way as the first line just the second row and the next is easier because you just have to go into these holes this if it’s already 2 row already seen the star motif just continue, the method is the same as what I explained earlier so like this the results if it has been continued here I made 11 row star sticks then take the sides start from here begin to be edged with chain 1 first then enter the front hole this section 1 SC so 1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 so that’s the way it is so that the number of SC does not increase or decrease like this 1 hole filled in 1 just continue until 2 row like this the results are mothers and friends hopefully useful and easy to understand tutorial from me thank you Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarokatuh


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