Crochet Baby Elephant Applique / English Tutorial/TheCrochetworld

hello friends this is a crochet elephant applique.
first make 10 foundation chains.join it slip round 2 h d c in each stitch
1 hdc in very first stitch,2 hdc in next stitch around .cut the yarn and attach pink color
yarn for ear…make 3 hdc in next 3 stitches 2hdc in next stitch,3 hdc in next 3 stitches.Turn
…make 2 single crochet in next 7 stitches…turn and decrease the stitches.
make other side another ear. for nose-make 15 chains. make 3 hdc in very
first stitch.make 1n hdc in next 13 not turn..make 5 hdc in 13th stitches. make
4 hdcin next 4 stitchesmake 7 single crochet in next 7 stitches.donot make slip stitch
in last stitch… make eyes-take cotton threads black in color.make
3ch and joinit slip stitch.and attach in eyes area.
happy crocheting.

3 thoughts on “Crochet Baby Elephant Applique / English Tutorial/TheCrochetworld

  • hi please can you tell me have you got written pattern for this,,as i cant hear what your saying in the tutorial because of the loud music,thankyou,

  • Thank,you for showing how to,make the elephant. I love the tutorial. Except Only thing it would be better without music. I can not hear your voice to hear what you say.😞
    I'm so glad 😊there is a subtitle.

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