Crochet Car Seat Cover Free Pattern & Tutorial

hello everyone this video tutorial
I will show you how to create this carseat cover we’re going to start with a hundred and
two chain stitches. On the fourth chain coming from the hook we’re going to do a
double crochet and it will be a double crochet in each
stitch all the way until the end if you would like to find the pattern
for this car seat cover is going to be available in my blog if
you’re watching this from youtube I will leave the link in the description box
below ok so once we get all the way to the end
with our double crochets we’re going to do a chain one turn our work and do single crochet one single crochet
for each previous stitch and all the way till the end this two rows are going to be the base
for our pattern. One row of double crochet One row of single crochet Once we get all the way to to end I’m going to change colors because I’m
working it in two colors. If you want, you can just use one color or you can
even use more colors than this one I’m going to join my yarn Then chain one just to look it in place.
I’m going to get back to it later. But first I will create a knot So the yarn can stay in place, I’ll go back to my work. I already created a chain one. so now I just need two more. That will
make chain 3 and continue working with my double crochets all the way to the end
of the row once i get to the end, it will be just the same as before will do chain one do another row of single crochet as I said we’re going to be repeating
this 2 rows over and over. The only difference is that every two rows I will
be changing colors So I can create the stripes here I go to the end and as I mentioned
before I will be changing colors to the yarn i
used previously and just work normally. Chain 3 and another row of double crochet repeat this two or four if you wish rows. Changing colors or not. Until you
get to the row number 56 On row 57 we’re going to change it up a
little bit because we’re going to create our split or each flap of this cover so
we can have an opening we’re going to start with chain three in
double crochet, just as normal but we’re not going to work all the way to the end we’re just going to work forty nine
stitches so 49 double crochets plus the three chains that count as the first one
it will be 50 double crochets so once we get to that last one, chain
one and we’ll continue with single crochet
now all the way to the end we’re going to leave those stitches un-worked we’re not going to touch it until it
until later so from now on which we’re going to work this 50 stitches doing the same one row
of the double crochets and one row of single crochets, until we get to row number 104 Fasten off both yarns, since we used 2 colors or at least me we’re going back to that rule number 56
and start again and pretty much just to the same as this
side but create the flap in the opposite side Here we go back to row number 56
going to your join my yarn and create three chains st. and doing normal row of double crochets all the way to the middle Once I get to the last stitch that was un-worked from the previous creation of the flap we’re going to stop Chain one. Turn our work and single crochet
in each stitch until the end And just like before, row after row until we
get to row number 104 going to fasten off one of the yarns.
But not the last one because i’m going to do 2 rounds of single crochet, all around the car seat cover with this i’m going to cover that raw
edge and i will be able to cover all those changes in yarn colors try to separate your stitches evenly. As
much as you can. I know it’s a little hard is not the same as working on
previous stitches already there, but do your best. And in each corner, we’re going to do three single crochets
in one same stitch, so it will allow us to turn and keep working. I made two rounds, all the way to rounds
of single crochet after that we will need two straps,
and two buttons. The pattern for both is in my blog. If you wish you can just use
regular buttons, but I made ones of crochet now we’re going to sew the strap in and
also the buttons. Just go slightly above the opening I use a tapestry needle and the same yarn
that I used to create the strap but if you wish you can use a sewing
machine or just regular needle and thread that’s up to you just so your
strap Get’s sewed to the car seat cover and then you will need to sew your
bottoms on the strap. Because the double crochet lives an
opening that is the opening i’m going to use to close with my buttons once you’re done just repeated with the
other side the other strap and the other button and you will be all done remember the pattern and other
instructions are in my blog i really hope you enjoyed
this video and please let me know living a comments below and don’t
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