Crochet Bean Stitch – bean st

This video we’re gonna concentrate on the bean stitch. Now the bean stitch is a trending stitch and it’s very similar to the puff stitch but the very starting of it is different and it’s easier to actually do this stitch than it is the puff stitch. So let’s just say we want to uh, start our bean in the next one. So with normal puff stitching we would wrap the hook first and then going in. With the bean stitch you are simply just gonna go into the next stitch and pull through. Then two more times you’re going to wrap the hook, going into the same stitch, pull through and hold it and then you are going to wrap the hook again into the same stitch and pull through. So what you can just do then is pull through all of this group here but don’t go through the final. So just pull through the group and you got two stitches left and you’re gonna pull through. This will cause the stitch to lie on its side unlike a puff stitch. So let’s just say we’re gonna do it again. So let’s follow, so you’re gonna go in, pull through so I didn’t wrap it first and then yarn over, same stitch pull through and then yarn over, same stitch pull through. You’re gonna yarn over and pull through this group first okay, and then yarn over and pull through the final two and that would be how you would do a puff stitch or sorry a bean stitch. Now normally what would happen is that in this if you ever had to work with this puff stitch on top that you’ll see you usually go into these stitches right here on top. So this would be how you do the bean stitch. 🧶

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