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In today’s tutorial let’s work on the Candy Cane Ornament together. This is really quick and simple and for beginners. Welcome back to The Crochet Crowd as well as I’m your host Mikey. Today we’re gonna work on the Candy Cane Ornament together this is for beginners and this is a coiling effect and it don’t let that word coil really kind of throw you off as a beginner it naturally happens on its own so there’s really not a lot of extra steps you need to do in order to create the look. So what we need to do is to create two of these coils and then we’re gonna put them together and they would just be wrapped around each other and then they will hold with each other which is awesome and then you just hang it from wherever you want to in by hanging it in a certain position right here it cause it to naturally turnover at the top just like this. So today’s tutorial you’re gonna need a 5 mm, size ‘H’ crochet hook today. You’ll need some white yarn and you’ll need some red yarn and I’m recommending Carron Simply Soft today, Harvest Red and White and let’s begin. So to begin what we need to do is create the coiling effect that you see here this is naturally happening so no matter what I do it’ll coil because of the stitch work that we’ve just done with this. So it, you know it’s kind of a neat concept and we’re gonna do that then with red and show you how. So to begin let’s create a slipknot and we’re gonna insert our hook in and I need to chain forty to begin. So let’s says start here this is a slipknot doesn’t count as one even if it you counted as one probably won’t matter for this particular project just make sure consistent for both, so that’s not including one so let’s just start so 1, 2, 3, I’m just changing 4, 5 and 6 and please go all the way to forty for me, you’re gonna have a really long chain but it’s going to coil together making it much shorter. So now that I have my chain forth, you’re gonna say wow that’s a really big candy cane but it’s really not going to be once it starts coiling so you’ve gotta trust in that. So I need you to go fourth chain from the hook so count back so here’s 1, 2, 3, go to the fourth turn it over and get the back loop of this to a chain and yarn over and go in the back loop and I need to two double crochet two times into that same chain. Okay, so what we’re gonna do is that we’re gonna move entirely down this chain with applying three double crochets into each chain space, so once you start that one and it’s turned over you go into the back you see how all these are coming up it’s like a reptile of all the back loops jumping up a you. So in each one of those I need you to apply three double crochets into each and this is gonna apply too many stitches into the chain which creates the coiling effect and you’re gonna already see that it’s starting to turn around right so this is a neat concept. So you go to the next chain and apply three more double crochets so what I want to do is work entirely down this chain of applying three double crochets into each chain and I’ll meet at the end of there and you’ll see this is gonna start twirling around on you and gonna be really awesome by the time you get to the end, so just three double crochets into each chain as you go around, as you go down the chain. Okay, so now I’ve reached the end and I have my coiling effect just like you see it turned around on its own and now I’m just gonna trim my work here and I got to use, I have to use nice English Mikey, we have to use a darning needle so we’re just gonna just pull us through loop so it locks into position and we have two strands to deal with now you can weave those in with your, your crochet hook but it will fall out, I just know it, so you want to put this through a darning needle and all you just wanna do it’s already locked into position anyway because it was a slip knot the way started but I want you to glide it up through the stitch here on the outside back and forth and do that total of three times. It’ll never followed on you then kind of go back one more time there, so what do you think you’re gonna do with the other one, absolutely the same thing, so just trim it so you can turn it right to the project you don’t ever see it and then take the next one and do the same thing. So let’s wrap these around each other make sure that they’re facing the same direction just like you see. So they’re going like this it will not work. So just lay it down on top of each other like so and all you just wanna do is just kind of put it together so that it’s, it’s gonna match. Okay, so you’re just gonna continue like this. Okay, so just continue just to keep moving them along you might have to untangle like or untwist a little bit in order to get these two to work together. So now work my way all the way down and if one of these is a little bit not adjusted right, all you can just do I found out that you can just grab one of the colors and it just kind of just kind of realigns it a little bit when you go to do it it’s kind of a not a hard thing to do. And so all you just can do then is just once you do this is that you can just twist it even tighter, okay, it’s almost like a candy in some way so it’s candy cane I guess. So you just kind of wrapping it around each other and you can adjust anything that you need to adjust and these just stay coiled with each other when you’re using it as a decoration. So let’s create a string to hang this. So what I wanna create an extra long strand and I want to put it in a double loop so what I’m gonna do is just tie it into a knot just like this and the length is depending on you really if you want to have a longer or shorter. Okay, so I’m gonna just tie that nice and strong like this so then I’m just gonna get it really close down to the knot but not all the way because then it’ll might pop out on you. Simply Soft, once it gets tied together it really does hold really well. So now that we have our string I want to afix it to the candy cane to create that nice bend. So what I’m gonna do is that I have the knot here and I wanna keep the knot towards the top of the trees said that will get stuck within the branches you won’t even see it. So I wanna use the other side that has no knot and I want to go through the white and so go one, two three you see the one, two, three with the red go through the white and go through the red just on the outside. Okay, so just going through and then just pull that strand through, just be gentle about it you don’t want to deform in any way and of course you can still twist things if things are not twisted all the way and once you get it all the way through then just pull this other two strands through and what this will do is that will, that will create that knot that you want in order to hang so this will be your hanging loop just like so. So because I went through two strands here in this particular position what you can just do is that keep twisting and really get it nice and secure. So now that I have my hanging piece on here I can just bend it. I can spray this with a little bit of hairspray if you want to stiffen it up a little bit as well and then because you have now the tie here when you go to hang it from the tree this will naturally fold over which gives you the look of the candy cane. Until next time I’m Mikey, on behalf of The Crochet Crowd as well as, have a great afternoon. See you again real soon.

