Crochet Bear Applique/apliques de ganchillo

CROCHET BEAR FACE APPLIQUE Hello friends..this is a tutorial of crochet bear face appique we can use this applique in baby cap,afghans or blanket etc… crochet hook size3.5mm first make 3 foundation chains join with slip stitch in the beggning stitch..form a ring first you make the 2chains count as a first hdc..and make12 hdc in this ring join it with slip stitch in beggining stitch make 2 chain in the third round..count as a first hdc make one more hdc inthe same stitch. make 2 hdc in every 12 stitch..total24 hdc in this round this is the last stitch of this round..join with slip stitch ears…make one chains count as a first single crochet .one hdc,3 dc,1hdc,1sc in the same stitc make one slipst in same stitch make 6 slip stitch in the next 6 stitches make one chain count as a first single crochet 1hdc 3dc,1hdc, 1chain and one slip stitch 2nd ear is ready single crochet in all over the bear face 1sc in first st..2sc in second stitch… cut the extra yarn for eyes i am using black color yarn for eyes and nose take craft needle..make eyes use simple basic stitch of embroidery make 2 eyes you can use black color buttons for bear eyes make nose and mouth of same threads ur crochet bear applique is ready.. PLZ SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL FOR SIMPLE AND EASY CROCHET STUFFS THANKS FOR WATCHING

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