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Hi everyone, welcome to animal blanket series in this video. I’m gonna make two animals If you missed my previous video, please click on my channel name CRAFT & CROCHET to get those videos meanwhile don’t forget to join with my thousand of subscribers by clicking subscribe button and bell icon Okay, this two animals are I am going to make today Hippo and snail is get started First I am gonna make a hippo face For hippo face I need grey color circle and a white color Square and snail will coming in gray color square thats the order for this blanket. I Made the circle as grey color and white color square To hippo I use this to grey color Little light and dark color First I’m using light gray color This corner these two corners inside have 9 double crochet I take two more double crochet down here to here are gonna make slip stitch I’m using 4 millimeter crochet hook to make slip stitch. In my previous video I did explain how to do this square Please find out the link down below Now I have a 13 slip stitch I will Start to make ears skip three stitches and Start with the fourth and fifth stitches to and Using four millimeter crochet hook join with a slip knot Go through the fourth slip stitch Start with the three chain The first double crochet one more double crochet into the same space 5 slip stitch to two more double crochet altogether four double crocheted This size enough for the ears Next I’m using 2.5 millimeter crochet hook and same yarn Go through this same loop mean 4th loop And join this yarn with the chain one Into this three chain to make single crochet three single crochet one two Three In the middle these two spaced two more single crochet One two In the last Double crochet too three more single crochet One two 3 Into this second loop to Join with this slip stitch Now I’m using yarn needle to make ears shape This both corners need to come same shape, like this It’s one side other side same like this See,Like this We have to tie this piece of yarn Like this To other side Skip three stitches and Nine and ten stitches to same like this. Now I am going to make nose for that use little bit dark color because we need to see properly Properly,I’m using 2.5 millimeter crochet hook First magic ring into this three chain one, two three One more double crochet One more need three double crochet Next I’m gonna make three half double crochet Four half double crochet 5 half-double crochet six half double crochet Next seven eight nine. I’m gonna make double crocheted Seven double crochet eight double crochet nine double crochet Next ten eleven twelve I’m gonna make again half double crochet Ten half double crochet nine half double crochet eleven twelve half double crochet Join with the third chain of the third chain Now we got this shape This both side have a double crochet and down and up have a half double crochet Next start with a chain two Into next space I’m going to make a Half double crochet Into the same space one more half double crochet Again half double crochet To the four stitches I am gonna make double half crochet mean two time half double crochet for the four stitches two Three four Next two stitches to I am gonna make a single half double crochet Now I got six next four Stitches to again double half crochet In the last two stitches to again single half double crochet This round I get a twenty half double crochet Start with a 2 chain for thel third route Into the next five stitches to make two half double crochet To one two Three four five Next next five stitches to I am gonna make single half double crochet One single two three four Five Into the next five stitches to I am gonna make again two half double crochet Two Three One two three two more Five Into these five stitches will come ten half double crochet Next four stitches to I am gonna make four Single half double crochet One two Three four We have already one here this two double. Sorry this to chain I can count one double crochet then is coming 5 single half double crochet This the end of the 3rd round Altogether, we have a third round 30 half double crochet First round twelve second round twenty third round thirty this part is going here like this now we have to make two hole I’m using Light color same like a face color I’m using 2.5 millimeter crochet hook first chaine one One single crochet one two three Four five Six Seven Eight altogether eight single crochet oops Join with the first chain We need two of these For nose it’s like this Same like for the eyes I’m using 2.5 millimeter crochet hook and eight single crochet with the white color yarn and I use little big stitch to black color yarn and yarn, needle Make it little eyes black color First we need to join these two for This part To join them I am using same color yarn Mean light color one and I’m using yarn needle To join these two We have to join this two with the finger space in the middle now I’m going to add this part for the face I’m using same color yarn to add this one mean dark color it is Coming like this next we have to add these two eyes To this to space .I’m using small needle to add this one Yeah, now I’m finished Hippo face for our blanket. it is coming like this Okay, we start now snail to snail I’m using 3rd and a first round Dark pink and a second round light blue, but square I’m using gray color I’m used this two colours for the circle And This orange color I’m using for snail body This time I a, gonna make a slip stitch it is down here to here Corner to 3 double crochet This side and this side Come in like this you know how to make now slip stitch now we’re going to make a snail head parts Can start with a magic ring and a 3-chain into this magic ring I am gonna make 12 double crocheted I’m using 2.5 millimeter crochet hook 4 5 6 7 Eight 9 chain 10 11 12 12 double crocheted and join with the third chain This is enough for this nail, hey, hey chain one Next I am gonna make half double crochet in two days First stitch It’s like this into the same stitch I am gonna make one more half double crochet Into the next stitch again two half double crochet This round we have to make Each stitch to two half double crochet Now I have a each slip stitch to 2 half double crochet into the last stitch to I am gonna make 5 double crochet 2 3 4 5 Coming like this Now we can cut the yarn using yarn needle to join this Part, like this we not add the right side we have to add other side turn other side and This side I am gonna make eyes I’m using white color yarn to make eyes Put the couple of stitch Like this This size is enough for eyes Next I’m gonna add black color yarn To middle like One stitch Like this little black dot And Top I’m gonna make little eyebrows I’m used 2 stitches like this Yeah like this We not cut this black color yarn. We have to put this black color yarn and add this head part with the Small needle Like this now I’ll add this all Now I am gonna put these two stitches to up like this One more stitch It’s like this Now we have to tie this yarn in the backside Yay, I’m Finnish snail for our blanket In this video. I hope you guys enjoy with snail and Hippo If you like my video, please thumbs up and share with your friends This too we Done today snail and hippo See you again with the another animal.

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