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  • + The Crochet Crowd
    Mikey, This brings back so many memories as I made these 40+ years ago. My Mom loved them so much, she placed them on presents in place of bows & on also on the tree. (She taught me to crochet my 1st project in Kindergarten)
    ●Tip: for added stability ~ use a pipe cleaner.
    We also crocheted "Candles" with a wick etc. Thanks for making me Smile today! 😊

  • Your beginner tutorials are very easy to follow and quite encouraging!! These candy canes are awesome for building my crochet confidence so thank you!!

  • my daughter makes these and what she uses is a pipe cleaner down the middle a red one or a white one that way you can mold it in the safe you want and you don't have to worry about security hanging Loop cuz you can just take and put it over your branch without having to worry about anything she was a great job to Mikie

  • How nice! I wonder.. if I crochet one in wool and felted it, would it be as nice as this?
    I'd have to make a 80 sl st long chain though… lol

  • how many curls should I end up with? I did 3 and got one with 11, 9, and 10, and some of the bumps are hard to get into, like they are deep, if that makes sense

  • I am sorry Mike but I hate the way you talk about Christmas. I have watched many of your videos which I enjoy. Please be a little more sensitive to those of us that believe Christmas is special. Thank you.

  • Well, the curly cues were easy. But I could not out them together to look like Mikey’s. I really tried. They’re now in file 13! I’m going to make a snowflake instead.

  • We used these in our hair as kids.  Just make the curly as long as you want (don't cut the yarn), then make a long chain for tying (don't cut the yarn), then continue on and make the same length curly at the other end. The length of the curlies and the chain vary depending on the size of the person to be wearing them.Tie onto pony tails and enjoy.  We never rolled two together like that though.  Cool idea.

  • Mr. Mikey ur awesome wiff 😊 instructing me soooooooooooooooooooooo, im asking"" U" 2 come up with candycane legwarmers, I thought of this 4 a lil girl keeping life fun 4 her , I'm a stickler 4 age appropriateness & I think this would be a great time to have a little fun during the holidays thank U Sirrr

  • I Made this nice proyect and I love te [15/10 13:26] +52 1 55 3447 0950: Pero te preguntaba yo que si no a entrado ninguna. Yo creo que urge que entren Iván. Hay quien firmó hace casi dos meses y otras hace un mes
    [15/10 13:28] +52 1 55 3447 0950: lovely results!! I made this candy cane thanks Selma México

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